Analysis: A frozen out points, points A cool points where the crux of the answer?

Research papers Download News: at 14:00 on August 10 and more, an Internet start-up companies who routinely visit the company's head of operations division A account, he was prompted to 'technical upgrades, temporarily inaccessible', he was the first to realize points a abnormal number of users, 'my first reaction was a server problem.' he said the tiger sniffing so.

A division of the upgrade to stop taking some sudden and lengthy. The same day around 11:00, the operations team also by the heat of the Olympic Games, pushing the one person assigned to the message. After three hours, minutes A. began shutting down the return date unknown: all channels (micro-channel, client, Web) can not log in; all functions (discussions, listen, find someone) in the blank. As of this writing (August 17 morning), sub-A has not yet returned to normal, at which point it has been shut down for a week.

Have a product manager in the relevant topics will be hot tiger sniffing the incident described as 'self-destructive upgrade', 'How to upgrade the product will get rid of their products', '99% of homicide.' He killed a lot of speculation : kill micro envelope, tax issues, malicious attacks and regulatory ......

For these speculations, points are denied an official answer, 'technology is still upgrading, we stay tuned,' and a prompt to replace the three degrees, the latest version is 'THE BEST IS YET TO COME' (the best is yet to come) .

Ok. If it is out of service it abnormalities, there are people concerned about the new feature points answer it? not necessarily. A minute stop taking three days after another media began to report that Baidu index from a peak of 23,000 all the way down 7 August 1084.

This article points A temporary shut down do not dig the truth, but to the public through this event in hindsight, to explore whether the smash hit A partial model has come to an end? What are the crux of the problem is? Will how to solve?


More than a month before the conference is divided answer watershed.

June 27, 42 days on-line division A first conference was held, Nutshell network founder and CEO Ji thirteen announced a series of figures: 10 million users to participate, more than 1 million users to pay for the content, resulting in 500 000 Article content Q, the transaction amount exceeds 18 million, and announced 25 million dollars in points a financing two weeks ago, the valuation of more than one hundred million dollars.

However carnival figures did not last long.

There are active on condition of anonymity told A main olfactory tiger, after the conference points A churn significantly.

'In my case, there are questions about the conference before the 20 day average, the same day, because there is one yuan quiz activities, the number of questions to the peak is 200, but a month later, the basic question is zero.'

A. The main income of the sub A total of nearly 7,000 yuan, in the sub-A 100 000 A master came in less than 200.

He believes that the loss of another user basis from July 17 beginning in answer to a 'robot brush volume.' Specifically, a similar microblogging zombie powder, machine to answer the main question, eavesdrop. 'After that day, there will be a daily fixed income 1.5 yuan or 1.8 yuan, which is abnormal.'

A plurality of main the tiger sniffing confirmed this view, there is also the main answer is that this points to retain their answer a disguised subsidy.

For drop data, aspects, points A not avoid its stakeholders on the tiger sniffing said, 'We recognize, of course, and the peak time, no matter the amount of subscriber growth or activity is not compare.' 'A minute of this model there is definitely a long process of accumulation, the initial blowout is not rational, and now it is a reasonable position for a count of product development time only three months, should not we do better than anyone the. '

But the decline in the number of data, fell to a what extent this information is difficult to judge.

'After the conference, they basically fall cliff-style, over half had dropped down a few days half days.' There are competitors who vehemently describe the data of the sub-answer, 'there is a sign can be seen, points A recent push a lot of free features, such as the fold all the problems have become free limit, indicating that no one would be willing to pay for one minute, even a dollar, I really think this thing is of no value, we ourselves do know. 'he said so to the olfactory tiger.

However, they point A to emphasize aspects of olfactory tiger, the current number of users and transaction volume data such as still very good, getting better retained.

Big Data research team supersymmetric to provide an olfactory tiger sub A test report.

