Actual combat: Taobao shop five basic internal strength

Taobao shop, pre-sellers need to practice basic skills, from the selection, baby shelves, title optimization, to the late shop promotion, need to be sufficient. And how to do a good job of doing five basic internal strength? Xiaobian here to share some experience for everyone.

First, the election on the new, on the shelf time

Baby on the shelf a few important factors:

1. the main picture of the baby

It is best to own pictures. No psoriasis, after determining their own style, Xiao Bian proposed to find art workers do, Taobao shop novice sellers do not always too costly to pull, also do a main map, after all, the cost is relatively large.

2. Baby property

The so-called baby property, if you are sales support, in the long section of clothing, if there is a short paragraph inside the clothing, then your property and the title will not meet, the details of the baby is the case, this will seriously affect the baby weight, so novice sellers must pay attention.

3. Using data packets with Taobao assistant shelves, to choose a high degree of trust in the software

4. Baby shelves time

5. Recommended window, and fine window

Baby shelves the last 3 hours before the use of window recommended, boutique window can be obtained through their own brush volume can reach a certain turnover can reward 10 boutique window.

Second, baby title optimization

On the title optimization, you can look at this 2017 latest Taobao title optimization method

Third, through train

Taobao shop novice sellers operating through train, the basic is blind people like.

First of all you have to choose a product of your shop, then you do according to the word to do a few expansion words, 20 or less like. It is recommended that the novice to abandon the PC side traffic, there are two reasons: 1. garbage traffic; 2. delivery accuracy is not enough.

Many novice said that through the car burn too fierce, afraid to open. But Xiao Bian to say that the purpose of driving is very clear to build the explosion, but we are driving the process of graffiti, through train to pay attention to their own operational details.

Fourth, do a good job related sales

The store selected style to be able to match up to sell, if a single product sales weight value plus 1, then with the sales weight will add 1.5, and your profits will increase the point.

Five, on the activities

Shop full of 90 days can be on the day special activities, activities, how many visitors can be able to sell the number of pieces will determine your future 2 months whether the extraordinary breakthrough in their own shops.

The new store is actually no traffic composition, are step by step to do the flow up. Taobao support for the new store is that you have a free Wang Pu, a drill no later, the search flow so a little bit. Product is good, good reputation there is traffic, there is traffic there are sales.

Here Xiaobian suggested novice sellers: the first not to brush collection, the second not to brush the page views. These two points for the operation of the store and not much use, so do not effort in vain. (Source: Seller Information; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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