Inventory: Taobao rules of survival

Research papers Download News: Taobao body in rivers and lakes, to survive, they do not know the rules of survival, it is all no good ......

1, the driving skills needed to train and then drive

Open train money? Of course, to make money, but it needs a high driving skills and a very good product. In natural search traffic, Taobao will give priority to the most easily traded baby, good conversion, high popularity recommended to consumers. If you are driving technology not yet open, the result will lead to your conversion rate, input-output ratio is very low, spend money on traffic, we are so poor, not to waste it? Conversely, if your input-output ratio is very good, it is pulled in the right baby weight, natural search ranking will naturally improve. Therefore, the first driving skills needed to train and then drive, not to go to school, practice slowly, careful driving, otherwise just burn no effect. OK twice to open a long period of time you can hold live it?

2, the idea is more important than skill

New layout, the best time frame up and down, train low-cost drainage, title optimization, search engine algorithms ...... these are really dry good, can indeed be successful, different categories, different execution, store basis different, different staffing the shop, when you are in the specific operation, do not just apply others on their own shop, the idea is more important than skill to master operational thinking is the right choice.

3, select the appropriate visual presentation

There may be on Taobao shop decoration is not ye, but sold very explosive products, it is only an occasional phenomenon, not the norm. Unlike online shopping store to touch the product, so the visual presentation is very important, especially in the new store, shop decoration is very user see garbage, do you think it will have the mood to read on it? Well decorated shop, even if the user did not intend to start later in the browsing process will have the desire to buy, but in the decoration must pay attention to find the most suitable style, gorgeous is not necessarily the best.

4, Mo to touch the bottom line Taobao

Taobao there are various rules exist, do not touch it, touch once to Taobao rules, and then detained fees, penalties, complaints, then your traffic will rapidly decline, on the basis of preliminary work to do will be in vain, therefore, can not touch the bottom line of Taobao.

5, pay attention to three key points

To note for these three key points, which are added to the first week, first month, the first shelves do not frantically merchandise, a good half of the meeting was a success, added to the beginning of the optimization is very important, directly determine Are you able to survive. Including design optimization with the impact of the page, write a good title, the first high-quality maps. Shelves after the first week, breaking zero, conversion metrics, spiral, etc. These are critical, and later the first month of the new store, the first month is the critical period, if the performance is not good, then think late counter-attack it is very difficult.

6, with good service courier companies

Select courier companies with good service is important because often some new stores to save money and the price is relatively cheap courier companies, but the attendant prone courier service attitude is poor, slow break, etc., it is easy to store bring a variety of negative feedback and complaints, leading to a comprehensive quality points decline in natural search weights decreased shop performance will be getting worse. (Source: net sellers; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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