The woman took from the microblogging to buy slimming drugs after the illusion of hand when the carrot cut

Women lose weight through the micro-online purchase of drugs, taking loss of appetite, about half a year to lose weight 30 kilos, then the body appears no hunger, hallucinations and other symptoms admitted to the hospital, the inspection for sibutramine poisoning. After investigation, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Food and Drug Administration Corps in conjunction with the Chaoyang Branch on May 4 in Hangzhou, the production of toxic and harmful drug groups captured.

According to the Beijing police, February 13, 2017, the victim Ms. Guo's family to the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Food and Drug Administration reported that Ms. Guo in June last year to September, through a shop to buy a 'DDS 'Weight loss health care products, after taking the trance, and began to appear illusion, has been hospitalized in a hospital in Guangdong Province.

It is understood that 24-year-old Chen in June last year, the shop also bought the 'DDS' weight loss health care products, when the seller introduced the drug is imported, sales are good, weight loss effect is obvious. According to Chen recalled, during the medication she has no appetite, less than six months, her weight loss of 30 kilos. See weight loss effect is obvious, Chen then increased the dose, but with thirst, palpitation, insomnia and other symptoms.

Until last December, Chen suddenly found himself illusion, then admitted to hospital, the hospital was diagnosed with mild neurasthenia and heart problems. Hospital examination found that Chen took the diet pills containing the state ban on the addition of 'sibutramine, phenolphthalein' and other ingredients, will cause serious harm to the human body.

According to public information, sibutramine is mainly used for obesity treatment, October 30, 2010, the People's Republic of China State Food and Drug Administration announced that the domestic production, sales and use of sibutramine preparations and APIs, Revoke its approval documents, has been listed on the sale of drugs by the production enterprises responsible for the recall destroyed.

In addition, Chen's friend Xiao Liu in the same taking the micro-business after the sale of weight loss drugs illusion. According to Xiao Liu's lawyer, Xiao Liu after taking medicine mental disorders, 'the late began to appear illusion, cut vegetables when the handle when the carrot cut, three tendons all broken.' The hospital diagnosis, Xiao Liu suffering from two-way affective disorder, irreversible damage to the central nervous system, the need for life-long treatment. At present, Xiao Liu has returned home treatment.

The gang sells medicine under the guise of crystal jade

It is understood that, after receiving the report, the police immediately set up a task force to work. After a large number of investigation work, and ultimately locked to Chen (female, 31 years old, Zhejiang Hangzhou) led by the family production, sales of illegal addition of 'sibutramine, phenolphthalein' diet pills criminal gangs. The gang at home in their own preparation, filling, making a lot of weight loss drugs, and then through the network platform to open shops to sell crystal jade as a pretext, through the network social platform for publicity.

May 4, the ring food and Drug Administration Corps in conjunction with the Chaoyang Branch, arrested in Hangzhou, Chen, Chen Moumou (male, 57 years old), Yu Moumou (female, 55 years old) and other three production and sales of toxic and harmful food suspects , Destroyed production, sales dens, the scene from the empty capsule more than 3,000 tablets, more than 1,000 tablets of finished weight-loss drugs, seized a large number of weight loss drug production tools and packaging materials, involving the value of more than 20 million. After review, three people confessed to the production and sale of toxic and harmful ingredients containing weight loss drug crime facts. At present, three people were suspected of production, sales of toxic and harmful food was Chaoyang Branch criminal detention.

Do not blindly pursue overseas drugs

According to the Beijing police, shoddy food, drugs rely on the network platform for external publicity, foreign sales have a strong characteristics of concealment, the suspects are often looking for regular products to do bait to avoid the site review, after the consumer contact, then turn Into the mobile phone and other private chat mode, and then promote the sale of their items involved. As a result, the police suggested that do not believe that the health effects of health care products. A large number of claims to have 'weight loss, blood pressure, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, enhance immunity, improve sleep' and other functional effects of health food, there may be illegal elements in the process of 'illegal addition' state banned non-food ingredients , After eating will bring harm to human health.

At the same time, the police pointed out that many illegal drugs from the district, the hospital residents around the hands of a low price 'to' come. This reminds the general public not to sell the remaining drugs at home to the unlawful personnel, not to win small profits for the purpose of using medical insurance card to the hospital prescription, sell for profit, these acts have been suspected of illegal. At the same time, it is recommended that the relevant departments to strengthen the management of medical insurance card to explore the establishment of 'surplus drugs' recycling mechanism to avoid waste at the same time, not to criminals take advantage of the machine.

In addition, the police suggested that do not blindly pursue overseas food and medicine. In recent years, the popular overseas purchasing a wide variety, and some consumers there is a good misunderstanding of overseas drug efficacy. According to the provisions of our law, overseas drugs sold in China must undergo a rigorous approval process, without approval and sales, suspected of 'Criminal Law' Article 141 production and sale of fake drugs. (Source: 'Beijing Times')

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