Actual combat: how to shop in 15 months to do the monthly turnover of 600,000

Since May 2017, Taobao weakened a number of indicators of weight, increasing the weight of many store indicators. Resulting in a significant decline in the flow of the shop, and now Taobao evaluation mechanism changes, so that the praise of the shop greatly reduced, the difference between the highlights, to enhance the DSR score more and more difficult, how to do it? Today to give you how to share In 15 days to do the monthly turnover of 600,000.

First, the layout - positioning

Since it is the style of the shop, then we must first be their own shop layout and vertical breakdown of the category

1, shop positioning

Shop positioning is a general category, we have to the customer's age, product style, consumption of the price to do a preliminary division of positioning.

These categories can be based on Taobao system recommended to: (age: 18 below, 18-24 years old, 25-29 years old, etc.) (style Korean, Europe and the United States, small fresh, Sen Department, Harajuku, etc.) (price according to different Taobao category also has a corresponding division), with particular attention to the point is that according to their own supply chain products to a reasonable positioning, do not take it for granted!

2, the vertical category under the breakdown

Above we are based on the crowd segmentation, then we are better in the category of further vertical subdivision, this advantage is that the shop can make the late people are very accurate, the product click rate, conversion rate , Package associated shopping guide rate has greatly improved (we are not often encountered this year, do not get the home of the explosion to get your shop shop like a lump of mud, click on the conversion are rotten, this is because the shop crowd problem)

for example:

Under the dress can be broken down [Floral dress, striped dress, etc.], floral dress can be subdivided into the following [big floral dress, small floral dress], large floral dress can also be subdivided under the [big floral dress Dress, big floral dress skirt, big floral dress skirt

Popular words: that is, customers want a floral dress dress, point into your home a product, may not like, but he saw you all this type of shop, then he has a great possibility You will choose your other products, because his original intention is to such a type of dress [over time for such a crowd more and more, your shop in Taobao positioning will be more and more prospective]. If your shop in the other products are stripes, then embarrassed, he looked at the glance, may be closed and left.

Second, the operating ideas [break the idea]

Good shop location and products, then we have to improve the layout of the whole store! Our layout is the positioning of a main push section, and then on some new money (that is, not the main push of the product), the first push the main Traffic to do it, lay the foundation of the foundation of the shop, according to the main section of the visitors to the crowd, to accelerate the fermentation of man-made, to guide the sub-zero to do sales, and then on the next stage of the main push products, non-stop cycle.

Stage purpose: let the shop burst the product burst more powerful, while driving the hidden high-quality baby, so that bad models automatically disappear, remove the shelf

The final form: a high-quality style big shop (popular unlimited growth guide order explosion)

PS: how to locate the main push

The main push must spend some time and time to choose a good, we can use the train to measure! But do not have to go through to the car, measured before the election, according to their own positioning style, to Taobao look under the sales High in line with your positioning products, are what kind of style, go pick!

Take a dress as an example: click rate is 1.5 times higher than the industry can be, about 4 - 4.5% can be, the number of collections and shopping cartings higher than 8%

Third, take the first step [products on the new]

For the first time on the new 10 baby, Taobao shallow requirements of 10 baby began to calculate the weight shop

1, after the first on the new, fixed every day on the new 1-3 products

2, after the new, we push the main push and non-main push to separate operation!

According to the individual's ability to resources can choose two kinds of operation

[Main push action]

1) the main push short-term build [on the shelf 0 days, a off the shelf cycle by 7 days]

Single volume: on the shelves that day can not operate, 2 single, 3 single, 9 single, 16 single, 25 single, 33,50 single

According to the core word + attribute word + attribute word format as a single key word format can be, the fifth day to join the simple core word fill

2) the main push section 2 weeks to build [on the shelf for 0 days, a off the shelf cycle by 7 days]

Single volume: the day of the shelves do not operate

The first week of chronic increase: 8 single [1,1,1,1,1,1,2]

The second week to increase the amount of single: 15 single [2,2,2,2,2,2,3]

Chronic operation of the visitor traffic will not be great, but 2 weeks down can also have a 2-3000 visitors, suitable for no small inventory of small sellers

Four: visitors to accelerate fermentation [when you have a large number of visitors when the product should pay a single]

This side is relatively simple, and give a fill formula can be filled by (UV is the meaning of visitors)

UV in the 50-100 when: every 50 UV fill a single

UV in the 100-300 time: every 100 UV fill a single

UV at 300-500 time: every 150 UV fill a single

UV at 500 or more time: every 200 UV fill a single

UV normal conversion to refer to the product of the real normal conversion rate

Five, fishing fans [how will not be a single customer fishing back to become their own members]

Concept: for the daily inquiry and not deal with the customer, the circle of powder to guide the public number of fans

How to do it? (Provided that the public number of binding client community marketing tools, open up WeChat Taobao data)

1, through Want Want to tell the customer, we have a fan welfare said

2, called the fans of the method there are two: a, only need to deal with a; b, concerned about our shop public

3, fan welfare is how one thing?

A: After paying attention to the public number, the public number has a polite sign, every day sign points, points can be redeemed coupons, in addition to introduce friends to buy goods can get commissions, friends can also enjoy the benefits.

4, to become our fans after the purchase of our goods, but also to participate in large turntable and other raffle activities, with the order after the transaction to the WeChat to receive a red envelope.

The core of this step:

Take the wind by the occasion - the traffic to do more - the more inquiry, the more members into the more post-transaction is also greater

1) brush a single convenient, reasonable, safe, official

2) half price shopping is equal to free brush single, good effect, high weight

3) new products can measure, praise and courtesy can improve the rate of praise and so on

Six: with the transaction shopping guide to become a fan to do repurchase

After the public number is bundled with the community marketing tool, you can try the courtesy of the customer, the new product, the buyer's show, the holiday marketing, the smart message, the custom label function.

The core of this step:

Homeopathy: the more normal to sell, the more members, the more powerful burst

Increase the viscosity of old customers, feedback Taobao old customer preferences, late free brush single, measuring and so on.

Seven, the cycle of growth - continue to copy

1, from the vice treasure to pick out the next stage of the main push section

1) observe the impact of a week (the greater the amount of traffic that the higher the degree of concern, click on the better)

2) observe the week's collection + plus rate (higher than the industry that product preferences)

3) observe the natural volume of the week (higher than the industry that strong product conversion)

2, if the first does not hold (no good money) then find out the new main push for recycling (refer to the traffic data)

3, regular interaction with fans every day

4, the monthly batch of gifts activities do not repeat, according to the season and demand to follow the new

5, to guide the fans from the shopping into a share, fission fans group (text / electricity Shang Wei Xian; Editor: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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