Then do not do the content, just Taobao not go on playing?

Research papers Download news: survive in July and August off-season, clothing is about to usher in the second half of the season, coupled with double 11 and double 12 approaching footsteps, businesses are gearing up preparations have started. In order to allow businesses to better understand the direction and Taobao play, August 12, a theme of 'enabling win-win' for men was held in Alibaba sellers Xixi Park. It is reported that there are about 300 head of Jiangsu and Zhejiang businessmen attended the meeting.

The meeting in Hangzhou as a starting point, with a speaking tour of the way will go to Beijing, Guangzhou, Fujian Shishi three. And closed communication will be different in the past, the meeting will be broadcast live by KN online viewership fell swoop over 54,000, visible way this content is now how the fire spread.

Operation content is already not a new vocabulary, as early as the first half of 2016 menswear sellers Assembly, the person in charge of Taobao clothing Tang and Song had said that 2016 will mark a watershed in apparel, as mainstream consumer groups constitute a change occurs, the content and community is bound to become a major apparel operating direction. Faced with this trend, sellers what to do to keep up with the pace of change in the platform, resulting in better exposure and development?

Taobao Men: competition, faded aura explosion models

With the growth of the platform, to make purchases on the internet consumers are constantly iteration. According to statistics, 90 to 95 after the consumption share of this group in the Taobao platform has more than 50%, compared to the original user likes shelf style shopping, the pan after 90 more people the pursuit of individuality and fashion, enjoy shopping process interactive feeling. Wireless technology also allows mature stage of shopping behavior evolved from the original pieces of, which means that search traffic and traffic center is gradually losing bonus.

Changing young people spending habits, 'Forced' Taobao constantly adjust the direction of development, in August 11, Ali released Q1 quarterly earnings report pointed out that the Taobao platform is from the original C2C platform began to high-frequency, interactive community shopping platform change. Visible, simply sellers now have to seize the heart of mainstream young consumers.

However, the current platform still some sellers remain in the original commodity output stage, rather than do commodity content model walking on two legs. According to the person in charge of Taobao men through Bai Jieshao, the current market is mainly Taobao Men presents four major characteristics:

1, the head of the label by the seller more than ten percent on the year to nearly a quarter of the market, Taobao men's increasingly competitive market;

2, with the popularity of personalized play, search rule change, the traditional marketing channels, such as poly-cost, Amoy buy, every day special upgrades and other channels, so that low-cost explosion models appear weak sales phenomenon, blasting product is slowly faded protagonist halo;

3, the content of resources, more and more micro Amoy, live and some other privileges open to start businesses, a more complex platform play some merchants began to make difficult to keep up the rhythm;

4, O2O, Daren, KOL, IP, fans and other multilateral market structure highlights, shared economic integration or to become a winner.

Men's data from the first quarter, although Taobao men's wireless traffic and turnover are growing rapidly, but the conversion rate has failed to reach the ideal state, which many businesses have not yet transformed the concept inseparable. In fact, consumers will not happen all the time shopping behavior, social interaction, access to new information sources is that they occupy a lot of time online, and this is the business opportunity are cut into the pan after 90 o'clock crowd.

Content distribution amount becomes the new threshold event registration

Taobao wireless terminal sales accounted for more than 80%, after the crowd as the wireless side of the main consumer of the pan 90, they are for shopping demand is steadily improving, began more inclined, the recommended way hot composite content to decide to buy product, which allows flow channel structure is also quietly changing. According to data during the big promotion, Taobao platform content channels traffic flow even beyond marketing channels, then the contents of the business on cash flow more easily achieved.

Took a fancy to this momentum, this year Taobao apparel brand re-launch of iFashion aims to create a pan-Taobao of 90 young fashion apparel brand. All marketing activities of the brand, branding, direct access to the scene all around 'Fashion', 'young' the angle. According iFashion small two Hyeongo revealed now iFashion internet traffic has stabilized daily 150W +, and maintained a sustained growth in output iFashion content can be synchronized to the micro Amoy, high-quality content can be delivered to more guess you like, lists, love shopping and other channels. iFashion rapid growth to some extent, also confirmed the content marketing young people willing to accept consumption.

