Suning 818 release service, price prehistoric force more than double online shopping carnival 11

Research papers Download news: After years of fighting, the electricity supplier sales have formed two distinct peaks, in addition to electricity supplier industry has become a common festival for the whole dual 11, the driven Suning Tesco commercial enterprises as the representative to Suning Tesco 'section 818 fever' as the core of August has become the second-largest electricity supplier industry shopping season, but also in the field of home appliances 3C largest electricity supplier section.

European Cup and the Olympic Games led to selling appliances

August each year is played the most vicious wars appliances season. This year more different in previous years, the start of the European Cup in France in June, the Rio Olympic Games in August, two large sporting event led to TVs, air conditioners and other home appliances sales.

This year Suning to seize these opportunities, the use of highly publicized section 818 fever, frequently resorted to a variety of large strokes, product variety, by the consumer blitz.

In addition, the high temperatures this summer subside, air conditioning sales continued popular. Suning Appliance assistant president of marketing headquarters Wu Ding Jian said, the installation of air conditioning master has lasted more than a month, almost every day to work more than 12 hours.

All categories, the whole channel development Suning Tesco, remain the biggest advantage in the field of home appliances 3C. Section 818 fever this year, home appliances 3C product can be described as your Changba me play, squandering charming eyes.

Beginning from August 1, Suning fever section 818 will be launched big PK Japanese brand, the category selected two brands PK online every day, shopping price and service. Businesses also have resorted to killer: August 11, Haier refrigerators, washing-per-thousand one hundred minus launch wayward pay an interest-free, Siemens ice wash is 7.5% off sale. August 12, Skyworth TV explosion models, 55 inches 4K TV as low as 2799 yuan, while Hisense is not weakness, to launch full 1000 by 100 per TV. He said incentives and efforts are almost unprecedented.

Price and service is still the most important factor in consumer

Money is the last word. For consumers, the same product, the price is still the primary factor value. Many big brand home appliances, better air conditioners and refrigerators, the price is generally about 8000-10000 yuan, businesses engaged in activities preferential, as well as promotional tools from different vendors, the price difference between the rate may be more than 1000 yuan.

For example, there are careful consumers thorough comparison found that: a Siemens 610 liters refrigerator door, the price of Suning Suning Tesco section 818 fever for 7099 yuan, Jingdong price is 8909 yuan, according to the sale of at least 1000 by 100 after price of 8109, Lynx price of 7790 yuan.

In addition to price, the services, the electricity supplier is frequently resorted to the 'big move', to allow users to more convenient exhausted every means.

Years ago, online shopping delivery time is generally more than one week. With the growing competition and the development of the logistics system, and this time has been a breakthrough - from a week to three days, then 'the next day', 'day up.' Currently, the fastest logistics products to the number of Suning Tesco's 'fast up', you can implement the service from order to delivery within two hours, but the service at no extra charge. In addition, Suning Tesco also launched a 'Get loaded one' service, buy TVs and other products have achieved delivery device integration.

With the arrival of the previous week, and then wait a week to install compared to what Internet retail users really have a 'God' feeling.

Of course, bulk purchasing home appliances, buy rest assured that should not be ignored. Although now moving end shopping increasing frequency, but when buying appliances, many consumers still want to go to the ground line at the store to see the goods color and style, feel more at ease after some kind, through the experience will place an order.

'Because of the size of home appliances, colors and styles to match needs with the overall renovation of the house, big does not fit, the color does not take too harsh.' Mr. Wang Shanghai August wedding room decorated almost exactly, though positive summer, he Suning still accompany his wife to the store to buy household appliances, field experience, and ultimately decided to purchase in Suning stores.

This service is the most O2O appliance business enterprise need to make up the short board. As a full-channel retailer, Suning Tesco Suning Tesco and Lynx flagship store two platforms, the line and nearly 1,600 stores and nearly 1,500 outlets Suning Suning Tesco online. Users can online, store delivery, taking into account the convenience of online shopping and store on-site experience, which is 818 to become one of the important reasons for purchasing power at home the first major festival - 'rest assured to like' is the Suning to bring the user the core experience.

