Combat: Shop labels quickly create accurate delivery of the through train skills

Hello everyone, I am a crow, originally intended to give you one week to share an article, and the more drag. Let everybody waiting, there have been a lot of people ask me what is the tag store? Where the View tab? In the school on behalf of God, there are many large shops share posted messages on the label, but there are still many small players do not know what the store label. Here I come to you in detail at the store tag parsing.

1, the concept store label

2, the label classification

3, how to obtain the label

4, train quick access to play tag

5, sum

First, in terms of what is under the label, the label is accurate crowd, thousands of thousand faces we all know, thousands of thousand faces of a system that will give each buyer is marked with a label to each product and shops are also marked with the label, you the product labels and tags to match buyers and high priority will showcase your products in front of buyers. Here students have to ask, is not the store I get accurate label of my search traffic is not soon soared up. The theory is right, but the reality is cruel, this is actually to do with the title optimization, optimization time frame up and down, like you're doing optimization, others are doing, so many Taobao sellers, who then let priority impressions? Taobao or sell the same good front. Well understood, when the buyer labels and product labels match, the right product on the higher weight. This is also a lot of low sales rankings instead of better reasons.

Here comes Buyer labels and store label, then both what to do with it? First, Taobao can know is that buyers label by buyers search habits, shopping habits can determine his label is what, for example, she often found Korean dress, often buy Korean dress, then she will be marked with Korean dress label.

The store tag is how to determine it? Seller tag is a tag by the buyer to decide, by browsing person who purchased the collection of people, plus available to people, and so affect the store label. There are many small sellers just opened shop, watch shop visitors, less collection began through a variety of tools to start brush flow, brush collection, then the fastest die shop. This way you shop crowd that was some chaos seventy-eight person. This is why many people do not brush a single effect causes. Then ripped Taobao Why come up with thousands of thousand faces of this system come from? Taobao is now more than 80 percent of all traffic on the wireless side flow, and Taobao a screen on a few products, the number of sellers and the number of products are skyrocketing. Thousand thousand faces is to enhance the consumer shopping efficiency and save time shopping.

Finished custom label, then in terms of factors to determine under what label, which is the classification label. When it comes to classification and labeling, he is in fact based on classification of the population to set, Taobao classification of the population have? You can enter the member relationship management - Customer illustration, look at the following chart, interested preference, age, gender, there is a consumer level, there is occupation. But also the lack of a style.

What classification and label it?

A, Age label

B, the level of consumption label

C, style label

D, sex tag

Know these labels, we seller how to obtain these labels, how to quickly get new label it? Before we get labels, positioning must take good store, product style, adapted to determine a good crowd. Shop product groups to be consistent. We look at this shop, where you think the problem is? Seems, is a grocery store, the shop has 15 products, substantially all products are selling nothing, when asked why the boss do? His idea is more Distribution, a flow of a product, one thousand to one thousand product flow, though he is what products. He then said the shop had never burst, explosion models did not do. Shop assorted products, bringing visitors also hodgepodge, store label chaos. So do shop label before, first locate shop crowd well. Just like me, I own position accounts is shared only dry goods train, a crow, I knew I train a good start.

We mentioned above is determined by the buyer, the store label tag, so we can find a way to make visitors precision. From here the following two points of view. Accurate, precise, accurate and important things to say three times.

A, Natural Search

Searching for how to control the flow of visitors to the accuracy of it? This we all know, keyword Well! Keywords: certainly be accurate, you are selling in the long section of the dress, you do not have a short paragraph keywords; you are selling Korean version of the dress, you do not have in Europe and America. But some students to ask, a new product, how do not flow, it is difficult not to play tag marked, new product promotion you can pay to do tab, you can also make up a single to do, make a single number on the premise that buyers need your store locator population, such as age 18-24 years, low levels of consumption, like the Korean version of the female number. This supplement single person quite difficult to get, so now there are a lot of people started doing marketing customers, allowing customers to help you make up, you can give him money.

B, paid promotion

Shop label chaos, no label or store and how to quickly get back to tag it? The fastest way is to use paid promotion, the use of train, drill exhibition quickly back to the store label. The reason is that this promotion as long as you pay the money, will play paid promotion, you will be able to deliver the product in front of accurate population. Crow on this train can not say that it is fine, but still relatively open 6. Once done alone train from 170W on sales 7W.