The statistics report the number of users from May 12 to August 3 (including measured time), sub-answer, question number, income, number of new users, repeat the question, answer the main income data, the full report is long, extremely detailed data, where the tiger sniffing extract key information points, for reference. (Tiger sniffing Note: To verify the authenticity of the data, the tiger sniffing the individual data points A to pick out confirmation, indicates that the data points A tiger is not true but the main olfactory turn several A revenue extraction, respectively its confirmation obtained. reply is very accurate.)

The figure presents the points A May 12 to August 3 (including measured time), the number of questions answered in the (red), asked the number of (blue) question and answer question number (green) trend

The figure presents the points A June 1 to August 3, its revenue (blue), the number of new (red) users, the number of eavesdropping (green) trend

The number of questions from the point of view of this report, has experienced ups and downs after June, starting from July, points A, the number of people to answer questions, answered a few question generally stable, but decreased slowly. Although revenue and eavesdropping frequency fluctuations, but the difference compared with the second half of June is not obvious.

Specifically, the May 30 to June 3 is the peak, average daily volume reached 14,000 issues, key nodes of the time that the May 30 Sicong settled. After June 13, the index fell, after June 18, the average daily amount of the issue in 7000. June 27 conference, the data have a minor upgrade, then stabilized, but the overall downward trend, until August 1 Question number below 2,000.

Income (GMV) peak in the June 2, the day of generating revenue 541,269 yuan, the number of new users peaked at June 1, new users 776 458 people the same day, the next day fell to 374,627.6 issued on 27 January It will not cause new users to enhance, but in the July 3 to 6, the number of new users to usher in a small increase, the four days of data between 100000-110000. Enter fell significantly in August to August 1 to 18,706 new users, on the 2nd of 14018, Aug. 3 fell below 10,000.

According to supersymmetry provide data show that since the points A on the line, the current total of 612 million registered users who ask questions of the cumulative number of 20 million people, accounting for 3.3%, the cumulative number of people to answer questions for the 9.2 million people, a total steal listen number 6,730,000 times, and large V (supersymmetry will be distributed at points a certified or recommended over A. a primary statistics for the big V) answered eavesdropping accounting for up to 90%, generating a total of trading income 12 million yuan.

Tiger olfactory Again, the above data only reference.

The crux: Hing 'Big V', also dropped the 'big V'

Back to the time two months ago. 'I ask as the son of Asia's richest man, and your life is what can not afford?' 'Do you like what Papa Pa posture?' Some Issues Sicong, the data directly from the sub A rush of history peak. No doubt, the answer is initially divided by a large V who point burst.

A powerful points early in that energy over a longer period of time and continuously operating a new topic point, only the object of consumption transferred from Sicong to Tong Dawei, Muzi Mei and other star networks red body.

Music fans based on efficiency and economy, beginning in June, more like a sub-A will become a light to provide light entertainment quiz social communities to social-based, supplemented by knowledge answered. After all, compared to the long and tangled realized knowledge, social and recreational areas are more explosive.

But at the press conference the end of June, Ji thirteen adamant, saying that knowledge still do cash only 'minute to do is answer the knowledge economy + fans on the economy, we have to make a firm knowledge economy, we must reinforce inalienable going to have fans, it does not completely contradictory. '

In July of a public event, his attitude more clearly, 'minute answer is the core of the various areas of professionals to provide you a wide range of help and advice.' It also answers the detonation red when a controversial issue: in addition to this fun, new product forms and mechanisms, sub answer what sustainable, stable value is expected to be able to provide the eavesdropper Yes.

Knowledge realizable way such that points A have to face two problems: Fans at the threshold, expertise threshold, ordinary users how to participate in the answer; whether the listener will be 60 seconds, knowledge / experience (rather than entertainment gossip privacy) pay?

This leads to two questions after pulling points A new, user retention is difficult to do.

1. A master of the ordinary for: high barriers to participation

In the above report, the supersymmetric amount of eavesdropping the statistics, the amount of eavesdropping from the big V issue is 6,076,328, accounting for 90.28% of the amount of eavesdropping. Revenue from Big V was 10.15 million, 84.56% of total revenue.

