Seller Note: These 10 images will seriously affect the conversion

We all know that high-quality product images have a significant impact on the conversion rate. As a selling merchant, if you do not make pictures, it is certainly selling 'hopeless'.

So, when you upload some products, landing pages and other pictures before, be careful to observe which pictures will give you a negative impact on sales.

Next, I will tell you some 'improper' picture type.

One, the picture library to find the

Picture library to find the picture rarely have the desired effect. The customer has seen these flooded images on various messy websites before entering your store. This means that it will not have the brand's 'significance', more will not cause buying behavior. In addition, the picture looks very beautiful and amazing, but it will not have a big effect. Because the background is not behind you, so if you want to use such pictures, it is best to cut the modified.

Second, the picture is too small

The picture is part of the product description, the customer must be sure to browse the details before buying. Ideally, the size of each product's image should be scalable. Larger photos after enlargement will increase your sales.

Third, with a useless design of the picture

This kind of picture is, there are some meaningless and true use of the design, just simply to fill the picture space. This will distract the viewer's attention, ignoring the characteristics of the product you want to highlight.

You have to know that every design should be full of meaning, each pattern is meaningful, such as to highlight the product features or describe product details.

Fourth, poor quality

No matter how good it is to describe the product, if a photo is vague or cut improperly, do not use it. In this case, the text is better.

Fifth, repair plans failed

Repair the figure when the hand shaking a bit down, or size changes under the lead to the characters do not look so 'pleasing to the eye', you think: generally does not affect the 'beautiful', do not look carefully and do not see it The

Please, if there are lines slightly twisted a little bit, magnified view is a great impact!

Six, false staff

If your page must be put a 'manual service' character pictures, try to shoot real staff photos. As mentioned earlier, manual service photos are overused, many of these pictures are still associated with the product of the problem. In short, it is possible to convey some wrong information.

Seven, contains the contents of the picture

It is advisable to evaluate custom product images, especially when they contain character models.

Eight, over the prominent characters of the picture

Avoid pictures of people unnatural. The model stood in an uncomfortable environment, and the picture was easily thrown into the trash.

Nine, group of characters pictures

In some sites there will be a lot of customer groups in the image, in order to convey the joy of customers, resulting in 'product easy to use' this impression. But in fact, the number of too many, the picture lost focus, but can not convey anything.

In order to develop a personalized page, when you ask yourself to provide a customer with a request for your photo, you will find ... very few people do it!

10, loading slow images

The page load time plays an important role in the conversion, so every media element used on the page, including the image, must be taken into account for its load time. (Source: billion En network; text / Lei King)

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