Big shot, this session of the Olympic marketing social interaction mean little

As the world's focus on the sporting event, the Olympic Games every four years, is a four-year cycle of major brand marketing, the promotion of the best prime-time, starting from the attention, visibility, point of view, the Olympics has an unparalleled advantage. For this reason, the Rio Olympic Games has become a good opportunity for global scientific giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and other brands occasion to marketing, one hundred million 'marketing war' With the opening of the Olympic Games has begun.

Olympic Games to BAT, led by Chinese Internet companies also focused its attention on social interactive marketing, and each carry out the relevant layout designed by the mass participation event for precision marketing. It is worth mentioning that the Rio Olympic Games for the first time provides a virtual reality broadcast signal on the pace of development of technology and hardware, VR is experiencing an explosive period, but also to become a truly VR this year. In addition, the global flagship brand electronic products, have also let the Olympic Games become not the same as a 'black technology' show, these interesting new technologies and new products, so that science and technology + Sport presents more charming colors , outside the Olympic stadium and a track, giants in this contested, leading the new direction of the global technology industry.

This is the next refresh people 'vision' of the High-tech Olympics.

Modern Olympic long been not just competitive sports arena, but also a contest of science and technology, the current Olympic Games in Rio, the unusually hot VR technology was first boarded the broadcast arena.

In March this year, the Olympic broadcast services (OBS) to confirm that the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil will use the VR virtual reality technology to broadcast. This, in addition to the use of virtual reality technology OBS broadcast the opening, closing ceremonies outside, will choose a race day be broadcast VR screen, users can watch real-time VR in addition to broadcast, but also download OBS provide relevant non-virtual reality video game time Watch. Olympic Games host broadcaster Olympic Broadcasting Services also stressed that these will not just live by VR VR head was presented in a way, PC-side rendering will become terminal.

In fact, VR appear at Rio Olympics site is not surprising, as the surge in VR devices, advertisers, media interested in the technology, many domestic variety shows, and even the national football competition has started to provide signal VR, VR marketing case also into a double trend.

VR + broadcast: more energetic race viewing experience

Whether it is intelligent wearable device, a wireless communication device or smart gaming devices, VR technologies are slowly infiltrate, becoming one of the giants of today's technology flagship core technology. Samsung, Sony, HTC and other well-known companies as cross-border play VR technology pioneer, has begun in technology and product level dominate the market.

Since 1998 it has become the top Olympic sponsors Samsung Electronics, was in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games launched the first 3G network support customized mobile phones, the 2012 London Olympics, Galaxy S3 also will be popular around the world. And this was about the Olympic Games, Samsung's marketing mix to create his own brand, launched a customized version of the Olympic Games in Rio S7 edge.

Not only that, Samsung is using boldly 'please' the way athletes in the Olympic Games will send a total of 12,500 units S7 edge mobile phones to athletes. Imagine when reporters to capture the players were all using the self-timer Samsung S7 edge of the screen, it is definitely a good ad.

In addition to mobile phones, Samsung tall on a variety of science and technology is bound to pull Rio to show a show, it is understood, the whole show ecosystem also encompasses the head of Samsung's Gear VR display equipment, Gear 360 Gear IconX panoramic camera and motion tracking Bluetooth headset and other products. And one of the most interesting killer, Samsung effort than long-VR technologies.

From the opening to the closing ceremony, including men's basketball, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, boxing, diving and sports, including fencing, Samsung and NBC will provide a total duration of 85 hours of VR live, on-demand content together.

'Samsung Electronics early test of virtual reality technology has a certain sense, this allows the company to stay ahead of the field.' Morningstar analyst Dan Baker said, 'ahead of the technology curve, it is possible to obtain better returns and profits rate.'

Overall, VR was highly representative of the head of the device in the current market has long been varied. However, to get VR technology is more full of vitality, rich content is a key step in VR to the mass market. While the world's attention on this Olympic event, join sports content that no doubt can accelerate the popularity and exposure VR equipment.

Goldman Sachs report released at the beginning, as PC and smart phones, VR will soon from science fiction to spread, thereby subverting many industrial markets, reshaping consumer behavior, and predict the possible subversion of nine areas in which it including sports games live.

Interactive + Social: cool sports participation

Watch for changes in the way, and changes in brand marketing from the current Olympic Games, with the mobile Internet in the last four years, there is a certain relationship between the fundamental impact of Internet users habits right. According to China Internet Network Information Center statistics, as of the end of last year, Chinese netizens up to 688 million people, half of Chinese people have access to the Internet, the Internet has rewritten the way people live.

