Taobao marketing tool red shop for use publicity

To maintain 'Taobao marketing campaign' normal operation order to protect the 'Taobao marketing campaign' legitimate interests of its members, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 'Taobao platform services agreement', 'Taobao rules', Taobao will add 'Taobao marketing tool.' shop red envelope 'instructions for use.'

This specification public notice on August 16, 2016, will come into effect August 23, 2016.

The main new is as follows:

1, the new shop red definitions, scope of application, receive mode, red envelope settings instructions;

2, a clear red shop Details in respect of the refund.

New specific contents are as follows:


First, how to set up shop red

Event registration process can be set as follows:

Red envelope red envelope denominations Settings page can only be set, the other is the default option.

Second, according to the form set by the seller received the following form:

1, following a store page:

2, shop Activity Center page: When buyers browse the shop's activities, you can see the shop and receive a red envelope.

3, product details page: When buyers see the products details page, they will shop red envelopes 'to receive' message appears.

4 Shopping Cart: buyers can see the shop and receive a red envelope in your shopping cart.

5. Favorites: buyers can see the clip store and receive a red envelope in his collection.

6, my Taobao: In the 'discount card coupons' module, will showcase store buyers to receive a red envelope.

If there are other recent announcements, the new rules, change the information appears, will be the first release out! (Comes with: walk away net)


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