Analysis: how to develop the right network marketing red?

Research papers Download News: Red network marketing has gradually become a new marketing strategy. Although this marketing tool commonly used in professional brand activities, but many do not realize it is that marketing professionals, in cooperation with the network of red can actually help them achieve their performance targets.

We are talking about red network economy, then how to carry out the appropriate red network marketing activities?

A product marketing team through campaigns such social channels to achieve real user involvement, and enhance the downloads of mobile applications, enrollment, subscriptions, and the number of transactions. Decide when and in what form cooperation with these red network really is not an easy thing, this article lists several key indicators to help marketers to build a successful campaign.

Seek subscribers and scale

Red is often the most valuable net accumulation of millions of users attention. For example there are over 40 million players PewDiePie the amount of fans. A social network activities may bring red clicks or downloads, ranking only apply effects to bring traditional campaign can be compared. However, the traditional campaign cost is quite high, of course, this also depends on the market to some extent.

Rankings and application exposure

In most cases, advertisers often use incentives ads, or other forms of low-quality low-value media to balance the costs. But few people any kind of independent value of the product will be attributed to traditional advertising campaign paid the installation, often only natural that the installation can bring value.

Interestingly, the effect of social network activity generated by the red and the same traditional campaign. Network Reds can within a limited time through the live broadcast, or other similar forms of consumer influence within the target range, in most cases, this can reduce the traditional campaign about half the cost.

In addition, the added value of this network marketing campaign to bring the red - specifically refers to the brand benefits - benefits far exceed any top ranking produced by a separate download. Here we see not only increase site traffic or page thumbs amount, etc., more various user self-generated content: a large-scale (small-scale) online community, social pages, fan paste it, video, and forums, all of which are derived from high affinity and valuable customer base.

Quality and user life cycle

Active users download and install an application that is usually higher than the value paid to install 2 - A 3 times. Red network marketing, mainly through community leaders to understand the user's content preferences advertisement, which is a trustworthy, the authoritative source of information. Thus, the observed data shows that red network capable of directly or indirectly lifetime value (LTV) customers to upgrade by downloads, and web marketing brings LTV red than other platforms or media channels generated much higher.

ROI and select partners

We are talking about red network economy, then how to carry out the appropriate red network marketing activities?

glispa network red social networking platform VOLTU interface screenshots

In view of the above, not difficult to find the correct choice of target red influential network to serve advertising business cooperation, to effectively bring considerable returns for advertisers, but from the point of view, the real net red influence and transformation force is not particularly clear. There are many red network docking platform, regulatory agencies on the market today, or platform solutions can help detect put in effect, and 90% of all media to cooperate with these channels. But in this case, if the advertiser desires to acquire high LTV users within acceptable costs, the initial cost of entry and the platform to the payment model will make this valuable original campaigns become less viable.

CPI, CPR assessment indicators this effect can also be applied to network marketing in red. A majority of solutions available today obvious 'misleading' in that there is little effect on paid social campaigns tend to reduce this KPI indicators. In other words, they will use a very high CPI, CPR and minimum consumption guarantee to resist risks. On the other hand, an unreasonable 'net red' screening process will lead to reduce the number of users and quality. We have thousands, even millions of fans is not equivalent to a valuable network of red, nor can absolutely associated with the user.

Geographic and market choice

We are talking about red network economy, then how to carry out the appropriate red network marketing activities?

glispa network red social networking platform VOLTU interface screenshots

First, carefully consider market. If the results are good or bad depends largely on the cooperation ads, logically, at the crucial second and third tier markets may be more successful, such as the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States or the former Soviet republics) or Latin America. Because of lower cost, so the risk involved for the first time the effect of network marketing red lower. Similarly, the market-oriented contrary, social networks red activities mainly by regional language divide, we should take advantage of this right. If the content of a publication due mainly to the Spanish, then he / she will not only have a large number of fans in Mexico in the Mexican net red, may also extend to Latin America, and even Spain (line area).

Select Media Platform

Select media platforms equally important. They ask, whether active in Twitter and YouTube web red will produce the same exposure? By initially live or upload a video, YouTube content to ensure a certain exposure in the relevant users. In contrast, a tweet on Twitter because of its inherent property restrictions, and lower participation of text and image formats, significantly less than the amount of information, not enough to attract users, and will soon be a message from a user page disappears. The reason, Twitter can not provide ongoing valuable information, and the initial effects of exposure can not be defined. In fact, Twitter is the best value zoom tool, but it is definitely not the main focus of advertising platform.

If you are Nike, with a multi-million dollar budget brand, with the top ten most popular on Twitter NBA player to launch a social media campaign, then the result is completely different. The fact is, very few advertisers have the resources and the status of this and other enviable.

For other non-brand advertisers, you can refer to this point of view, at the same time have a strong cooperation with the relevant expertise and success stories of partners, would be helpful. The net effect-oriented activities for the red market access strategy is critical, you can discover and determine user engagement and even trading volume or revenue outcomes in these strategies. (Source: da da compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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