Analysis: accurate cuts from P & G to serve social ads to see weakness

Research papers Download News: Recently, there were reports that the world's largest advertisers, Procter & Gamble plans to reduce on Facebook 'accurate delivery,' the amount of advertising, because the trafficking is not obvious. After this news, Facebook shares fell. Why is there such a thing happen? Worthy of further analysis.

First, P & G cuts 'accurate delivery' shock ads cited

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the world's largest advertisers, Procter & Gamble plans to reduce on Facebook 'accurate delivery,' the amount of advertising, because the trafficking is not obvious.

This news came out, shaking is quite small. The first is Facebook's shares fell, followed by the major industry began to observe ponder the reasons behind, and then decide how to deal with the next step 'accurate delivery' on social media advertising.

Fortunately, P & G did not reduce the overall Facebook advertising budget. In the last fiscal year ended in June this year, the P & G global advertising spending to reach $ 720 million this year, it plans to increase by 5%. P & G said it will not cut spending on Facebook ads, but will adjust the precise proportion of advertising, while simultaneously increasing the cost of digital advertising platforms and traditional platforms.

This from a side show, digital marketing or direction of the new media marketing is not wrong, but the 'precise delivery,' the ad is a certain degree of the problem, which led to a P & G class enterprises have the effect of skeptical.

Second, the 'accurate delivery' Where is the crux of the ad?

After all, P & G a class of large enterprises attitude towards social media advertising has a certain demonstration effect, we must thoroughly investigate the cause of the main reasons behind this situation.

In response, some industry commentators do not fly. Some people say that Facebook like social media advertising rates high precision, and the more accurate the higher; some say Facebook precise delivery of the algorithm is not in place, put a lot of irrelevant information pushed to users.

In fact, think about it, this kind of problem microblogging, letter, Do not? Twitter, Youtube was not there? Instagram and Snapchat was not there?

In fact, this is a common problem of the existence of social media platforms. I specifically discussed in 'smart marketing' a book on social media advertising in the precise problem did. The reason is mainly the following aspects:

First, the delivery platform is usually afraid to make accurate advertising and customer sales results hooks. Among these, in addition to the platform side is often more powerful, but also because of poor sales customer depends on many factors, which does not exclude ads corresponding product price is not high, poor quality, poor reputation, the user registration process trouble, purchase complicated process, after-sales service is not in place and other reasons.

Second, there is a considerable degree of contradiction accurate advertising assessment index system. Obviously social media platforms claiming higher advertising precise delivery accuracy, better, ads can be pushed to the people most in need. However, due to the 'one' mentioned, plus the need to face the user, often the assessment is not advertising sales, and became advertising exposure (eg CPM) and the number of revolutions of the commentary or the number of points like (such as CPE ). Then came the contradiction, if accurate advertising fees to CPM and CPE-based, then the platform side can not be very strict selection is adapted to receive advertising users.

Third, accurate delivery of precise user advertising behind inadequate screening policy exists. Limited technical level for some platforms, the so-called big data users precise screening, screening techniques and rules of their use are more or less the existence of a problem, should not be pushed so that push information to the user about the poor user experience, 'precision' is the word to talk, your performance is out of the question.

Third, corporate and social platform solutions chronic joint efforts

Needless to say, resulting in P & G's business class abatement on Facebook a social media class 'accurate delivery' number of ads situation, social media platforms Facebook party hard resign their duties.

At least, in terms of precise scientific technology users to filter and screening rules, the primary responsibility for social media platforms square, shouting big data and precise simultaneous promotion, must continue to improve their ability.

At the same time, accurate advertising evaluation system issues the initiative should be party social media platforms, enterprises are relatively passive. To accurate advertising to sustainably healthy development, must take the initiative to advertise accurate assessment index adjustment and upgrade the social media platform party. Otherwise, the demonstration effect of Procter & Gamble, the defection of the companies will likely start to appear.

Of course, the enterprise itself nor can all treasure bet are accurate advertising it, and forget about their products and services itself. Product speaks for itself, companies must make great efforts to launch unique, good quality, good reputation and prices for different grades of users, and must make great efforts to do a good job simplifying registration, easy to buy, improve after-sales service and other aspects of the work.

Only companies of excellent products and services in place, and then with the future continue to improve precision put advertising, it may achieve better sales results.

Many of the world happening, not unilateral. Only in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the crux of the problem can be found, to find a way to solve problems.

Last reminder: these problems not just for Procter & Gamble and Facebook, also related to many domestic enterprises, as well as microblogging, micro letter, QQ space and network video and other types of social media platforms, you know ...... (Source: New Media creative marketing; text / Displaying Harbor)

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