Analysis: 58 billion net red market survival law

[B] First Financial estimated net output value of 58 billion this year! Now, if you do not know what is 'net red' you OUT!

From Baidu search index, the 'net red' emerging from the beginning of this profession in 2012, by the end of 2015 riding a small video and live in the east began to break out. According to statistics, in August alone, 'net red' to discuss the amount of micro-blog over 1.1 million, 2576 related news, forum discussion 3661, have to say 'net red' reached an unprecedented popularity and attention, has become Hot job. You are ready to stir the 'net red' the job is full of curiosity, the next analysis will be from the entry, career planning, survival and promotion for you to explore in detail the 'net red' in this post.

'Net red' Baidu Index trend

August 'Net red' platform to discuss the situation

To the majority of 'net red' their small proposal

1. want to join, the ability to highlight, characteristic [/ span]

'Origin' is not important, is not a live anchor or self-timer beauty does not matter, but it is best to have other people can not copy the skills and housekeeping skills. After data analysis and research found that the current number of the most popular fire red network type, the class of hand in the number and market popularity are the highest. Would like to quickly 'host', it is better practice the skills of the first paragraph?

Net red positioning different types of fans are also different. Want to harvest female fans, you can go to the direction of emotional and color value; hope a lot of attention by male fans, the second element, gaming, sports will be a good choice.

3. Output quality is the survival guarantee [/ span]

Net red market iteration of talent, fierce competition, in order to gain a firm foothold, high-frequency output is a way, but only high-quality content to retain fans for a long time.

Rapid promotion should pay attention to many aspects of common progress [/ span]

First of all, the interaction between the major social platform and play volume to be relatively substantial; secondly, for fans, to enhance the popularity; third, do all we can to enhance exposure, visibility. Finally, the ability to make money is the most intuitive measure.

Seize the resources and opportunities to expand the value of self - realization [/ span]

Grasp their own rise, and the brand to seek cooperation and win - win situation;

According to their own style features design content, hit the fans and consumers point of interest;

Depth insight into the crowd, identify the target customers, effective business transformation. (Source: number of shares that matter)