Actual combat: content marketing and fan operation new play

First, the trend of content marketing under the Han are the structure of the adjustment and marketing changes

Members of the business, friends, everyone is good, I am the owner of the women's clothing is Qingyang, very happy to be able to communicate with you here and share some of the content marketing thinking. Just received the invitation of the mother of the time, the heart quite disturbed, because that this topic is quite big, starting from the beginning of last year, the content of the topic of marketing hot gradually in the rise, because the changes in consumer demand, the impact, The price is not the first element based on his lifestyle, the consumption environment, the consumption concept, the consumer choice, and the changes that consumer decisions bring, and in the millennium's main consumer groups. So here to talk to you talk about some of Han's actions and some thinking.

Han are the first action is the structure of Han, Han are the structure is not a simple matter. And in the value of Ali does not mean to embrace changes Well, so that can not underestimate this structure, as long as the direction is right, we must spare no effort to do this thing. For example, Han has just set up a wireless time, alone to pull out a team, then the proportion of wireless and conversion rate is much higher than the second, and in 14 years, The

Now after the wireless, the overall team and together, marketing, but also a separate pull out a content marketing team, the team from the original 50% of the core staff. Han are constantly changing the structure, has been in a sub-combined state, can not underestimate such a structural adjustment, determined to work after the direction to achieve such a process. The second point, in fact, is a change in marketing, is a way of thinking to upgrade, it and the user is not just between the establishment of a purchase relationship. The form of promotion is a more diversified sense of emotion, through the buyer show, soft text, short video and other forms of case users, so our content marketing KPI assessment is not just a sales, but to see this page stay Time, is to see this customer is not enough interest in this activity, so in the end buyers show, short video how to do, is the next we have to think about.

Second, Han content marketing is how to do the specific, between the brand and the user is no longer a cold transaction

Content marketing is changing people's way of communication, also reshaped the marketing of this era. His core values and consumers to establish contact between the brand and the user is no longer a cold transaction, there are more interactive and emotional integration, such as net red, live. In order to seize this part of the dividend, Han in early 2016, also set up a content group, to create more intrinsic value and dissemination of the topic and content. For example, 16 years of double eleven and 17 years in March and fellow united cooperation, and in May 17 to do and the second element of a cooperation. In the end how to play, first of all should first analyze our customers, in many reports, but also to see some of the 90 after the analysis, such as socialized entertainment open independent self and so on.

We have to do with the uncle in the content of the way, he created a new form of their own, so he created a new form of their own, so that he created a new form of their own, He was in a short period of time only 10 million fans, and then fellow uncle he has a hair with a simple style and copy, breaking the traditional graphic form, and then more fun and interesting place, allowing users to a glance Can understand, and more likely to spread, and then we in this theme activities, on the culture of this pollution to attract, to attract the market.

Around the pollution of this keyword creation, reflecting a kind, such as the keyword point of view, some interesting interesting words and in the shop inside and in the spread of the place, and in the interactive to do some action during the time, our overall exposure Can reach more than 100 million, the cumulative reading volume is more than 1 million.

For example, when we have just finished the 510 anniversary of the time, the same crowd in the analysis, we focus on the second element of this point, with the secondary culture and 95 after they in-depth communication, in fact, bilibili he is as two The strong symbol of the yuan, the largest of a binary symbol of the community to the girl heart of this topic, around the second element of this keyword, such as home rot, stir these keywords for a high quality content creation, and then the station then pass Some of the straight drill, Amoy guest, a different way to reach the consumer consumption process in a combination to promote GV transactions, so the most important thing is to say that in this way the change below for the consumer to become a long A full link, to observe and operate, the whole road, then we can go more smoothly. (Source: Seller Information; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)


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