The above mentioned use to quickly get paid to promote the store label, the focus here is concerned at how to use the train to get quickly shop Tags:

Because the train is money you can deliver the product in front of consumers, there is no train thousands of thousand faces. But the train is only set keyword can serve, the keyword is added to it to set ourselves above mentioned visitors should make perfect, the epithet must be added when the precise word choice of words necessary intention election.

Here to talk about how to pick the next choice of words, where the election?

More I use several methods:

A, automatic word train

B, business staff

C, Taobao search drop-down box

D, Taobao single charts

E, attribute legal phrase

Most people used the word should be automatic, use this tool to pay attention to the choice of words when the selected word must be a precise keyword, what is accurate? Is the keyword to be associated with the product attributes, such as your dress is obviously in the long section, keyword there can be no short skirts. Words before the election must have full understanding of the product, or how to be elected to the precise word. Early suggest doing two, three long tail words, such as Korean dress, Korean short-sleeved dress ......

In just a car, train choice of words only need to choose a dozen, some standard product categories on a few key words can be. Non-standard categories such as clothing, I do not recommend category got on the big words.

But also on the keywords optimization After the choice of words, the kind of no collection, no cart, no conversion key words are deleted. Constantly screen out high-quality keywords.

Here to talk about how to use the next train people to quickly search the precise delineation of the crowd. Entrance train people search where, how into? I do not have words to describe the ability to express not very strong. Figure we like.

Inside, there will be high-quality visitor groups, custom groups, the weather people, these are the people we used to delineate need to use.

First, we are concerned at high population, which is divided not buy store merchandise Browse visitors, visitors to the store bought goods, store items in their shopping cart visitors, collectors who visited the store goods, these shops are accurate customer groups . You can be added to it. Behind premium What does it mean? How premium it? I am here to give you a formula:

Search Keywords crowd bid = bid * * Discounted premium percentage.

As can be seen from the formula in the crowd bid and keyword bid is directly proportional. In fact, the crowd is the crowd premium ring out, so only the top ranked product in front of this part of the crowd, because only this part of the crowd at a premium.

Let us in terms of population under the custom here relatively complex, after opening there are three classification categories pen Price, sex, age, average monthly spending limit, each category has a lot of options. Members can take advantage of pre-relationship management or business consultant View shop crowd is mainly what, then go to each major classification check at least a small class, preferably a check in each category, so you can test the most accurate population. For example, a pre-store, old newly opened, people do not how data it? It can only be to test, and combinations of each are added, such as: F 0-20 18-24 300-399 yuan a combination of female 0-20 18-24 400-549 is a combination .... . gotta combinations there are many, there are a total of 2 * 5 * 7 * 7 = 490 kinds ... .. see that number, and I was forced to Mongolia, this project is very large. But as long as the measure out of the crowd, the crowd of other poor directly delete data focused on serving these good crowd. Key delivery means that keyword bidding low, accurate population high premium, such as train keyword bids 0.5 gross premium of 300%, then this part of the population keyword bid is $ 1.50. So keep out of the program that are not perfectly accurate crowd filtered clicks, or a peer filter clicks. Because this is not your ring out against the crowd keyword bids only 0.5 hairs, especially on the list ranking.

I mentioned there are many readers to ask, how much premium fit. This is actually a number of suitable bids and keywords as you count the latter crowd premium price is how much you block, and then look to show clicks, and clicks to show if a greater amount, burning train ran out less than a day, it appropriate to reduce the premium; if smaller than the display and click, then upgrade premium. This can also be done through train hits perfect.

Keywords then such a low bid, the high premium search people, keyword quality club will not be out of it? As long as you accurate delineation of the crowd, CTR generally higher than usual, click on the rate, quality points will not fall.

Summary: Because there is no train thousands of thousand faces, whether newly opened store old or new label is on or after scalping store messed up, pre-positioning of the store well, the store will be able to re-use train pull tab back, the premise is train well done. (Source: Merchant electric bat; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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