Micro-business change micro-injury? Buy net red food to be careful

In recent years, with the 'micro-business' increasingly hot, a variety of food businessmen have been given 'health food' the first name, such as mushrooming endless, by many consumers sought after. And these brush burst friends circle, mostly by acquaintances introduced to buy the 'net red food', really rely on it?

Friends circle sales fake network red food flow nationwide

Recently, the Hunan police cracked a WeChat through the circle of friends selling fake food large inter-provincial gangs. In the illegal underground workshop disguised as a farmer, the police arrested a total of 18 suspects, criminal detention 11 people, seized fake and shoddy products, semi-finished products more than a thousand pounds, the amount involved in the tens of millions of dollars.

In recent years by a lot of food sought after, online average price of 149 yuan a box of food 'daily nuts' in this fake gang underground workshop, the cost is only 20 yuan. While in the friends circle selling 159 vegetarian meals in the workshop cost only 2 dollars. At the same time, the workshop also mass production of friends circulated a wide range of 'four seasons beautiful casual fruit', known to lose weight but also detoxification. These fake food to escape the quality supervision and industry and commerce and some other supervision, mostly through the micro-business, in the circle of friends in the sales, consumers are difficult to identify the authenticity.

Part of the micro-no bottom line

Food incarnation 'monk meat'

What makes these guys out of risk? In the underground workshop in the '159 vegetarian meal' and 'Four Seasons beautiful casual fruit' this year by many consumers sought after, low cost, high profits, demand, consumer 'support' to make false guards to see the ' Business'.

Many domestic media have reported that some food vendors in the sale of products when there are exaggerated questions. Chongqing business newspaper - the upper financial reporter learned that micro-business in the '159 vegetarian meal', its effect is unusually strong, with detoxification to lose weight, beauty freckle, increase anti-cancer, regulate the three high 16 effect, as long as 159, modern Version of 'Tang monk meat' with you go. Some users Tucao: every day grinding grain grains to drink, it is only pig thin down.

And another food 'Four Seasons beautiful casual fruit', agents in the circle of friends publicity, Paiduyangyan, weight loss to acne, treatment of constipation and other words are also high frequency. In the sale of such red food, many agents have declared that they have personally used to confirm its efficacy.

What foods are these foods targeted to? If you think it is uncle aunt, that is really wrong. Elderly love is health care products, and online food microblogging publicity in the 'detoxification beauty, weight loss pox' and other high frequency vocabulary is not aunt aunt's needs. These foods are more for the spending power of young people, consumption of large, high prices, the taste had to be good, the pursuit of high quality of life of young people is its main consumer groups.

News depth

Do not let micro-business has become a 'micro-injury'

In recent years, 'micro-business' this is a 'friend circle' business as 'virus' is generally quickly in the urban mobile terminal group was copied in this social network, everyone is business, everyone is a potential customer, quite Not conducive to the relevant departments of supervision. In the fraud incident in the emergence of these fake food, and more through the Friends of the circle of acquaintances sales, and genuine genuine fake can not tell.

According to the statistics of the Chinese Consumers Association, last year the National Consumers Association received a total of 2.98 million remote shopping complaints, online shopping accounted for more than Jiucheng, which represented by the micro-business as a personal network of business hot spots. And relative to clothing, cosmetics and other products, the purchase of micro-food rights is even more difficult.

As the WeChat has a greater personal autonomy, not easy to monitor, most consumers can only push the graphic, video and acquaintance introduced to determine the quality of food, resulting in food problems can not use effective evidence after the complaint. Consumers should be the right to buy micro-business food?

In the pre-as much as possible to select qualified shops, outlets for consumption, and do not believe in the micro-one-sided publicity; the quality of the food, quality, warranty period, the use of additives to fully understand the request to the other party issued a formal invoice; Should immediately on the food residues, shopping notes and other evidence for storage and evidence collection for the next step to lay a solid foundation for the rights.

'Everyone is saying how good he is selling, I do not say, I have to die.' A micro-shop owner told reporters that due to micro-business threshold is low, some unparalleled peer appearance will become the market Chaotic, daily sought after products have become normal. In recent years, micro-food frequently found safety problems, each occurrence of such incidents, will have a certain impact on his food sales. But every fake food is exposed, there will be a new product to fill the vacancy. The owner told reporters that long past, they are miserable, only to ensure their own food safety at the same time, look forward to increased supervision efforts. (Source: 'Chongqing Daily'; text / Feng Rui)

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