Combat: these four errors or low conversion rate electricity supplier website

Hugo net from foreign media recently reported that the learned, the electricity supplier website, if these minor errors may be low conversion rate, leading to loss of profits, so the sellers, and quickly look at that they have not committed these Errors Now .

Error 1: Do not use filters or improper use

For example, when consumers buy a dog collar, usually in the hearts already buy the products have a certain indicators, such as price, size, color, material and so on. Not all collars are the same, consumers may want to buy a small chihuahua collar, and want to buy a big Great Dane dog collars, consumers have a certain budget.

Counterexample pet supplies shopping site On the site, consumers can not under 'Collars & Harnesses (with collars and chest)' category, continue to reduce the scope of the search, because then there is no subdivision, and no filters to distinguish between different collar and chest strap listing.

When consumers buy products, in order to find the cheapest option, you have to browse page by page capacity, or in the end will find no leather collar on the site. But also can not filter size, even in the product description page no size information. Seller To avoid such problems, because consumers are generally reluctant to risk buying a product may not be appropriate.

If there is no filter, it is difficult to find a consumer to buy the product, so they may not continue to browse the site, but directly to the purchase elsewhere.

Error 2: Shopping too heavy cumbersome

Shopping process more cumbersome, consumers are less likely to buy the product. Visitors generally do not want to register an account, you do not want to give credit card number, do not want to join the cart or purchase process is very cumbersome, they simply want to buy a single underground.

There are counter-examples jewelry shopping website Padani, in no way consumers purchase products directly on the site, can only request a quote, then the retailer will then contact you.

Many consumers did not want to be bothered account manager or salesperson sounds terrible, they might be able to buy directly to the shop to purchase the product.

GoCardless shopping sites also have similar problems, consumers want to get product information, it is necessary to submit your own phone number. When the product information site will be replaced with the video display, a 139% conversion rate.

On the other hand, Padani in the shopping process has the advantage. Consumers can request a quote of the product catalog pages, not just a single product. If consumers want to move your mouse over the image to buy the product, there will be a purchase option, which can speed up the buying process.

Another advantage Padani site is, when consumers request a quote does not require registration, which unlike other electric providers website.

Error 3: The show does not sell products

Please show indeed sell products, but also show that consumers should not get less than the product, for example, on Padani website, you can see some photos of products, but consumers can not find on the site on the photo product.

Padani may think that this can beautify the page, but did not realize that people can click on the picture to see the product. Sellers can to find this type of product through usability testing.

Error 4: category name fuzzy match

In Shopdog Boutique, for example, if consumers are just looking for a dog tied to a belt, it seems that 'Collars & Harnesses' This category is closest, but consumers in this category under the dog tied to a belt can not find, can not even find the belt-related category.

That tied the dog's belt Where? In fact, it is in 'On-The-Go' in this category, unless it is to build their own websites, very few people would have thought otherwise in this category, because it is not obvious. Once consumers find where the category leashes, also will understand the reasons for it go in the category because the category also includes: chest strap, LED lighting and other dog products, not just tied to a leash.

Moreover, such labels make it difficult for consumers to find the products they want, because the problem is the other category is the type of product to points, instead of using scenes.

However, with the use of scenarios to points it is an effective way to navigate, can well promote product sales, increase by bundling orders. In addition to 'On The Go' in this category, there are a series of dog bath products placed under the 'bathtime' category, baby supplies on the site as well as story books, teddy bears and cribs accessories and other products on the 'bedtime' category under.

Padani also made a vague category names matching error. The site under 'Gifts-For Her' category, there are birthdays, wedding and other occasions recruitment products, but apart from a small number of products, most of the product is suitable for the occasion categories very unclear, consumers will doubt the quality is not the page appears error. If you are using a gift for special occasions, then it should be clear occasions.

Worse, some products suitable for special occasions, even those not attributable to the occasion category, for example, on the site of many engagement ring or not in the case of marriage under the category, even though some are more suitable for these occasions.

to sum up

Power's Web site in order to improve the conversion rate, do not want to make it difficult for consumers to find the products, or difficult to buy the desired product. The seller on the consumer's point of view, to consider the issue of consumers are looking for products that may be encountered in the process, and to solve these problems, so as to increase website conversion rate. (Source: Hugo Network)

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