Improve service brought the rise of home network share trend, which also makes more and more and more appliance manufacturers want to join the 818 that a large section of purchasing power in the past.

Public information, including Haier, Midea and other 31 suppliers in total 168 office staff will come Suning Tesco headquarters during fever section 818, form a 'Joint Operations Command,' to ensure that 818 can be done historically low prices.

Meanwhile, the appliance manufacturers more and more like a fever during the 818 Festival Post new exclusive features. Incomplete statistics, this period 818, has Lenovo ZUK covenant Z2, the number of new custom models explosion models Haier refrigerators and other select Disney during fever section 818 Suning Tesco sold exclusively; at the same time, Huawei, glory, Meizu, Samsung, Nubia, OPPO, vivo, Asus, Lenovo, Mito and many other brands also by the depth of cooperation with Suning, the preferences of the user to customize the product for reverse Suning exclusive underwriting, in order to participate in this celebration in the past.

Efficiency is the channel's killer

Statistics China National Commercial Information Center data show that the first half of 2016, the country hundreds of large retail enterprises retail sales slumped by 3.2%.

It is in this market environment, based on the channel between retailers increasingly fierce competition, whether online or offline business, are no longer stick to a single channel, began to try next line shop online, offline have opened shop in the Amazon last year in the United States out of the first line at the store, it is the best example. This is, from 2009, is the beginning of the layout O2O Suning, but also the most complete channel retailers Suning, deepest feelings.

Suning Appliance's filing shows the first half of 2016 rose by more than 80% of the online, mobile terminals accounting for up to 72%. This stems from Suning O2O mode takes full advantage of the online and mobile terminals constantly enrich the product mix, sales remained on the basis of high growth, and improve the mobile end accounting; offline Plough focus on operating efficiency and enhance the efficiency of Ping .

With the development of the whole category, Suning home appliances and 3C outstanding traditional single product category also continued to strengthen operations and O2O operations in sales volume on the basis of continuous improvement, to further improve channel efficiency.

Emphasis on operational efficiency, but also reflected in the rising number of Suning inventory turnover days. Data show that Suning's inventory turnover days to 37.22 days, while Jingdong 2016 Q2 inventory turnover days to 38.5 days.

In addition to the inventory turnover days, an important indicator of the efficiency of the investigation retailers, accounts payable turnover days. The data also show from the side of most retailers and supplier relationships. Comparison of the data can be seen that several retailers, supply chain efficiency Suning regarded as the highest industry, accounts payable turnover days has reached a record low --26.07 day, and this figure there is further decline.

There is no doubt that this is the last 26 years, always select suppliers long-term cooperation with Suning important reason, it is the 818 period, a number of vendors and even senior leaders, select personally for reasons of Suning platform. After all, another channel Jingdong 2016 Q2 accounts payable turnover (account of) days 49.8 days.

It is worth mentioning that the fever in the 818 section, the efficiency of logistics and Suning also continue to highlight Suning logistics and even launched a 'not on time delivery, the active compensation' commitment. You know, Suning logistics distribution network covering the country's 351 prefecture-level cities and city districts 2852, with 6267 delivery points (both from mentioning function) to achieve the next day was more than 90% of the coverage area in Beijing , Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other seven cities to achieve 'day three delivery' service.

Even in such service commitments and service capabilities, Suning logistics remain a little more than 1% of the logistics cost rate. And in the first half of 2016, an electricity supplier logistics cost rate as high as 8.07 percent, while the rate of logistics costs, logistics or free to raise the threshold from 79 yuan to 99 yuan after.

CICC research report pointed out, Suning market share, gross margin and other indicators have continued to improve core business, supply chain CPU (logistics, finance, big data, etc.) advantages become more prominent. 2016 market share is expected to continue to improve. 'Suning has entered the proactive stage.' (Source: Xinhua; text / Ling Jiwei)


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