Actual combat: how to avoid the price of those pit violations

Q: The new original price of 198 yuan, with full to reduce the tool, over 198 minus 100, so can you? Is it illegal?

A: buy on the way to reduce the main is used in a variety of different goods promotions, this way can be used, but also with caution, business is not good faith is not illegal. However, please note that this approach does not apply to the promotion of single items, used in a single piece of goods, the original price to meet the requirements, the real, there are transactions recorded.

Q: Original price is 7 days or 7 days before the transaction record?

A: 'the provisions of the prohibition of price fraud' original price refers to the operator within seven days before the price of the transaction in the trading place of the transaction price of the lowest transaction price; if the first seven days there is no transaction price to the final price before the last A transaction price as the original price.

Q: Hello, I see now every back there is a price that the original price scribe price, must have a transaction record? If it has been a promotion, did not cross the crossed price? Is it a violation? How to rectify Or how accident evidence?

A: Hello! Marked the original price or the meaning of the scribe price is the original meaning of the circumstances, there must be a record of the actual transaction, if not is illegal. You can use the price of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the original price for further price promotions of the original price; can also mark a price of real sales.

Q: I now purchase price than before rose, a price must be modified, this time I should be so modified?

A: pro, the normal price adjustment, the tune on the tune, adjust the price after the time marked clearly your price on the O it!

Q: As Taobao small seller of personal shops, from the factory purchase to just a pair of shoes, a shoebox, what counter price, tag price, genuine retail price, manufacturers guide the price of proof sources are not available, most of the goods issued by the store The price is only their own definition, in order to meet some of the activities required to release a high price and then crossed the line, the page on the scribe price explanation is only the original price, but has been demonstrated the price can be applied, I would like to ask this situation can not use Scribe it? Need to provide a scribe price is [have shown the price] proof? What have been shown to show the price?

A: We know that businesses are particularly fond of marking a high price, and then mark a current price (promotional price) to attract buyers' attention and meet the buyer's psychological comfort, for this business to find their own head The price of the various reasons, whether it is reasonable or unreasonable. Unreasonable needless to say, in response to a reasonable or reasonable reason, the price policy and regulations to provide the basis for its authenticity, so that some of the business, including you do not know how to do it. I would like to ask you mildly, if there is no [have shown the price] the meaning of the scribe price, your sales will be affected by how much call it?

Q: just look at the video that 'limited time promotion is best not to have a clear time', just to see you back to other people, said to be 'promotional period, not more than a month as well', I would like to ask the next , How to define the limited time in the end, the best time is how long, how to do it is not illegal?

A: pro, limited promotion is best able to accurately start and end according to the time of publicity. Our proposal is best not to use the limited time promotions, because the actual operation is more difficult, it is easy to delay or early, even if it is a few seconds. Some people like to focus on this to report the report of the Oh.

Q: I am selling women, there is part of the details of the product page crossed the price (crossed the price that is the manufacturer guide price) and the corresponding product tag price inconsistencies, is it legal?

A: This is not, pro, tag price and factory guide price to be unified, or your shop will appear three prices, the actual price, scribe price (that is, factory guide price), tag price. This is very easy to be extreme consumer complaints and report Oh.

Q: expert hard work! I have three questions 1. manufacturers guide the price of what proof and how to cover the chapter, there is no standard model? 2. A factory may also have several brands, but also need to provide what brand of information? 3. When the new product with a guide price or tag price, can be discounted directly with discount software?

A: 1. manufacturers guide the need to guide the factory with official seal of the guide file, or the factory sent an e-mail, these must be a real and reliable documents; 2. factory has a number of brands, then you sell what The brand to obtain what brand of relevant documents and proof; 3 on the new activities should not be called discount sales activities, strictly speaking is the promotional activities, you already have the manufacturers guide price, tag price and your actual sales price comparison New promotions. This concept is not wrong, wrong is a very critical evidence, you will be misled by the extreme rights of the ditch to go ~ ~

Q: experts Hello, I would like to ask what is the meaning of low-cost dumping, how to define, can give an example?

A: Hello! (Continued sales); Consequences: to disturb the normal order of production and operation, damage to the interests of the state or other operators of the law; in order to exclude competitors or exclusive market; means: at lower than the cost of dumping (continued sales) rights and interests. At present we have no case, but I believe you can see.

Q: Can the special question be explained?

A: The price is relative to a price comparison price, so there must be a comparison price (scribe price is also a comparison) and explain the source or source, but also to provide a valid source basis, such as ex-factory price of the plant Documents. (Source: Ali Guiding Bureau; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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