Actual combat: train to improve the click rate of 7 magic weapon

Research papers Download News: aside products, talk about how your product, you are not talking with any level of play, these operations are inseparable from the following link.

1. Measurements

2. Mapping


4. creative

5. Keywords:

6. Geography

7. crowd

This is to teach you to teach us to teach these seven links.

Talk about

In fact, I do not want to talk about the importance of money, and paragraph is certainly the core, because the previous article I have written this content, so I will not say here (but still want to emphasize and then we: , Good way all the way to sing.) Well, it is no longer repeat the importance of talking about the main and how we say how to measure.

A lot of clothing categories of shops, shop products are many, a lot of shops is not no good models, but not a good section were not excavated out, mainly because most of the shops shop free flow itself is very little, there is no main explosion , The shop is in a dry state for a long time, although the shop a lot of products, but a lot of basic can not be exposed to a good section did not show the opportunity, you do not know it is good or bad, so even if you have a good shop, Also quietly lying in the shop inside sleeping.

And through train will be able to simple and brutal to help you solve this problem, do a straightforward shop shop models, you can use the data to help you from the store a large amount of product stack out of the natural means that the excellent, and often such products , Is that you really want to spend the effort to optimize the product, he is really you want to pay the car driving the explosion.

The following direct to teach you how to measure and how to judge is not a good section

Measuring method A:

If you shop less products, in 10 products, you can open a separate plan with a special plan, and then only open the station to promote, outside the station does not open, promote the channel without separation, PC and wireless with the same unified bid on the line (Because we are purely just for the test, no need to make the data so fine, as long as we can let the store every baby can get to show, can give them the opportunity to show the performance of our work even if the whole So it 's no need to say that it' s too much energy to operate every product in a single product.

Time discount 100% of the day, the area is fully open, the key words each section filled with 200 keywords (the main 5 or 5 points can be added) all the keywords broad match, and then all keywords default unified low Price, ladies, you out of 3 hair 5, the orientation is the same bid can be, and then if the day did not show, or show you feel too little, then directly adjust the default bid on the line, each plus 5 cents, half past Or did not show to continue to add. Do not control what click rate, do not control what keywords can not afford to lose points, the main thing to do a good job, give each section to give them enough to show the amount of fair conditions to give them, test 2 -3 heaven, the data came out, which data is clearly better performance, he is worthy of your focus to optimize the product.

Measuring method B:

If you shop more products, in dozens of hundreds of products above, then we are not so much energy to do this work, I give you the advice is to use third-party software, that is, the so-called driving software, With the software and then combined with the first method of measuring the way and ideas to do, the only advantage of the software is that you do not need to separate each product to find keywords, they will automatically help you find a lot of long-tail keywords to add , Your main idea in accordance with my first method, combined with software to batch operation on the line.

Or that sentence, this is called measuring, we have to do is fair to each baby the same show opportunities, do not care about the so-called click rate or quality score those indicators. First of all, we like this way to promote their own can not spend much money, because our bid is very low, purely by the massive keywords forced into the product into the show.

How to measure the data we know, that through the measurement data, how do we judge what is a good section? Very simple, after the start of the test can begin to observe a few days down the data, the main consideration of a click rate, as long as the click rate High-profile, that kind of models are generally not bad, and you have to know, the core of the train is also the weight point of click-through rate, and your product is precisely in line with the needs of train, and when you take the click-through rate Good money to drive, you will feel the natural click-through rate of high, driving is so good to open And the click rate is very poor, not only difficult to open the car, and even your shop will not sell the natural estimate of selling And those who click on the general rate of interest, but the conversion of good models, such models can also be considered through the train focus optimization, you can optimize the picture with the fine play with, so that he can also be a very good completion of the high click rate to get a good pass car.

Talk about

Why the first car to drive the first car in terms of speaking, read the first friend should know; click rate of 50% of the weight of more than full, why the emphasis on the click rate, visible click rate The importance of the train, based on the click rate, I take the example of women; if you shop has a good money, you take to drive, so this time the first question came;

(There are so many pictures of the picture, you are not the election to do a car map, then how should you choose?

