Research report: China Galaxy Securities: all-inclusive one-stop electricity supplier operating services, together into the future for brands

The key point:

1, the Internet has become inevitable retail sales channels, the demand for traditional brands spawned generations of operations. By 2015, online retail market deal size has reached 3.8 trillion yuan, the brand retail electric providers on the Internet side of the growth rate far exceeding the overall growth rate of the electricity supplier. However, due to lack of talent brands, operators are not familiar with the electricity supplier, electricity providers and do not understand the trading period and other issues need proficient outsourcing electricity supplier operating on behalf of operating companies conduct business electricity supplier.

2, on behalf of the operators as the industry leader, Po respect the first listing in the United States in 15 years. Bao respect electricity supplier current market value of $ 407 million. As the Lynx, Jingdong flagship store official website operators and brand support services for brands, its 15-year GMV reached 6.74 billion yuan, an increase of 58.6%. As of 2015, a total of 113 Po Chun has business cooperation with the electricity supplier areas include clothing (Nike, Burberry), home appliances (Philips, Panasonic), technology (China Unicom), including all kinds of brands. The company is currently the largest shareholder of Alibaba Group holding 17.5%.

3, the company's core operations Shang electric barrier is not prominent, the commercial heart of the system is still the brand product itself. Although the generation of electricity operating company's technical development is also an important factor, but on behalf of the operating companies generally do not own the shop, not have their own unique core technology, can not form their own cash flow, its core business system is still brand itself products, and resources on behalf of the operator of the electricity suppliers in the major central platform that can be obtained. Po Chun successfully removed its own team in cooperation with the customer in the process of accumulation, the resources Ali as its major shareholder brought inextricably linked.

4, or create their own brand or future cooperation will be the electrical outlet and brand Shang operational development. If you cooperate with brand companies as its electricity supplier operating subsidiary, on behalf of the operating companies are expected to use their electricity supplier operational advantages to expand the electricity supplier channel for brands, but also as an independent company to avoid the lack of core competitiveness problems. On the other hand, it may also take advantage of the electricity supplier operating experience have own brand business, but this will have on its supply chain to control and risk control enormous demands.

5, ELLASSAY announcement in August 2016, spent 277.5 million to acquire a 75% interest patchouli network. Patchouli net overall price of 370 million yuan, 16 - 18 years of commitment to profit 3500,4200,4900 million. The acquisition antiphonal force to think and patchouli are brought advantages. Antiphonal Li-Si, the patchouli in the fashion brand has accumulated a wealth of operational experience, to provide professional services for the company's future all channel operators to accelerate the fashion group landing. Patchouli leveraging ELLASSAY group can also break the bottleneck limiting its independent development, enhance the competitiveness of the industry. (Source: China Galaxy Securities text / Marlee; compile: free download)

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