Live down the loner Yingying difficult to block the industry downturn

Only one year, live from the capital market darling reduced to short video foil. Compared to 2016 years of financing tide, this year's live industry more topic is shuffle. And the screener snapped in Asia, may be a start.

2016 is known as the first year of live, in the tide of mobile Internet, a large number of live platform was born. With the 'thousands of broadcast war' pattern formed, live has penetrated into the daily life of many people, but also changed some 'grassroots' of the pattern of life.

In the process of continuous penetration of the user to the process, it happens to be helpless Yingying, in 2016 boarded the peak of the live industry. However, the market trend of hot from 2017 began to worsen, until recently, Bike suddenly announced 'sell', which makes the cold live industry once again become the focus of attention.

The industry is not only concerned about the future trend of the future, as well as it handed the top spot after the live industry, what will happen major changes.

Rise, type micro

2016 live industry, the key to the development of a year, in this year the emergence of countless live platform, industry competition gradually evolved into a chaos.

In the live chaos war, there are some rich and powerful: 'rich second generation' on behalf of such as pepper live, to crazy live; 'near the wealthy' on behalf of such as fast hand (short video, live dual platform), panda TV; 'On behalf of such as YY live, street live.

Understand the notes found in the live industry ranked the top two echelon, the only reflection is no background, no background 'lone hero'. Since May 2015 on-line start, the screenbelt to fight the user card, with a variety of tricks to attack the user. Relatively smooth user experience and high participation, so that customers in a relatively short period of time to attract a large number of users.

Perhaps a lot of people on the 'universal live' the term is no stranger, and this term is built by the screener. Because there is no strong capital support, the beginning of the tricks is the main fan live. With a cell phone, see another stranger's daily life, this snoop desire to become the key to open the user's heart.

Because of this, Yingbie stepped on the universal live outlet, with several successful line activities, its rapid increase in the amount of users, financing has become more and more smoothly.

According to understand the notes statistics, Yingke previous financing situation is as follows:

In June 2015, the screening received millions of yuan seed round investment;

July 2015, the screening received A8 music 10 million yuan angel round of financing;

November 2015, the screening was SAIF Fund, Jinshajiang Venture Capital, Zixi Venture and Zhu Xiaohu tens of millions of RMB A round of investment;

In January 2016, the monks won the Kunlun million leadership 80 million yuan A + round of investment, Kunlun million vote after holding 18%, reflected at this time the valuation of 378 million yuan;

In September 2016, Kunlun million transfer 3% stake in the letter to the letter capital, the total price of 210 million, corresponding to 100% stake in the valuation of 7 billion yuan.

With the valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars, the first to become the first live broadcast industry, the first 'Unicorn'. According to the biography of the data, then the biography (around September 2016), registered users have more than 130 million, the number of active users reached 15 million.

From the above data is not difficult to see, regardless of the financing situation or the number of users, the audience have a greater advantage ahead of the industry's other competitors. It can be said that the monks of the world to achieve the realization of the silk silk against the attack.

With the capital, play naturally become different. Yingying take advantage of the live air outlet in the marketing a lot of money, advertising efforts become more and more, in the love of art, Tencent video and other video sites hit the ad before the ads, told the majority of users 'you Ugly you sleep, I am my live ', brainwash general propaganda language to become' universal broadcast 'after the second live industry buzzwords.

In addition, the screen also began live + star, live + variety and other live form of the test, a lot of stars live on the first show dedicated to the biography. Including Fu Yuanhui live 1 hour breakthrough 10 million people to watch, breaking the same time watching the number of online records; Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Kai and other public 'joy song' starring for the new play momentum guest guest; BigBang participation even to 6 million women Fans excited tears.

In the various strategies of the bombing, Yingying in the live industry status has been relatively stable. At this point (as of December 2016), the number of users has been more than 140 million, day active users exceeded 17 million. However, the peak also means that the watershed, the decline of the audience also kicked off.

First, in December 2016 began, live ushered in the relevant departments of the new regulations, strict requirements make live content and the way has been greatly limited, resulting in hot industry suffered cold, almost all of the live platform are subject to varying degrees The impact of the screen also did not stand alone. However, the real change, from January 2017 officially began.

Live down, 'lonely' Yingying difficult to block the industry downturn

According to the monitoring data of the easy view of thousands of sails can be seen from the beginning of January 2017, including Yingying, YY Live, Zaobao live, including a number of top-ranked live platform, the number of live users have a significant decline, a During the month to reduce the hundreds of thousands to several million range.

Among them, the decline of the largest customers, the monthly active users from 1686.28 down to 1386.28, straight to reduce the 300 million live. Such a huge decline and no trend to ease, so that the audience step by step lost the first throne.

Second, in addition to strict regulation, there is an objective factor that can not be reversed by a silent person, that is, the diversion capability is close to the ceiling. Analysys International interactive entertainment analyst Wang Chuanzhen that the reason why there is no way to maintain the continuous decline, because the industry has been so far diversion, the rapid growth in the early can not continue. Industry environment dictates, reflect the same is true.

