The second half meet with the electricity business to see how to reverse the universe

In 2017, the live application of heat dropped significantly, once the live to meet the young generation to meet the demands of the self, but the market changes, and now the live has long been no longer scenery. Following the US mobile live originator Meerkat in October last year in the Apple application store off the shelves, in February this year, the aperture closed CEO runway, unicorn beast was also declared by the international acquisition, most of the domestic broadcast platform has long disappeared.

The second half of the battle has been in May in the platform financing in the prelude, vertical deep plowing, market segmentation has become the epitome of the pattern laid, but the prospects are still not clear, live also have a chance to show up? However, the introduction of live street unfamiliar to the second spring, Taobao live is becoming an important entrance to electricity business, mushroom street through the live production content significantly increased the volume ... ... 'live +' or '+ live' is becoming a live platform The other way out.

For electricity providers, according to the 'Global Retail Report 2017' data show that the proportion of the store in the last two years is gradually pick up, at least once a week to the store shopping, the proportion of consumers experienced from 42% in 2013 down To 38%, 36% to 2016, 40% in 2017, 41%. This means that the development of the current stage of the shopping platform facing the crisis behind the user's return line, even after the development of mature wind and rain online shop is also necessary to follow the trend of continuous innovation, rest on its own will only dig their own graves.

And for live, it's just a tool, the platform is just a platform. Live escape can not escape the 'live +' fate, 'live +' can not escape the nature of entertainment. In the consumer shopping, the pursuit of a relaxed and happy shopping, while focusing on the enjoyment of social fun, which live with the time, real-time interactive features coincide; Second, live content, consumers pay attention to products , Live is not limited to entertainment, games, cultural display, but also allow physical products on the line to get the maximum degree of exposure, so that consumers have more immersive shopping experience.

Live is changing the business model of electricity providers

To Taobao, Jingdong as the representative of the integrated shopping platform for the first time to test the water on the unexpected joy: Taobao live set up 100 days, net red Zhang Dayi live on the new, a live view of the number of over 40 million, the number of praise over 100 million, And this live for Zhang Dayi shop revenue 20 million, the average customer price of nearly 400 yuan.

March 14 this year, white Valentine's Day, Jingdong together YY live to create 'that I love to express as', through live distribution. Jingdong live in September last year on the line, although the beginning of 'open live broadcast' of the perfunctory state is not optimistic, but the fact that as one of the giant business platform still has some pioneering strength. In the last year's Q3, Q4 Jingdong revenue reached 60.72 billion and 80.26 billion, respectively, an increase of 37.7% and 47.0%, to achieve a profitability, direct cash contributed.

As early as last March, mushroom street live business, the end of last year's volume showed a secondary growth trend month by month, in November than in October increased by 30% in December than in November increased by 60% in March this year, the first half , Mushroom Street live transaction has reached last year in December the full volume of live volume ... ...

The emergence of live has changed the traditional model of the inherent electricity business, located in the consumer electricity business broadcast to the user while watching the live side of the platform consumption, live shopping, the new model sought after by the young group, this type of integrated business platform to do live There are many advantages.

On the one hand, the live dressing room is conducive to the net red or model release personal charm, to meet the fans aesthetic, peeping, spectators of the psychological, consumers can interact directly with the seller to understand the habits and life of the Internet, easier to build with the shop Emotional relationship, enhanced user stickiness.

On the other hand, for consumers, the live is more realistic than the PS, more beautiful than the landscaping, the user can see through the live real material of the clothes, more interesting, content, dynamic wear style, The user experience.

Finally, the live electricity business for small and medium-sized business platform provides a breakthrough in the development, although the size of the gap between the electricity business platform, but people, the difference between the anchor and the anchor is not large, small and medium-sized business platform has a larger market Growth space.

Live to break the barriers of trust in cross - border electricity providers

Cross-border electricity business to the largest camp to Jingdong International, Lynx International, Netease koala and other giants as the representative; followed by honey buds, small red book, jackfruit and other start-up companies; and a large number of small and medium-sized electricity providers and B2B service providers and so on. Cross-border electric business of the top three categories are cosmetics, maternal and child supplies and daily necessities, in the field of cross-border electricity business services, the two most important factors, one product price, the second is the authenticity of quality.

For the big platform, the quality of protection is higher, but the price of the product in the tax, transportation, derivative services and other aspects of the cost has increased. As a result, there are many consumers tend to low prices of small business platform and private purchasing, and verify the authenticity of the product has become another obstacle to the development of cross-border electricity business factors.

China's large population, manufacturing fake and shoddy goods are numerous, electricity business platform bulk dumping easy to bring consumers a worthless psychological, purchasing the authenticity of products often encounter doubts. Now, consumers can determine the seller through the live purchasing point is true, whether the product is authentic, the confidence of the barrier in the live after the penetration of electricity to meet.

Live for the luxury industry into the vitality of fresh

LV's parent company LVMH recently built a large-scale electric business platform on the standard NET-A-PORTER, trying to build a luxury online department store, and the electricity business platform to reach the scale of millions of euros; LVMH also in the days of cat In February this year, following the introduction of LVMH famous watch TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer).