Pictured iFashion small two Hyeongo

In addition to micro Amoy, checklists, good goods, the main sportsman community, meat tide ride, arts MAK three styles of open markets for these more traditional types of content output channels, Taobao will undoubtedly become a new live out a year horses horse can achieve the output. June 20 Zhang Dayi a two-hour live broadcast on the new sell nearly 20 million items of data for the industry shocked many people, in addition to Zhang Dayi itself influence electricity providers to create interactive games are played as a core Taobao also live data the main power produced.

Taobao live in, support the business side can live side release coupons and baby link, when consumers jumps to other pages Amoy hand, live window can also be suspended, rather than interrupt, realizing the true meaning of 'watch and buy' . Wataru White explained: 'The Reds are now more or makeup and beauty in the women's category, men from the beginning of this year focused on grasping this one, it has achieved initial success.' Taobao Men encouraged businessmen to further explore the live video side of content output, some of itself does not have the potential to become the owner of the network of red shop, you can try to go and up to establish cooperation mechanisms, with iFashion, broadcast and other content channels to build up their own shops.

In addition, the new forces Week August 23 on the line, the men will show Taobao explore new business: men's custom business. A small amount of men's custom business will debut in this event: 'It is still relatively small volume test the water, the end product will be launched in the second half of the play, there is hope that the ability of businesses to actively participate in' interactive white appeal.

In addition to the introduction of new services, new forces week Another point I must mention. Businesses in the registration is not difficult to find, compared to the previous, this time in more than a sign of a very high correlation between the content of the condition. Micro Amoy, content publishing blogs are included in the amount of current business conditions apply to participate in activities, and the situation will gradually evolve into a normal phenomenon in the future Taobao clothing activities. The establishment of this registration threshold means that if the business has been put on the agenda not to mention the content of the output, the follow-up even lose eligibility to enroll in large-scale activities.

6 with tight direction

Faced with escalating play Taobao platform, menswear sellers in the end how to play to keep up with the rhythm of the platform? White to businesses through 6 summarizes the general direction:

Brand upgrade. Taobao Men's full guide and build a number of stylized businesses, to encourage large C-style buyers or other types of businesses to establish their own brand. In spite of the brand through the white opinion in the process of establishing the size of the stage experience with the game, but the brand's heritage allows shop more sustainable force. However, in this process, the merchant should pay attention to the brand of traceability, from products to services and then to refine all aspects.

Upgrade goods, divided internal strength and external work. From the internal strength, the businesses are required in the development process of the above efforts goods, with products to speak, unconventional categories as much as possible to improve product upload qualification, which will appear in a subsequent certification marking recommended to consumers when; As for the external work, businesses will have to pay attention to the layout and publishing tools as well as the choice of visual design details page, after all, an important way to look at pictures or Taobao shopping cart.

Stand iFashion. iFashion as clothing category since operational positions, compared with the general content channels more targeted. Figure shopping and fashion blog platform as iFashion brand new core functionality, they bear the light of social function of property, by the apparel to match, a comprehensive presentation to the consumer, the consumer can interact with the business in each piece of content, the rather than the original pits bit images and titles, can not form a virtuous interactive mode.

Other highlights channels. Micro Amoy, live, good merchandise, as well as a list of microblogging, micro-channel external sources require businesses to play their own initiative, to actively output content.

Seize the opportunity to promote double. Double 11, double 12, the two most important events of the second half is about to start auditions. With the deepening of the content of the operations in two year pro also played in escalating the corresponding registration qualifications naturally produce some changes. In addition to the volume of such conventional conditions, iFashion in Figure purchased and trends blog, list, better goods and other content channels daily release quantity and quality will also be a factor in business activities with reference to the qualification review.

Does not relax the traditional channels. Taobao men will work with traditional marketing channels, such as Amoy gold, poly cost-effective, specials, clearance and other channels integration, both sides of the channel bundle, from small specialized docking Second, grasp the core monthly active node. (Source: electricity supplier online text / moon)

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