Actual combat: through train to build the explosion of the five major strategies

The promotion of the train, not to say that money can be effective down, to know how to operate. So how to build a train? Look together.

1, finishing data feedback test period

This period is temporarily less than through train, the main is the analysis of the data suitable for not through the train promotion, of course, if the pre-store data is too small, need to pass through the train or drill to pull data, resulting in a single product data Has a reference value.

2. Evaluation optimization period

Many people in the new product rarely do this step, but we may not be the same with everyone here, has the evaluation of the optimization period as the most important part of the work to do, and this period of work is very small, short time , The specific work is through five days to a week will be the best evaluation of a single product, with plans, praise, Shaitu. What is the purpose of this? Maybe we think that only increase the conversion rate of a single product, in fact, not only at the same time to increase the new shopping cart, the general evaluation of a very good single product, the number of new shopping carts will rise by a few percentage points.

3. Through chart and keyword matrix screening test period

(1) through chart test

We are generally through the train will be measured four high click map, you can check those good train to do good shop, most will use four pictures, although there may be a few pictures of the click rate is not good, but still use , This purpose is to control the traffic flow through the crowd.

(2) Keywords: matrix screening test period

Keywords: can be divided into: flow words, long tail words, conversion words

Flow terms can be divided into: peer words, soaring words, hot search words, home words

The main direction of the flow of words is for the explosion of drainage, and even on the production of shopping cart assessment will be very low, especially the mobile phone side now, for the explosion of the main search terms to seize the weight.

Conversion words can be divided into: high-quality words, potential words, extended words, associative words.

The source of the conversion is mainly through the train after the addition of these words will be screened out of some of the seven days, fifteen days ranked better keywords or some of the key words of the production has been in the ascending phase of the word.

4, the flow of data feedback, through the direction of confirmation +5, the rapid increase in through traffic, traffic surge period

This period can also be said that the entire train through the push models occupy an important position, that is, as above a few questions, why some shops through the ads put on advertising from the second day of 200 rose to 1000 the third day of 6000 reasons, Because the data feedback can give us a clear direction of the train, there is no direction like walking in the fog, you do not know the front is dead or a way out, but there is a clear direction to give a chance to bring vitality to the store.

5, single product outbreak, search and pay flow stability period

In this period a single product has reached the level of outbreak, that is, there is a large number of monthly sales and evaluation, and the train will be a single product flow impact to tens of thousands, completed the task of increasing free traffic, during this period by train The role is simply through the fine selection of keywords, geography, time, orientation, etc. to improve the commissioning of the train, thereby increasing the output of a single product. (Source: 53 source network; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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