Most people choose car map is this: which they feel good to choose which!

And some people choose the car map is this: see what kind of plans to follow the use of what map!

And some people choose car map is this: do not worry about the root, casually take the product shelves of the main map when the car map got!

Above these people certainly do not work, in fact, slightly understand the train, all know to use the data to measure which picture is the best straight train map.

(How do we use trolley mapping? Is there a quick way to do it?

Here to teach you a better use of mapping methods:

Assuming that this section is selected by us after the test of the excellent quality, so his own click rate is relatively high, the mapping is also for this section of the click rate can further sublimation, because we certainly a product is more than one No one knows which picture is the highest click rate is the highest, and mapping to do is in this section of all the pictures measured his best click rate out of the picture.

But the mapping has a lot of people have a silly fault, I found a lot of people are using their own aesthetic to judge what map to map, and those he does not like or feel good looking at the map, It is directly to determine that map to die, I have always been to promote fair view of each picture, with the data to measure.

Below the bright brother to teach you a good way to map a good way.

Mapping method 1.

As the regional temperature climate is different, the regional data situation is different, and mapping our budget cost itself is relatively small, if the area is fully open, then the data will lead to very low accuracy, so the general mapping I only 1-2 The largest number of products in the provinces, the map does not open the station, the time discount 100% of the day, the channel separately (only open wireless or only open PC) orientation is not open, only play keyword search, creative open 2-4, Must turn on.

As a result of the new plan, the planning of the weight is very low, then we only have two kinds of words to increase the way, the first is that you add a small amount of words, a little higher bid to get the show, the other is to add some words, Such as adding 20-50 keywords, a little lower bid to get to show, add the word must be related to the product and better keywords in order to ensure the accuracy of the data.

If you have a budget of 100 or 300, you will be based on one of your budgets to assess how much your click is deducted, and then your budget will be able to get as much traffic as possible. If you have a budget estimate, you can only get 10 hits, and that 10 hits are certainly not enough to determine the measured data, then you have to consider the next to reduce your bid, or Raise your budget for spending. I generally own map will give baby 100-200 click data is a complete round of mapping.

Mapping to focus on accurate users to show, there are many different ways to map, after I will share in other articles and we share.

Talk channel

(Channel is that we promote the delivery of the platform, such as: PC side, wireless, off-site search, outside the station orientation, station orientation,

Channel this content is actually a lot of novice, it is difficult to understand, because the channel is generally to play with each other, if this part of the friends do not understand, you can leave me, or communicate with me privately.

As the train competition is getting bigger and bigger, in such a hot competition, if you want to play a good train, you must have a more thorough train, and the channel is so, different channels, channel data indicators are also different , So we absolutely need to separate the channel to do the promotion, different channels to different plans to promote, so that we can more fine control of our data.

Because different channels of PPC, click-through rate, show the way, the crowd and so on are not the same, so we can not use a unified way to manage, and this is not conducive to our account optimization, and when you open the channel, More convenient for you to optimize the data, show also can be controlled more sophisticated, which for your straightforward weight or output are closely related.

The following direct to teach you how reasonable to an independent channel to promote:

Everyone's train has more than eight plans, I give you the advice is to go to the distribution plan.

Plan 1: only open independent wireless search (only open the wireless search platform, other stations outside, orientation, PC off)

Plan 2: only open the independent computer-side search (only open the computer side of the search platform, other stations outside, orientation, wireless off)

Plan 3: only open independent wireless direction (only open the wireless end of the platform, other stations outside, search, close)

Plan 4: only open independent computer-oriented (only open the computer side of the directional platform, other stations outside, search, close)

Plan 5: only open independent station outside the end of the search (only the station outside the search platform, other stations, orientation, off)

Plan 6: Measure the plan

Plan 7: Free distribution

Plan 8: Free distribution

Leaving two free distribution plan, this can be kept to the kind of single product plan to promote the use of, such as your single baby wireless search to open two plans, you can enable the two plans, but above The distribution of this plan is only for some of the recommendations of everyone, each person's thinking is different, do not have to follow, as long as you can understand the ideas and the purpose of my can.

