One hundred billion net red cohabitation electricity supplier industry, the main channel broadcast into liquidation

Research papers Download News: In recent years, net red hot economy continues, but the industry is still in the exploratory stage pattern previews. In the red part of the network economy industrial chain, all kinds of companies have sprung up, want to share this one hundred billion market cake. The whole industry is still in too scattered, mixed phase, but the resources to gather industry oligopoly is the inevitable trend of the current development of the Internet.

Recently announced the acquisition of nearly billion B round of financing of the nation's largest Internet service providers and entertainment talent US Air Chairman and CEO Fu Lei pointed out that the United States over the past decade been doing air personnel services, has accumulated a net restructuring and other entertainment red human resources, but also to Misora in the winter capital contrarian obtain financing, and is expected to push the industry into the era of oligopolistic competition.

Chaos network Red rivers and lakes

What today's economy how the fire red network? According to First Financial forecast commercial data center, 2016 Reds industry (including merchandise sales, marketing income and other ecological aspects related income Reds) estimates nearly 58 billion. By 2020, the total size will rise to 106 billion yuan.

Huge commercial value, attracted a large number of red network companies have sprung up, each business focus is different. As focused only on the content of IP mainly Chen Xiang half past six, cakes mother, love gossip grow Association, Papi sauce from several video channels or micro-channel large; the main broadcast media in the field of heat there, 21pink, plus entertainment and entertainment ; such as Han, Su Ti is focusing on force electricity suppliers to the Reds.

On the red net economic long industrial chain, although these companies have found their place, but how to ensure sustained competitiveness, 'person' is the core issue remains to be solved. On the one hand, the red network also has its life cycle, constantly replenish talent would be tantamount to their own continued life; on the other hand, only the company's ability to service the needs of brands and a perfect match to achieve a good realization. But the vast majority of network companies due to business model of a single red, red can not achieve net diversified development needs, can not be achieved massive red net effective reserve, in the face of massive needs of customers, they are often unable to achieve economies of scale.

The ability to 'man' is the cornerstone of the entire network red ecology, who can be a steady stream to an ecological talents, who have links to integrate a variety of industrial resources. Fu Lei, the 'US Air over the past decade has always insisted on doing personnel services, when the economic wind from the red network in our experience accumulated reserves and resources have been space to play. This round of financing part of the funds will be used to optimize the ownership structure, and the rest funds will be used to support the company's network to introduce more red products, Construction of open online and offline integration of the whole industry chain of red network ecosystem. '

Electricity supplier, live into the net realizable red main channel

At present, although the net red industry varies greatly, the content industry are small and scattered, but there are some companies began to gradually expand and integrate industry resources to promote the industry to the development of oligopolistic competition. Currently, the US Space Network to build red eco-network has the potential to lead to big red economy from chaos integration. In the commercial realization of the end, US Air Ecology and each network red realizable platform have close cooperation, especially in the broadcast and the field of electronic business, US Air has become the largest partner several major domestic mobile broadcast platform and the electricity supplier broadcast platform, and has been for the continue to provide a platform for talents of people in the field and the Reds.

According to Fu Lei introduced Misora in the traditional industry vertical community and industry talent pool based on the introduction of the mobile terminal Talents platform US Air APP, US Air notice APP, and the US Air DreamWorks offline, US Air Reds state, forming a complete human ecology closed loop. Butt from new communities, vertical social, growing services to businesses, Party personnel services, maintenance of fans depth, then head of talent incubation, the head of personnel commercialization, PGC content production, the United States air talent at the core of the ecological path clear visible.

Industry resources gradually to the oligarchs gather, it is the inevitable trend of the current development of the Internet. Fu Lei said that if the Red network economy will eventually form an ecological closed loop, then a huge Internet entertainment talent pool advantage of this gene US Air, and that is the whole big ecological where an entry, then where the exit? The answer is a diversified business model realization. Fu Lei, the current industry realized main channel from the electric provider and broadcast areas, the United States empty net realizable model also comes mainly from the two aspects. From the strategic layout Misora has now completed, the purpose is to network the red ecology exports firmly grasp in their hands. (Source: First Financial; text / HE Tianjiao)

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