Actual combat: Jingdong seller shop dynamic suction powder skills

Jingdong shop dynamic is an indispensable part of a shop, before a shop to do an activity to do a lot of cattle, but in addition to express and other paid promotion, the other people know nothing, and now the store can make the store dynamic 'sound 'Penetrate out, so that people outside the store (customers, fans, potential users) know that to promote the purchase, to enhance sales.

First, the store dynamic display entrance

Shop dynamic entry in the mobile phone APP, currently a total of 2. Are the first screen of the 'quality fashion - brand headlines', 'my - shop concern - shop dynamic'

Second, the role of the store dynamic :

1, your dynamic score is an indispensable part of the business score, the store dynamic score is low, the platform of the major marketing activities and daily activities do not let you participate, even if you make it difficult to register through! Score high shop activities are basically able to declare success.

2, the store dynamic score represents the quality of your goods and services, dynamic score is low, the impact of new customers on the shop's impression, view, affecting your product conversion rate, high shop dynamic score, promote the user to buy, improve the conversion rate The

3, the store can be a variety of activities to promote the store out to attract new and old customers to buy, enhance the brand image.

4, training fans groups, reduce traffic costs.

Third, how to publish shop dynamic and precautions:

Store dynamic is divided into four parts: release dynamic, dynamic management, comment management, store data

1, release dynamic

Dynamic type of hot text, buyers show, on the new, pre-sale, trial, spike, coupons, check-in, live, which hot text, buyers show, spike, coupons are often used, Face some types of talk about some of the notes.

2, Note:

1) title and cover to be done, the title of the words, research, control the other side is how to write, the focus is subtitle inscription, there is no subtitle, hair dynamic pageview difference of 1/2 ~ 2/3, such as a Jingdong Shop 82 designers did not write subtitles, pageview is about 800, wrote a subtitle can reach 1200 ~ 1500.

2) the daily release of the store the best time is 15: 00 ~ 20: 00, because this time people will see more, of course, different categories may not be the same, it is only suitable for the vast majority of shops.

3) shop dynamic can send three daily, you can delete the re-issued, limit 3, but it is recommended not to delete the regular re-issued, because Jingdong crawl your published shop dynamic to the brand headlines show the number of times (usually one day Is once), if you remove the dynamics of the headlines you show in the brand, the retransmission is not shown in the brand headlines

4) When the store is dynamically sent to select the label (limit 3), the label, the role of the label is to accurately crowd, the useful content of the need to show the phone, there is no choice of labels, Read this dynamic comment on (now a lot of page views a lot, but basically no comment)

5) shop dynamic release generally appear in the order of the brand headlines are generally arranged by time, but with the shop fans, weight, and your search records are also related to the time does not appear in accordance with the time order. General shop published in the dynamic, one day will only appear in the first day of the brand, the proposed day to send a dynamic, to the dynamic Zhiding (the shop fans will give priority to see, will not be automatically generated dynamic brush did not, the brand headlines show the dynamic Will also show priority to show the top of the dynamic)

6) how the shop has any activities, it is recommended that the activities of the dynamic once a day, so play the role of publicity, the price is more sensitive to users, will attract to buy, and from the brand headlines look at the page views.

7) suggested that the next day to send a buyer show (with a single brush), on the one hand to increase the shop exposure, so that others know our shop, on the other hand with the buyer's reputation to promote, more convincing

8) signed to the polite, sign the polite rules have a day to attend a polite, continuous attendance courtesy Set different days to sign the benefits (for more sensitive to the price of the customer) to increase the shop fans sticky,

9) write dynamic there are three kinds of processing: release, regular release, save the draft (next edit). There are urgent or other circumstances can be written first, and then set the regular send, very convenient.

10) the first mobile phone side of the menu bar set up for the shop members, the dynamic guide to the release of the role of the guide, as shown below, in the brand headlines to see the text, it will trigger the text, see these, generally curious Go to see, increase the exposure, and then through the promotion, fans and other preferential privileges to attract, to promote the desire to buy users, improve sales.

11) pre-sale, hair test, hair spike, coupons and other promotional activities can be released according to the shop, the same time period has multiple activities

Fourth, the summary:

1, shop dynamic business is an important way to expose their own, to attach importance to, although it is not very mature, but from the store dynamic score occupy a large part of the business score, it means that this is to focus on.

2, shop dynamic can increase the user sticky, the development of loyal users, which is the reputation of shop publicity

3, the shop dynamic hair promotions, hair activities such as publicity, reduce publicity costs, the introduction of traffic, promote consumption, enhance turnover.

4, shop dynamic The most important is the title and cover to do a good job, will someone see, of course, content should be decent, a simple title party to see more, will cause the user's resentment. (Source: Barley Electric Business; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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