Let's talk about the main reasons why we can separate our channels: because we separate the promotion channels independently, so that we can make our control better, and we can ensure that our click-through rate, and we all know that regardless of any channel, click-through weight Accounting for the largest channel, because the promotion channel different hitting rate difference is great, if the channel is not separated, the first is no way to accurately determine the data, the other is different channels between the click-through rate will be pulled each other, mutual influence To the weight of the channel itself. And when you promote the independent channel, you will be more easy to control your train.

Talk about creativity

There are a lot of people are not very important to the creative function of this piece, basically a lot of people will ask how to quickly improve the quality of the score, then I can tell you; the most simple and effective way to quickly improve the keyword quality score method is to do Good creative title and the relevance of the keywords, this is my own long pro test effective, and I strongly recommend that everyone, each time the four ideas at the same time open, make good use of these four creative titles to ensure that you The core keywords can be included in the creative title inside, so that your relevance of the previous keywords will be very good, and the keyword score will be improved.

In addition, I also found a very interesting thing, such as you opened two ideas, put two pictures, but the data performance has a creative click rate of 3%, another creative click rate is 6%, this When many people will be easy to commit a very serious mistake, that is, to 3% of the creative directly deleted.

In fact, this is wrong, you have to know, although the click rate of 3% of the creative relative to the click rate is relatively poor, but his creative itself is the cumulative keyword click-through rate and click, you plan part of the weight Are accumulated in this creative body, if you directly to the click rate of 3% of the creative deleted, for your planned weight is definitely a loss.

That is encountered in such a problem, how do we deal with it? In fact, very simple, that point in the click-through rate of ideas that point under the modified creative master map, the main map into your high click rate of the same creative map can The. And that will not affect your keyword's quality score at all.

(Above this is a personal practical conclusion, purely empirical, not theory)

Again to talk about the creative title of the click rate problem, in fact, not only for the creative creative map in the decision click rate, and sometimes play a good creative title, but also can help you improve the click-through rate, especially in the wireless search, Through train wireless search show and wireless natural search show the title is different, you will find the train headline than the natural search of the title a lot shorter, so it will be more conspicuous, then how do we in this short creative title above the high Click rate

Like I do this creative title, I do not only do the relevance of the creative title and keyword relevance, I will be in the creative title before the small paragraph to write some short copy, write some can move the user's selling point, Or can stimulate the user's curiosity copy the way and so on. For example, you sell elastic feet jeans, you can add in front of the creative title such a copy: super thin !!!

So that when you show the baby in front of the user, your creative title will have the feeling of stand out, more attractive to the buyer's eye (pro-test effective! Of course, different products, you want to use the copy of the content is not the same, there are many A lot of ways, we also have their own brains!


First of all, we say to find words, in fact, do not have to find a word to teach, basically a lot of people will, but I just want to say a lot of people are too lazy to do such a troublesome thing, so I share the following under my way.

First 1: business conspiracy table (hot search) + business morale table (long tail)

No. 2: business leads to the history of the baby record keywords

No. 3: Passport official 200,000 vocabulary

Article 4: Recommended word for train

5: peer opponents the last 30 days of closing keywords

6: software batch digging down the box key words (massive)

Some people will find that there is no need to find the word, that in fact, the product can play only a few words, I can certainly tell you that the clothing category can basically play the massive keywords, like my click rate better single product normal You can do 800-1600 keywords, and can be able to get every word of the baby can not get that there are only two possible, not your product click rate can not, you are not playing enough 6!

In addition to remind everyone, the weight of the train with your click rate and click is directly linked to, if you rely on less words to play, you can get the flow is the upper limit, and your output and its Unstable, because the crowd behind your word is too narrow. (Source: Amoy six six; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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