Analysis: Content advent of micro-channel pay-charge reading can really go through it?

Research papers Download News: Recently, micro-channel pay-content functionality has been inviting the public number of individual tests, there are two less specific words, one paid subscription, the second is to pay to read. Groundless not entirely unfounded, we can see another great way to realization of public micro-channel number will be on stage. But before this, whether it is the content of the entrepreneur or the platform itself should consider some things that will lead to premature optimism even carnival gloves came off, causing tensions customer relationship.

From eniac, humans took 70 years to do unlimited sharing and free distribution of information, and why now have to reverse charge distribution? I can not help wondering whether paid content era really come?

Understand the environment, do not advance carnival

1. Free Internet economic model has always been mainstream. Free Internet economy has been able to develop on a large scale, it is not because the business model is essentially immature, on the contrary is a sign of maturity. Nature of the Internet that is free sharing Internet content more Yes. Since ancient times, the content itself is free, and only when the media control information, the charges will be derived, the channel is in charge. But a major feature of the Internet is a 'decentralized' to form a mesh-type structure is passed, to subvert the traditional one-way transmission of information, only difficult to control media content, as long as the characteristics of the same, it must be free to occupy the mainstream position.

From an economic perspective, on the Internet for each additional user cost increases brought about, which is the so-called zero marginal cost. The emergence of the Internet makes it possible to 0 users cost expansion. This is the core of the free Internet economy. And before this, subscriptions, has always been the need for additional cost, users need to pay.

2. Internet copyright protection is still long way to go. Internet content free for manufacturers and the acquirer are the points of interest, but there are side effects, such as piracy, plagiarism. Free does not mean that others can steal the fruits of labor, but a lot of people there is no such concept. Internet content is a piece of visual information from the computer point of view, but some documents to show to the user's eyes. Files are copied in the user, the spread is difficult to prohibit, first, because the spread of low-cost user to copy, and second, because 'FaBuZeZhong' Third, because the technology can not only increase the cost of copying prohibited transmission.

Micro letter, although the original statement and now has protection function, but a machine for plagiarism, malicious acts such reproduced still weak. A public number to be able to win over the fans, who is no relation to the content of the original. In this operating environment, the interests of the copyright originator still difficult to guarantee. Suppose to do a paid subscription, read the content is able to do after the subscription is not reproduced in the original high quality? Do you want to join the paid reprint better?

3. The user pays into the early consciousness, but not used, and make great efforts to cultivate long-term needs. Currently users usually really willing to pay for content of the e-book, industry reports, articles, Internet materials, but the micro-channel content the content and fast track in terms of quality are essentially different, these user pain points Crawling is very accurate and in-depth . A way to add content herein does not include the category of paid content platform to discuss membership to pay, simply refers to the paid to read an article.

Experiencing digital music paid into e (network novel) pay to read now and then to make micro-channel pay-content, although the idea is good practice, through advertising, electricity suppliers, membership, and other means of payment in all areas at all levels of the concept of multiple rounds of pay the influence of the user's Internet consumption concept slowly established, but these users are accustomed to being forced, that is, when the beginning of the text of said media control information derived after charges. Currently on the fast track in terms of content is not controllable with such media, using the traditional economics, this is a 'buyer's market', the seller no initiative. Release as soon as the micro-channel pay to read, it will definitely cause a large area fled users free alternative resources or internet.

4. The micro-channel public number cohabitation, content overflow, users get high cost. On second thoughts, even with the habits of the user, the user wants to pay, it is difficult to get the information they want. Open public micro-channel number is low, with an average read rate of about 10%, a reward function original tasteless, and even some of the original people do not want to add a reward buttons to influence the content of the brand, which are the reflection of the weakness of the user for access to information. While the latter paid prior reading of ways to help users to get the cost savings are even greater problems. We have already started doing paid content products and great momentum, actually do the same thing - screening, one live interactive content filtering, such as points A, know almost LIVE, etc., are essentially the employer answer questions With the help of users to filter information, where only one information source, and this source of information to ensure that I do not need to go elsewhere verification, this time the media is control of information. Second, content filtering, such as 'get' app with the 'Luo Ji thinking' this brand selection of content every day six, to tell the user XXX is cattle, his content is worth paying subscribers by brand, users do not have to go over verification Correct.

In summary, from the macro-environment of the Internet, and then to the platform itself to the individual user environment, micro-channel public numbers do pay for content on the road is not clear, so micro-channel to launch on the need to pay careful reading, can not be established in user behavior assumptions , in the end user needs to know what to pay.


Recognize the user, why are we paying

After the introduction of micro-channel pay to read the entire contents of the letter micro ecology must usher in a major reshuffle, previously we have had some success, if not with the times, will be eliminated. Because the user micro-channel public number of subscription logic, flow distribution platform, public realization mode numbers are a series of changes to adapt to the people but also how much. How to seize the opportunity to change, change the use of the environment as a new eco-leader, is the need to immediately think about things. Postpaid read, what to write this article? Prior to this, we might take a look at some of the existing premium content is exactly what.

1. Emergency and paying, users need to be resolved, and refers to the user in a short time with a clear pain points need to rely on external content resolved. For example, office workers do need PPT template debriefing report, market research data need depth industry reports, reference papers ...... Students need to pay for content they have been authorized users, but not based on the content itself, but the acute demand necessary to bring the charge.

2. skills to pay the same from pure to pay for content, the user in order to enhance their technical skills to pay for textbooks, such as the Internet to educate the public often does the number of marketing skills dry goods, materials and other experts, including the Internet should born some operators means of informative content, such as 'why do you teach 10w +'.

3. Exclusive and pay, literally, no one else's content, such as the inside scoop XX Star Behind the Scenes. Such content is not how the quality, but rather the scarcity and timeliness of information is controlled by you.

4. paying for the brand and the user because the quality and content creators charisma willing to become your fans, such as Luo Ji thinking and get app in the 199 yuan to subscribe. This is from the media, who want to reach the original state, do what you love to do high-quality articles, a fixed outstanding paid user base, as well as non-destructive brand content to do things realized.


Content outside the three directions, you can provide value-added services, such as text-only version for free, voice interpretation of paid, free single article, his serial pay more. But no matter what kind of content, you need to think about whether their content to meet the emergency needs of users, skills learning needs, or the needs of exclusive high-quality knowledge acquisition needs at some point. In addition, some carriers use means of establishing a link with the user's emotional identity and values will reduce user fees psychological threshold.

It is foreseeable that, once paid beta function, due to the induction interests, UGC must turn PGC, professional content producers will get attention, high quality original valued in terms of money value. For users, there will be a lot of time reading the flow of paid content, rarely assigned to a non-paid content, and the phase-out rate of low-quality content is exacerbated. But not all brands are suitable for all the public numbers paid model, before that, make sure you understand the environment, to consider their own location in the Environmental Change, trial and error costs are enormous. (Source: yuchaouu text / Fish tide compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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