This means that points A big V driver, ordinary users to participate in the high threshold. A master has told Tiger Oh, even authenticated users, if not recommended or bring their own fans, but also difficult questions.

2, the listener is: Who will pay for 60 seconds duration?

A sub convey three types of information: knowledge, experience and attitude.

60 seconds voice too short to carry complex knowledge. The stronger demand for the scarce experience, unless there is exclusive content, it will be very easy to find free alternatives, such as know almost. Attitude, the attitude of people in general little attention, except for the big V.

Well, if so dependent on active points A big V, hypothesized that this speech pattern and charge Q indeed viable, with most big V resources Weibo turned to replicate a voice paid product, or in such a micro-Bo Lijia small function?

A bottleneck points facing is obvious.

To avoid just 'phenomenal', will answer what has been done

In order to retain users, points A made two attempts.

Listening to the end, we have always insisted on the points A payment model to do a little compromise. July plurality of free on-line features, such as free questioning, listening to friends 6 hours free, quiz APP fold problem limited free listening.

On the threshold of participation, sub A stop taking before the last increase in the 'discussion' function of an upgrade, this feature directly overcome the threshold, anyone can participate in the discussion.

A division of the 'discussion' is a big topic around users to express their opinions and views, this is a bit like know almost, but from the text version into the audio version. After three classes in its report entitled 'memes go from here? A division of 'after the move' was finally revealed? 'The article will discuss the function described as points A to user slowly for' stable value expected 'place. A reason to divide its so important for three reasons:

First, in the 'discussion' and no longer have to answer the big V and produce content, but all users can discuss issues answered.

Second, in the discussion section, users listen to big coffee answer is 'free'.

Plus everyone answered functional logic, will also have the possibility of comparing ideas, the user will have every reason to remain in the products.

Third, from the beginning of this function, the operator points A may be changed from 'people-centered' to 'topic-centric' from the 'coffee consumption' to 'consumer topics.'

The biggest difference between the two lies: Music will not necessarily continue to be consumed, but always subject to update. User consumer enthusiasm for the star may subside, but the user's desire for a fresh topic never fade away. And, compared to their star big coffee, 'topic' for the purposes of sub-A official will obviously be more controllable.

However, from the beginning of July 1st test run, 'discussion' performance is not stable. In a total of over 27 discussion, the majority of the number of participants at 200, in the July 20 explosion exerted a paragraph entitled: 'If life only last 60 seconds, you want to say something to the world What? 'respondents have 8380 people have heard 179796.

Ji thirteen which do not seem, at a public event in mid-July, he said: 'A division has just begun, just a very simple prototype we see today.' The implication, points will answer there are big changes.

A minute later it will evolve in which direction? Ji thirteen had mentioned three principles: people-centered, to do business, to achieve knowledge realized.

From now, the choke points A big move is most likely with the line, the two products squeak open up to form a knowledge service platform to achieve joint development.

A statement given in accordance with sub-user can do both points A 2-minute exchange (1 minute + 1 minute ask questions) to be carried out for 15 minutes voice calls 'squeak', and also on the line for 1 hour interview. 'We have full coverage on the product to.'

But a row senior experts do not agree, in its view points A and get through the line, the aim will be divided into A user guide to the row, improving to pay for knowledge. 'This points A one-minute speech with a line of self-introduction and introduction course there is no difference, but the difference between it forms', 'If 60 seconds can improve my reservation rate, that I write a little copy can also be.'


A division in the hottest time, someone asked Ji thirteen: A hypothesis points may fail if you think of what would be the reason for the failure?

Ji thirteen did not directly answer, but said: 'You must first define what is failure, if you say this product a few years no one used, I think it must be inevitable, because the change in user behavior, a product over the entire three years people always used, it is impossible. '(source: thinking network compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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