Electric business books recommended: mobile social marketing practical manual

'Mobile Social Marketing Practice Manual'

brief introduction

Mobile Internet era, the social needs of the original human demand is more and more important, and gradually become the dominant market and the main factors of information dissemination. Marketing information if the social platform on the crazy spread, the resulting marketing value is immeasurable; start-up companies if at the beginning that detonated concern, its access to customers and traffic is immeasurable. How to use mobile social detonation spread, so as to obtain customers and traffic, to achieve marketing, which is every entrepreneur and a dream of people pursued things. 'Mobile Social Marketing Practice Manual' from the mobile social form, the social detonation of several laws, the starting point of the law of detonation and other systems and a comprehensive presentation of the social laws of the detonation of the law, very floor to provide a method of operation, the book The case is detailed, the language is relaxed, is the entrepreneur and the ideal person to think and practice practice reference.

About the Author

Fu Zhengrong, pen name Wei Qiong, Bai from the new, Zhengrong, etc., Baidu marketing university students, a marketing agency well-known experts, large data and precision marketing combat experts, insight into the marketing laws to help a number of enterprises in marketing has not made Customary results. 'The management of Wharton prestigious leadership class', participated in the planning and publication of more books, 'Peking University Finance: a book to read the popular financial knowledge', 'touch: DT Era of large data accurate marketing '' broken 'and so on.

Chang Luoyu, the media, the new media planning / executive division, published works 'Mobile Nuggets World War II', the new media and mobile Internet unique insights, and for a number of brand companies to provide new media planning and operation services.

table of Contents

Part 1 do not understand mobile social, how can detonate business and marketing

1.1 The original demand is the strongest product driver 2

1.1.1 solve the pain point, in order to make explosive 3

1.1.2 will create the ultimate beauty, that is, explosive goods 5

1.2 no social non-dissemination, mobile side into the main battlefield marketing 7

1.2.1 Mobile social networks are the basis for communication

1.2.2 mobile side to make information easier to detonate 9

1.3 mobile social so that each person has become a marketing node 11

1.3.1 Mobile Social Enlargement of Media Use Rights 13

1.3.2 mobile social completely broke the time to publish information, location constraints 13

1.4 interest in social detonation business and marketing 15

Part 2 Social Red Pack Marketing: Have Profit Before Sharing

2.1 grab red envelopes is the essence of marketing war 20

2.1.1 Bunch of red envelopes social play 20

2.1.2 to promote the fans to play, strengthen social relations 23

2.2 How to choose the right red envelope

2.2.1 WeChat red envelopes of the four kinds of marketing games 26

2.2.2 Alipay treasure package of the three big move 30

2.2.2 microblogging red envelopes and big coffee face to face 32

2.2.4 four principles of red envelopes marketing 33

2.3 How to choose the appropriate form of red envelopes 35

2.3.1 cash red envelopes 35

2.3.2 card red envelope 36

2.3.3 Joint red envelopes and group red envelopes 36

2.4 play a 'red envelope', detonated spread 39

2.4.1 red envelopes coupons, vouchers 39

2.4.2 red bag point praise 40

2.4.3 red envelopes LBS check 40

2.4.4 red envelopes @ friends 41

2.4.5 how to play a 'red envelope' 41

Part 3 Social detonation marketing: low - cost detonation, efficient transmission

3.1 The simpler and easier marketing

3.1.1 Continuously

3.1.2 Enlarge lazy effect 47

3.2 zero cost detonation, low cost marketing 49

3.2.1 How to get more new users at zero cost

3.2.2 Low-cost marketing strategy 52

3.3 The shorter the time, the easier it is to detonate 54

3.3.1 to allow users to understand the time shorter 56

3.3.2 allow users to wait a little longer 56

3.3.3 allows users to learn to use a shorter time 58

3.4 Mobile marketing on mobile social platforms 59

3.4.1 Light application of five major advantages 59

3.4.2 get the light application of the world 60

3.5 'hot spots' detonated marketing 62

3.5.1 Strategies to inflate information with hot spots

3.5.2 how to seize the industry pain points 64

3.6 novel video cited


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