Net red is also a mortal how to become knowledge of that lucky 1%

Today, Douban Red seven seventy-seven completed a surprising jump, became the first time in the watercourse to open a paid column of prime man. At this point, from the time she has been registered for seven and a half years, during this period, seventy-seven experienced a departure, entrepreneurship, book, teaching, and step by step to their own 'cure department photographer' label.

Thick 'healing wind' from the seven seven in the title of the watercress can feel one or two: 'love is the most beautiful filter', 'parents are the best photographer of the child', 'spring intoxicated night, talk about our Table ideal ', to this end, there are more than 90,000 people concerned about this resident Shanghai girl.

Compared to the previous time in the Douban time to open a column of psychological counselor Jane Li Li, seven seven are more typical of the watercake Reds: ordinary white-collar work experience, photographed a good photo, written in one hand fine text, self- The book opened classes, the spirit of the material double harvest, countless salaried family of ideal people set up.

Seven of the seven, call the king of wheat 'MC God Bless', electricity business people 'HoneyCC' these neighbors from the source of the success of the Internet can copy it, how they jump out of 99% of the probability of whirlpool, a lucky 1% Head up? 01, highly focused: squeeze in a field before 1%

Focus first is a kind of attitude towards life.

Harvard University's first female psychology professor Alan Lange in the 1980s has done a well-known experiment, invited 16 seventy or eight years old, ask them to live in a week in a 1959 style in the layout of the small building , Look at the 50s film and sitcoms, discuss the Cuban crisis, and let them feel like living in 1959.

A week later, the old people's eyesight, hearing, memory has been significantly improved. Professor Lange later explained that because the old people always remind themselves to live in the 1950s when the young, this concentration will help to re-sensitive to people and the environment, in the psychological belief that their young 20 years old, so the body to make The corresponding match.

Focus is also an important survival skill.

The master of success taught us that most people were not defeated because of their lack of ability, and that they failed because they were able to disperse their abilities in too many directions. Paranoia is generally focused on a goal, which may be the only strategy to be successful.

American best-selling author Daniel Cole even quantified a standard for this focus - any expert in any field should be practicing for 10,000 hours.

Although we have no way of knowing how many hours each person has been sweating before becoming a network of red people, but one thing is certain, they are constantly focused on doing the same thing: after the July 7, Almost all of the articles are shared photography experience, and a high degree of strengthening the Department of healing style; MC God bless such a call Maida people, but also constantly trying to figure out the bottom of the psychological, focus on the way to use a child to vent a group of angry.

Only this kind of energy and direction of choice on the double focus, the contents of the network had to squeeze into the top 5%, or even 1% of the realization of possible.

At a meeting, the thumb reading founder Zuo Zhijian sigh to do 10 years of content is still confused, the same table Ma Dong shook his head: '(that is because you) did not make the head content, so waist Content can be enough, if the bottom will lose money.

Long tail effect in the entire content market, the basic failure to network anchor, for example, '2017 network anchor new fashion: more than 4500 anchor to tell you the truth of the live' for more than 4,500 national anchor survey survey found that live monthly income 1 Million or more head of the host accounted for only 5%, monthly income of only 100 yuan in the following accounted for more than 7 percent. 02, good at sharing: 50 American business leaders experience

When you get a professional skill, the distance becomes a network of people two steps. As the saying goes wine is also afraid of alley deep, how pleasant to accept your share is also an important stealth skills.

But the share may be a talent that a few talented people have.

Researchers at the Free University of Berlin in 2014 had evaluated their brain activity for the brain connection function of 35 social media users. Each research object has a range of sharing privacy, such as how often to send a photo, how often to update a personal information, and how long to update the state.

The study eventually found that the control group shared the privacy of the brain network: those who like to reveal the voice of Facebook subjects, the brain medial frontal lobe, the new cortex anterior wedge and dorsal lateral frontal cortex activity are unusually active Cortical wedge anterior and posterior frontal cortex of the connection is also stronger.

Taking into account the attention of the moment as the most scarce resources, sharing for the development of the individual is extremely important. Seventy-seven away from the watercress is also derived from 'I will do the breakfast will be light' and other albums to share, she has set up in the watercress on more than 40 albums, laid the foundation for her harvest popularity.

Duke University School of Business Professor Dorie Clark interviewed 50 US business leaders and found that they are committed to shaping social identity - let people have reason to listen to his ideas; at the same time the content creation, which allows people to assess his value Finally, it is very important that the idea and value of his communication be disseminated through social networks.

Most of today's share of social networking and content platforms, such as friends circle, microblogging, watercress, and almost all of the big V are good at sharing people. For a content entrepreneur, if you do not take the initiative to share, it is difficult to let your ideas be spread and recognized. Dorie Clark encourages young people in the workplace to make good use of social networks, let industry leaders take care of you and forward your articles on social networks. 03, build a community: a protracted war

Community concept now looks old, but for the realization of the content is extremely important, but if you can not do the two points, build the community is nonsense.

From the perspective of online red, the community will bring at least two benefits:

First of all, continue to collect feedback to enhance the quality of content production; typical example, 'China National Geographic' magazine editorial Qiang often microblogging release several alternative magazine cover, and then seek the views of users; millet Lei Jun, where the guest Chen Year is also the social network of product testing veteran.

Second, lay the mass base for future realization. By building a community, it is also a good opportunity for content producers to establish deep contacts with users. Seventy-seven line under the film festival, not to show their own photography, but to collect pictures of waterfalls fans, while creating a sense of user participation at the same time, but also to strengthen their own in the field of cures in the market segment of the market card position.

The popular community is the 'unorganized organization' put forward by Clay Sheikh, a group of people who build and act on the network community based on their common interests. Obviously, choosing those platforms that are more interactive and more interactive is more conducive to content groups for community operations.

There are several major domestic knowledge of the payment platform has its own characteristics: know, get, the Himalayan more focus on content - know almost question and answer, get the core is 'to help you read', Himalayan audio priority, by contrast, as a There are more than ten years of history online community, watercress culture, community attributes stronger, interactive and more prominent.

From the community participants, in the present atomized society, people pay more attention to people to group points, join the various interest groups, as to remove the family, the workplace outside the rare relaxation of interpersonal interaction. In these communities, they are not only one-way to accept the content provided by the producers, but through comments, offline activities have been another way to achieve consumer satisfaction and self-realization. (Source: 36 krypton; text / Popov)

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