Mo Neng International involved in micro-business events and the former agents of the court

Recently, an online article entitled '100,000 microblogging cheated 10 billion, the first large micro-business group suspected of' MLM '' article attracted many media reprint. Mogi International - this is known as China's largest micro-business for a time involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, around the Mogao International suspected of pyramid selling news is endless, June 1, Moli International issued a statement that the The initiator of the article is the former agent of the world, the article is a rumor of the 'black manuscript', making the whole event has changed.

In recent years, the negative reports for the microblogging endless, after the occurrence of four seasons casually fined 10 million events, for the micro-business 'involved', selling fake and shoddy products and other issues require investigation and handling of one after another. Direct marketing industry experts Hu Yuanjiang told the 'China Business' reporter, micro-business as a new business model, due to the existence of norms and guidelines for the problem of fuzzy, easy to become another form of pyramid schemes, in recent years, 'business' Repeatedly.

Reporters on the incident to contact the International Energy Co., Ltd., general manager of the international market, said Fang Ying, an interview with reporters, the reason why the expansion of the reason is the fundamental reason for the whole business of this emerging business model mixed, some people In view of the issue of business is wearing colored glasses, Bo Yong event in fact become a breakthrough in the community as a whole, so become a hot spot in the network.

Are there any 'crossings'?

Mo Neng International is known as Beijing Mo Neng International Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Its promotional materials show that the company was founded in 2015, is a focus on women's beauty, health industry, mobile social electricity business company, has launched the stick girl antibacterial gel, goddess bubble rinse liquid and other women's supplies.

Morgan Stanley founder Jiang Dicai is also a small science and technology circle of famous people, was 'Nepalese color' mobile phone founder, but also 'big cola mobile phone' investors. But the two brands eventually failed in the end, after the first two failed, making Jiang Decai and create the so-called billions of dollars 'bar girl' brand.

With the 'bar girl' and other products, Moco International has become one of the largest domestic business group, but because of this, making its negative news particularly conspicuous. May 30, '100,000 microficially cheated 10 billion' reported detonated the micro-business circle of friends, agents told reporters: May 31, agents came to the International Energy Center in Beijing, China Shopping center outside the office request a refund, but the company closed the door, which makes the whole incident increasingly confusing.

Followed by the various media coverage, making Mo International involved more serious topic, that is suspected of pyramid schemes? According to the above mentioned text, the international level of agents can be divided into seven, from top to bottom layer by layer the development of 'off the assembly line', and between the various levels of strict 'threshold fee', the characteristics of the full compliance 'Prohibited pyramid selling regulations' on the three characteristics of pyramid schemes, that is, the development of offline formation of hierarchical relations; layers of rebate; disguised payment threshold fee.

But the whole incident with the declaration of the International Energy and change, according to its announcement shows that the initiator of the article for the former international agent Bai Yong. Previously, the energy international has been 'honor infringement' on the grounds to sue the court, the court has also been accepted, will choose a day. For the article referred to as the 'seven agency system' and other issues, the energy industry that does not exist, the company has only three, the so-called seven agents for the formation of their own level, and the company has nothing to do, Of the distribution behavior in full compliance with the relevant international regulations. For a long time, for the micro-business 'involved', there are claims that as long as the business agent, but three, there will be suspected of pyramid schemes suspected. In this regard, direct marketing industry experts Hu Yuanjiang told reporters that the state promulgated the 'Prohibition of pyramid selling regulations' on the form of pyramid schemes to be explained, but how to determine the composition of the crime of pyramid selling, the relevant departments have explained that if the level of more than three , It can be used as a basis for the characteristics of pyramid schemes, on the contrary, it is not as its basis for filing, which also evolved the current 'micro-business three distribution' argument.

On the question of the 'internationalization' of Mocao International, Mecox International said that from the existing evidence, the model can not be identified as constitute the 'Criminal Law' 224 contract fraud or 'Criminal Law Amendment VII' MLM. Mogao International did not charge entry fees, initial fees and other expenses, even if the agent introduced to recommend others to become agents, the recommender did not have any introduction fee. Therefore, the 'bar girl' sales model and no obvious features of MLM.

Dealer control into micro-business throat

June 2, the original Jingdong Mall public relations relations director Yan Yuelong issued a text of the international energy, in the text called 'old business has died, the new micro-business forever,' for the future development of micro-business, Yan Yuelong's view is: Legitimate social distribution means, through the activation of each individual brand ... ... activate the majority of the user 's social chain, the formation of the flow of the ants Xiongbing.

At present, the main features of the micro-business is 'the money to make money', that is, the dealer can only be friends in the product to promote, expand the scale of distribution, can only rely on 'friends circle', all of its business activities All based on social media.

Electric business practitioners Wande dry told reporters that microblogging in essence there is a contradictory point, that is, personal social networks and commodity circulation requirements of the node is not matched, the scope of individual social hard to meet the needs of commodity circulation. Another feature of the micro-business is equivalent to the cost and inventory risk passed on to the individual, Moco international agents of the collective rights event is the resulting.

According to '2016 China Microenterprise Industry Development Research Report' data show that in 2016 micro-industry market is expected to scale 360.73 billion yuan, an increase of 98.3%, microblogging practitioners to women, accounting for 72.3%, the current domestic micro-business generally With credit protection, product quality, intellectual property, training norms, channel management and suspected pyramid schemes and other aspects of the problem.

'One of the characteristics of microblogging is the integration of both end customers and distribution agents as one, while the individual's reachable direct acquaintance network is limited, but the commodity transaction gross margin has a minimum size requirement, a direct acquaintance Since the network can not hold up the gross profit base, the agent can only produce the effect of the geometric multiplier through the indirect acquaintance network, then the similarity of the pyramid selling situation will occur. In addition, the circulation and the use value of the sold goods are almost impossible to penetrate into each acquaintance, Then only through the unrealistically high prices and the development of the so-called off the assembly line to make up for this, 'cross-story' and the price of high prices will become a business can not solve the two problems.

Hu Yuanjiang told reporters that WeChat circle of friends itself is not a sales platform, so it does not have any responsibility for the sale of consumers, the business does not have the obligation to restraint and management, so this will cause consumers to find no rights platform. Closed sales will inevitably lead to no more transparent and official sales channels, resulting in a large number of fake products, and even false official website, and consumers almost no way to distinguish the authenticity of their products, even if found fake or Defective, it is difficult to guarantee its rights and interests.

The experts believe that the micro-business itself is evolved from the social network, in recent years, the rapid development of micro-business, but a considerable part of which is the name of the derivative business will be micro-merchants, and the industry does not have the corresponding code of conduct and norms, so , Micro-industry cohabitation, so how to regulate the upstream enterprises and distributors will be the future of the key to the healthy development of micro-business. (Source: 'China Business'; text / Sun Ji Zheng)

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