Third, the screen is different from other broadcast platform, a feature that is not take the traditional 'guild mode.' In the era of PC live, the Association is a lot of big-name anchor backing, the main role in addition to operating anchor, is the 'family' endorsement for the main hit list, holding popularity. MC God Bless YY in a war fame, and his guild behind a great relationship.

However, the bike is the beginning of the number of people who follow the number of live, not directly holding the individual red star, which in the early view can save money for the enterprise, but to the solemn competition, it becomes soft underbelly. There is no relatively perfect anchor business strategy, the opponent digging the wall becomes very easy, and the loss of the host, will lead to loss of users.

To sell, change

While the outside world are waiting for the trouble has been in trouble to make more changes when the biography also to the outside world to pass some of the signal. Coach founder and CEO Feng Yousheng in March to accept Tencent financial interview revealed that the biographer in 2017 will be invested in the field of live billions of dollars, and will also be invested in the short video field.

However, after two months we were waiting for the 'plan'. A message like a deep-water bombs have generally shocked the already slightly quiet live industry - Bike and Xuanya International to start mergers and acquisitions, the news in early May has been sit real.

According to the announcement of the announcement on the progress of the resumption of trading and suspension of major asset restructuring, the announcement is that the reorganization target is Beijing Beilai Cyber Network Technology Co., Ltd. and is expected to acquire not less than 50% of the shares. And Hollywood is the customer of the company, simply to reflect the customer to 'sell' (not 100% easy to master) the.

Xuanya International is a listed public relations firm, according to the suspension before the last trading day to calculate the value of the declaration of the international valuation of about 7.2 billion. A $ 7.2 billion company, to acquire a company valued at $ 7 billion, has successfully attracted attention both inside and outside the industry.

For a time, the reflection of this choice of the voice of the endless challenge, mainly in the following categories:

1, two valuation close to the company mergers and acquisitions, declared Asia can come up with how much money? How much will the shine shrink?

2, although the live industry in the cold, but the film is still the industry's first, why eager to 'sell' Object is not such a BAT giant?

3, whether it is a direct tide will be back, Yingying executives ahead of schedule to leave?

June 9, the news shows that the acquisition of the program is not yet confirmed. So, whether there is no cash in Asia to buy 50% of the shares of the strength of the film, the current no way to know. And the bike executives will all set off, is unknown. But it is certain that the negative impact of this integration is certainly greater than the positive effect of the overlay, and the valuation of the customer may be affected.

As a result of the arrival of the declaration of Asia, the live broadcast business is likely to change. Because the public relations business as the core of the declaration is also the layout of the advertising business, and it chose to buy the screen, probably because of the need for advertising and marketing. But this content does not seem to be a live user favorite things, the loss of users is a foregone conclusion.

Live down, 'lonely' Yingying difficult to block the industry downturn

The fact is also the case, understand the notes from the easy view of thousands of sails to get the data in April, showing the number of active users, the number of application starts, product use time, three data are declining. Among them, active users fell more than 12.25%, while the other two data fell even more alarming, respectively, 23.06% and 23.16%.

Live down, 'lonely' Yingying difficult to block the industry downturn

This decline in the news in April after the news came with the extension of the news, is still continuing. Up to now, the number of live users of the screening is still gradually reduced to June 5, the daily life has dropped to 110.28 million. Compared to last year's December 17 million live-up level, this huge decline, may be far more than Feng Yu Sheng's previous forecast.

In fact, before the screening and Xuanya tried live + advertising cooperation model. It is understood that on March 29, Yingying and Xuanya set up a joint venture company, the development of suitable for the various types of advertising platform advertising business model. In other words, the screening has made a live + advertising attempt. Last year, 'double 11' period, the reality of cooperation with the days of the cat live electricity, perhaps the customer will choose the commercial emboldened.

With the integration of cable and Xuanya, live industry, the pattern has also undergone some changes. According to easy to view the data show that the current biography not only out of the industry boss's seat, and even has dropped to the field of entertainment broadcast the third. Opponents at a disadvantage when it is their own growth opportunities. On the decline in the same time, YY Live, pepper, have been sowing to find ways to reverse the decline.

Even so, strict regulation, easy to realize, slow down the user growth or even down the problem, is still the entire live industry needs to face the problem. After all, there is no strength to reflect the background, choose 'sell' at least get a certain cash flow, which may be 'lonely' can think of the best solution. And such as pepper live, broadcast, YY Live and other platforms, as long as the user traffic fairly impressive, do not have to worry about revenue problems, which is the advantage of the background.

Biography of the choice, perhaps mixed with some frustration, but this is also a microcosm of the entire live industry. Although the live live industry there are panda TV and pepper live access to financing, but still can not cover the 2017 live air outlet has passed, dozens of live platform shut down the fact. In this case, the pressure on the small platform will be more and more, even if the large platform, such as Biography, also exposed weakness. Therefore, the live war will be more changes. (Source: Titanium Media)

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