Actual combat: Taobao sellers how to survive hand home is the key

Change is the opportunity is also a challenge, every change will deal with some shops, but also make a lot of shops by no small impact.

Taobao mobile phone often revised, each revision is actually the flow of redistribution, on the surface, is re-assigned to a different store or baby. But its essence is, with the Internet environment changes, traffic imports change. For example, this year, the two core trends in traffic redistribution are: the proportion of traffic allocated through content marketing will increase; individualized traffic will be more accurate.

However, we must admit that every revision does not want to think about what the small seller does not give way, every revision is fair, big sellers do better, it is because they better adapt to the changes. Well, we are on the hand Taobao home changes, for that small sellers should be how to seize this opportunity to counterattack it.

1. Through Taobao live matching content traffic will be explosive growth

Talking about the live, many people will be linked with him with the net red, just like the beauty linked together to think that it is a big seller thing, that it is clothes, shoes, overseas purchasing and so on. But, in fact, I feel that Taobao live in the next few years may be a small seller (the establishment of the premise that you have to force the product) the best counterattack opportunities.

Two days ago, in the thousands of headlines read an article 'no net red, no stars, pearl brother live open mussels half a year sales of 30 million.' We can go to the thousand cattle search this article, should be able to give you a lot of inspiration. An 87-year-old young man, the first direct broadcast open mussels to pearls. First single and then open the clam, 58 yuan to open once, open once also sent a piece of jewelry.

'1153 baby in what? Oh, that pearl mother to help open mussels Oh.'

'Wow, more beautiful white, measured about, wow, 13MM it, congratulations baby'.

Yes, this is the pearl brother daily live scene, there is a net red, no stars, if any, then Mom and Dad sister and so on, are stars. The way to live is very simple, a person shouting a person to open mussels. Out of the pearls, all your buyers, the first single after the open mussels. In fact, just for fun, if the open out bad, they will give the fans to re-open a.

But this model, greatly improve the 'play' attribute, so fans are very happy to stay in his shop inside, stay in the live, which is not just in line with the concept of Ma Mody: let consumers longer Stay in Taobao, in the above shopping, in the above consumption time.

In fact, this live can give a lot of small sellers to provide a lot of ideas, because with the development of technology, the network will not become an obstacle, speed will not become an obstacle. As long as you are determined, what kind of category can be, what products can be, a fun creative, will be your fundamental attack. I have a friend, selling apples on the Internet, Apple mature that period of time, he broadcast picking apples.

'This tree is expected to be out of 200 pounds of apples, 20 pounds a child, the fruit size I came to give you a test, almost all 75'

'Want the baby quickly go to our Taobao shop photographed, receive the number, and then we began to pick the apple.'

Site pick, on-site scale, on-site packaging, directly paste the logistics number, do: WYSIWYG, you receive the apple is installed on the apple. Fun, rest assured!

2. guess you like to match the personalized hand Amoy home traffic will be more accurate

Open the hands of Amoy APP, in the lower left corner, you can see a big 'Amoy' word, click on, you can directly to 'guess you like' this plate. What is the guess you like? Is that you most likely to buy, most likely to convert the product of the priority recommended to you.

This is equivalent to a large proportion of traffic, will be allocated through the entrance, then it means that if you can not catch the entrance, the future of your traffic will certainly be reduced, and then to match to those who do well Sellers, does not matter big sellers or small sellers. And, you can foresee that the current flow rate is very low, the situation will be with the personalized recommendation of the technology mature, be greatly improved.

In the future, your behavior on the Internet will be more fully analyzed and then the tagged product is prioritized to your front. We give a small example of it, the future situation is really possible this is the case:

In one day, you buy a test on the Taobao test pregnancy, and then after a period of time, you buy a radiation pregnant women clothing, then you buy a few pregnant women will use the things. So, ten months later, you successfully produced the baby, and then you open the Taobao, you find, guess you like this module inside: diapers, milk powder, baby pacifier ... ..., wow stuffing, all you need now things, Do not need you to search again. This is the mature personalized recommendation technology!

So, at this stage, as Taobao sellers speaking, in order to get as much as possible to get this 'guess you like' hand Taobao home flow, you need to do the core work only one: continue to strengthen your shop label And product labels. Because Taobao is now in the flow of the match, the most critical is to match the consumer label (crowd signatures and behavior labels) and shop labels and product labels to the same degree of distribution of traffic. So, a lot of work for you will be particularly important, such as:

If there is no very special circumstances, you must keep your shop product consistency, including the style of consistency, not both Korean version, but also national wind; price consistency, do not both high-end There are low-end, or do low-end, and then do high-end; for the consistency of the crowd, do not have suitable for college students, there are high-level white-collar products for enterprises. These actions will lead to confusion in your shop labels, from the reduction of personalized recommendations.

Do not believe what to fill the flow, fill the collection and so on the illegal operation, how do you know how those who come in the flow of the way, how do you know that they are consistent with your shop label, maybe you finally accumulated down the personalized search Weight, with your fill up the collection of possession on the disappearance of the cloud.

As a small seller, through train plan to precision-based, it is necessary to fine long tail keywords, not accurate, irrelevant words, traffic and more do not, because the word more net profit, the better the conversion, your shop label Strengthen the more solid, the corresponding, to match you to this personalized recommendation traffic will be more.

3. A small and beautiful shop will give you a greater chance to show the 'daily good shop' section

This is the same as guessing you like the entrance, just guess you like to show the product, the entrance tends to show high-quality shops, the system will analyze the various behavior of customers, and then the store clearly designated high-quality shops to give priority to clear demand Of the consumer.

Taobao has been advocating small and beautiful, this small and beautiful is not talking about the play, it will be a very important strategic behavior. Because it is to increase the customer sticky, improve the conversion rate, etc., to help are very large. As for how to strengthen the shop label, we will not say more. Here you can talk about how to do a 'small and beautiful' characteristics of the shop. Because many people feel their own class or their own shops, there is no way to do small and beautiful.

We are like snacks such things it, we can see Taobao, most of the shops inside the snacks are in the pursuit of a variety, that is, what snacks have to do so before doing is indeed the right strategy, because the snack itself Product attributes is the pursuit of a variety of products, consumers want to have more attempts. But in the small and beautiful trend, this may not be suitable. Because they have done so, we are the same, there is no feature.

So, can you have a shop that specializes in all kinds of chocolates? This kind of shop label will be very clear, OK, when you meet a chocolate lovers, this shop will undoubtedly be recommended The

You can not do a shop, this shop all the things inside are spicy, remember to be spicy. It is only for those who do not like the spicy food control. If you do not like spicy, then sorry, this shop is not for you. Of course, if you want to eat spicy, or Taobao through the behavioral analysis found that you are like a spicy, then this shop has a clear shop label there is a very big opportunity in the daily good shop to show it.

You can also do a snack shop for the office only, and the theme you're playing is snacks that you need to share. Shop inside the snacks are all independent small package, and then placed in a large package inside, after buying back in the office you can share. Then you think an office white-collar workers in the time to buy snacks, such a shop is not easier to recommend it? (Source: open Amoy network; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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