Gucci recently with the luxury business platform Farfetch cooperation; Richemont's Cartier not only self-built platform, but also with the WeChat cooperation; Prada's net profit year after year decline, which identified the digital development strategy is expected by the end of the launch of the global electricity business platform; Chanel is reluctant to contact with the low threshold of the electricity business, still on the electricity business channel to wait and see state ... ...

Luxury goods since the birth of a pair can be far from unbearable play of the arrogant attitude, but China's huge population base, the domestic consumption of luxury goods can be a lot of luxury, luxury had to go down the altar, open the digital strategy of the new mode. Over the past year, 9% of the luxury brand opened a new business channel, 8% of the watch, jewelry brand in the WeChat tried a similar 'flash' of the sale, and self-electric business, settled in the days of cat, the use of WeChat Brands are increasing.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, e-commerce currently accounts for 7% of the global luxury goods industry sales, but it is expected that this figure will continue to grow, reaching 12% in 2020. Asian luxury goods market since 2016 has been widely concerned since the temperature, with the improvement of people's living standards, luxury consumption scale showed doubled growth, although the appearance of the traditional luxury stores in the era of electricity business and Not popular, but the luxury store to expand the store slowly, adding the ranks of the electric business is only a matter of time. Overall, the luxury involved in the speed of electricity, but still unstoppable

At this stage, more than the electricity business directly to the electricity business, can be described as a luxury 'love and hate' another outlet.

Luxury live sales on the basis of electricity on the basis of further, on the one hand can be closer to the relationship between high-end consumer goods and consumers to stimulate consumer desire to buy; the other hand, luxury goods from the system is easy to replace the live WeChat audience is too broad and little effect of the marketing model, in the logistics of the ink also helps high-end consumer goods reputation to create and promote.

In the live leveraging the three major electricity business plate, luxury goods is a few people set foot in the region, after a new generation of 90 or even 00 after the rapid rise of the consumer market background, the luxury live is expected to 'carp Yue Yuemen', from the conservative The marketing went to the forefront of the consumer outlet.

But it is worth exploring the luxury is indeed different from the general retail products of the people, Chanel fashion department president has said that the Chanel, the boutique is to understand the brand and experience the latest products. Perhaps the live electricity business is contrary to the positioning and essence of luxury, but after all, in the eyes of businessmen, profit is the biggest intention of the existence of the product, live as the biggest luxury behind the 'gold master' may be not far away.

Live + electricity business, opportunities and challenges coexist

Live broadcast of the new retail era, the electricity business is moving in the 'uncontrollable' direction, live + electric business both for the business platform to bring opportunities, but also bring challenges, live and shopping possible integration depth to be considered The

First, 3D shop on the technology requirements higher

From the naked eye of the naked eye 3D transition to the current visual effects of immersive VR, people can not get in reality through the virtual experience to meet, 3D and shopping are also inseparable from the fate. Taobao has a virtual dressing room, UNIQLO has also launched a different type of virtual fitting products, can eventually be implemented. Now with live, 3D shopping may be a step closer to our life. 'Live + 3D' can let consumers immersed in the virtual 'real scene', more closely close to the product, but also to be the basis for the development of science and technology support.

In addition, when 3D Live Plus Shopping, the payment process becomes critical. Consumers need the most effective communication of information, when the user has to buy the demand, the anchor can be photographed immediately by the user photographed, or even from the live scene. Mobile payers WorldPay recently introduced VR payment, can be directly through the virtual keyboard to enter the password to operate. Fast-paced online shopping consumption also requires the live platform to improve their own payment methods, to create a convenient payment scene, to develop a fast, light shopping channel.

Second, the ability to upgrade still need to upgrade

To create the demand to meet the demand is the basic flow of cash, once the live by the recharge to obtain rating to meet the needs of spectators to meet the needs of spectators, live shopping to provide a more healthy, more abundant flow channel to create a green shopping ecology.

Live + shopping is still the essence of shopping, but the role of the live platform will become more important. Direct sales to live to become the most powerful display of export products, through the real, fresh display of the scene to promote consumer desire to buy, to speed up the transaction reached.

Live shopping is not limited to a consumer channel, it can grow into a comprehensive youth image to create a platform. For example, through the intelligent analysis of historical search data, to provide consumers with personalized style or wear guidance, and even derived from the hair, beauty, nail and other teaching courses, value-added services can fully meet the needs of young people concerned about the image , To achieve maximum flow optimization.

Third, the requirements of the anchor is also higher and more picky

When the product from the picture to the video, the net red from the original swing into a 'catwalk.' On the one hand, the most bear the brunt of the external requirements, net red to have their own personalized wear style, the greatest degree of display clothing, training career sense. On the other hand, live will pay more attention to the network under the net red cultural level and speech and behavior, in a continuous time showing the personal temperament and personality literacy. From the plane to the three-dimensional, people's pursuit of product quality in the continuous improvement of the requirements of the red standard is also rising simultaneously.

In view of this, although the live heat has subsided, but 'live +' is a wave of new waves. Live and electric business integration there is still a blank blue ocean, subversion of the traditional display platform, to multi-dimensional, multi-scene shopping a new era, both live live, but also innovative business model for users close to product quality to open a door The (Source: Interface / Liu Kuang; Editor: Free Paper Download Center)

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