Internet analyst Wang Liyang, told reporters that with the rapid development of the Internet, the signal transmission means increasingly rich, people increasingly high dependence on the network. In this context, the development of sports programs from the network bandwidth is insufficient, live text, enter the network video broadband development stage, has thus led to the rise of a number of video sites. The moment, with the rapid development of communication technology and service concept of innovation, audience-centered mode of transmission is becoming mainstream.

On the other hand, with the development of VR technology and the growing popularity of sports programs will likely usher in the next VR broadcast era. Webcast, virtual reality VR and AR augmented reality viewing angle, as well as interactive TV will become the mainstream way of viewing sports. Users can immerse to broadcast live by VR technology, can instantly 'through' across the screen, up close interaction with the anchor.

It is understood that this year left 17 days from the opening of the Olympic Games when the CCTV began distribution of new media rights, Tencent layout of the resources in the Rio Olympic Games can be described well prepared, the first to allow the industry to start to get the envy of exclusive resources, and a series of 'social Olympics', a 'social + technology' to define the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Tencent has a strong competitive advantage in the social, the Olympic Games to 'social' as the entry point, use the hottest webcast, virtual reality VR technology, can greatly Fengeng natural market. Even Facebook has 20 billion acquisition of VR-known manufacturers Oculus VR, virtual reality and the establishment of a social group, aims to create social integration + VR experience. Now it seems that the 'big fish' swim to the VR this piece of blue ocean has become a trend, and getting worse.

Alibaba in the 'Olympic battle' is used in the form of captured Union market, together Baidu, Youku Tudou, Sina Weibo and sports, forming the Olympic rings array of marketing, encompassing core inventory in Brazil during the Olympic Games. Alibaba's Tmall Representative shopping platform, microblogging on behalf of the social platform, Baidu representatives search platform, Sina Sports on behalf of portal platform, Youku potatoes represents a video platform, five platforms work together to build a new Olympic marketing eco-electricity supplier + Search + video + social + information, which will form a new closed loop media, create business models for sustainable development.

Internet + Sport: broader market space

Since 2014, the sports industry in the beginning of a sea change, 'File 46' (referring to the State Council issued on accelerating the development of sports industry No. 46 document, which the sports industry rises to 'national strategy') like a bolt of lightning scratched the whole sky sports industry, many large companies and capital giants growing emphasis on the sports industry, have in this area layouts. Participation of good policy, Internet giant, and promote the fiery situation big entertainment industry.

Publicly available data show that by 2025, 27 provincial planning proposed sports industry targets the total size of over 7 trillion yuan, which has a number of sporting goods manufacturing enterprises in Fujian Province put forward and strive to reach 1 trillion yuan.

In fact, this year, many began to layout sports giants, the momentum of the most fierce than music as sports, eight billion yuan 'price' of the B round of financing, co-won the super exclusive new media rights, music, as the sports program and the VR 360 is introduced into the panorama future live in a number of competitions.

Recently, four consecutive seasons broadcast Premiership music as sports, said in the season officially open the whole mass media era Premiership, live instruments will also be fully upgraded, nine games signals the same screen playback technology will be used by the Premier League in the new season Air.

In addition, the capital from various quarters in the sports industry has already begun hunting pace. As the Chinese Cultural Industry Fund jointly with CITIC Capital shares English Premier League club Manchester City Football Club Group parent company, Alibaba won the FIFA Club World Cup naming rights, more Suning Suning's Sports Industry Group for 270 million euros of the total price, the acquisition of Italy Inter Milan 70% of club shares.

Investment Adviser Industry Research Center report shows that in 2014 the total size of China's sports industry 1.3574 trillion yuan in 2015 basic sports industry added value of 400 billion yuan, more than 1.76 trillion yuan, accounting for 0.7 per cent of GDP. By 2020, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 3 trillion yuan, industrial added value in Sport GDP ratio will reach 1%; 2025 will achieve policy objectives 5 trillion yuan, the annual compound growth rate 10% to 20%.

However, despite the development of sports industry a huge space, especially in a public Internet company with many involved in the capital, China's sports industry in recent years seem crowded, but the domestic sports industry to usher in an unprecedented outbreak, the timing is too early.

Music, as the sword Sports CEO Lei had said in an interview, also said that sports content may be 70% to 80% or TV broadcast mode. In the Olympic Games, for example, although the various video sites, broadcast and other mobile platforms off a larger heat waves, but in the total live events market, the traditional TV media still occupy a high share. Internet company's advantage in the process end users to the Internet from the TV multi-screen end conversion there are many challenges, which requires Internet companies or platform to do more to transform from a product perspective.

Therefore, Internet + sports industry also needs to cultivate a long period of time will it be possible to usher in a real outbreak. (Source: Titanium Media)

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