[Financing] off to music events announced 110 million yuan B round of financing

Research papers Download News: Recently, located in offline retail offer Internet marketing services off to Le Announces 110 million yuan B round of financing, but did not disclose the investor. According to reports, the funds raised will be mainly used for product development and marketing.

As early as 2014, it was reported krypton 36 passing to music, which is a product was capable of communicating to offline retail merchants pay WeChat 'intelligent black box' - can be read merchant trading system of payments data, and to facilitate the conversion of two-dimensional code scanning mobile phone payments. Product launch two years off to have fun under 60,000 lines of traditional cashier made the transformation of low-cost services to more than 5,000 traditional retail businesses in different sectors. Our next line has the retailer cashier reached 10 million, if these businesses are able to carry out the transformation of the Internet, the music off to CEO Wang Wei seems that this will be a very big market.

Internet business transformation of the cashier, not a single finger scan code so that it can support payments are also included to help businesses get more data on consumer behavior, by means of data analysis to make the appropriate marketing efforts. Such as payment data system every day five million users to basket analysis, associated with high commodity will gather together to guide customers to buy goods but also other high packing of goods, improve customer price; by RMF model Member to the scientific classification management, according to a recent consumer consumption (Recency), consumption frequency (frequency), the amount of consumption (Monetary) and other data to identify high-value customers; from 50-150 and product attributes to consumers portrait, helping businesses to understand their users. On this basis, we introduced the music off to members of the CRM system to help businesses improve customer retention, and marketing systems to facilitate the business card vouchers for accurate promotions.

Currently, off to the music business is the goal of those in the cognitive ability, management capacity and quality have reached a certain level and have a willingness to pay more than medium-sized businesses. The reason, Wang admitted that off to music too reluctant to focus on the education market, the line retail market too. In the industry, off to the music industry is mainly aimed at those with a low-frequency, high-gross ratio and personalization features, such as clothing chains, shopping centers.

The business model, off to music sources of income include 'intelligent black box' to provide sales and cost of SaaS services to businesses.

After the plan, Wang Wei judgment, the line of business entities coming Internet revolution, the basic conditions for the market has been largely complete: the business by way of online payment has been able to connect with consumers, customers, product attributes portrait increasingly rich, precision marketing approach are becoming increasingly sophisticated, more and more companies are to provide customized services business. Therefore, Wang said at a faster way to build infrastructure (hardware), while continuing to develop services for the generic industry marketing products, will be severe perpendicular to one or two industries. (Source: krypton 36)

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