Morocco International three crimes: product false propaganda and security risks suspected of pyramid selling

In the 'Consumer Report' survey found that the energy of the international suspected 'three sins': product violation false claims; potential security risks; 7 agent model suspected of pyramid schemes, Recruitment agent promises to send shunt only flicker.

Product false claims that the security risks, suspected of pyramid selling 'China's largest micro-business' Mogao International suspected 'three sins'!...

Micro-business has become a market, but the barbaric period of exposure to the problem is endless.

Recently, a ''the first big micro-business' Mogao international suspected pyramid schemes, 100,000 agents were cheated 10 billion' message, once again detonated micro-circle.

2017 at the end of May, a number of micro-agent complaints that the energy to take the 'MLM' model investment, to the country around the tour of brainwashing, lured hundreds of thousands of micro-white to join, cheated the amount from a few As few as hundreds of thousands, some micro-business and even so make people get dead.

At the same time, agents accused the international commitment to the 'drainage, diversion' and did not cash, and now caused the product backlog of funds difficult to recover, is still required to Morocco international refund, but the refund program has not yet settled.

And Mo Neng International has repeatedly made it clear that this is 'agents gang a premeditated, organized destruction activities.'

Is it right or wrong? 'Consumer reports' on the energy of the international product and its agent model launched an investigation and found that a short period of time from the wind and energy of the International At least suspected of 'three crimes.'

The first crime: 'efficacy', 'antibacterial effect' are illegal claims!

'100% safe, pure Chinese medicine extraction, no stimulation without side effects', 'target repair, direct agent to the wound', 'full-featured, detoxification, shrink Yin, anti-inflammatory solution' ... ...

This claim that the effect of such a 'magic' of the product, it is Mo's products 'stick girl antibacterial gel.' The product was launched in May 2015 and was upgraded in 2017. Official posters show that the new escalant girl can solve the dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, trichomonas vaginitis and other 13 kinds of gynecological diseases, 'symptomatic treatment, a stick to get.'

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