Analysis: Webcast edge with non-regulation

August 3, China Internet Network Information Center released 'Statistical Report on Internet Development in China situation,' the report shows that as of June 2016, the webcast users reached 325 million, accounting for 45.8% of Internet users in general, where live chat show live accounting for 19.2% proportion of the webcast. Webcast rapid development has also spawned a large number of 'red network', but the content vulgar, pornographic or even suspected of illegal let webcast widely criticized. Recently, as a 'Panda TV' network anchors 'bit driver' Candid stewardess broadcast live webcast of the news has even pushed the cusp. Ministry of Public Security announced that from August 1 until the end of 10, the special rectification webcast platform in the country. Many legal professionals said that as a new thing, webcast rapid development momentum, but there are many problems in urgent need to strengthen supervision.


Webcast rapid development of chaos and frequent often challenge the moral bottom line

Live Recently, a section called 'three fat black silk stewardess uniforms with the story,' the candid video circulated on the Internet, the video content is a bit driver dialogue with a stewardess. Video content on the Internet sparked heated debate, but the video shooting techniques have been widely criticized. According to media reports, video capture driver who drops in recent days Kongmou night around 11:00, there will be waiting outside the airport on time, take special orders for flight attendants, and installed hidden cameras in the car videotaping. And another identity Kongmou is a network anchor, his live content, it is in the car with its flight attendants during the chat. Because of alleged violations of the privacy of passengers, the company has now drops to Kongmou made a 'ban immediately' treatment.

In fact, this is not the first controversial webcast. In March this year, a network of the men, Nanjing Lin broke into the school live fairy kissing girls, after being caught security also disrespectful. A few days later, the network with the men, and a repeat of the scandal in Nanjing Xinjiekou, many people have been condemned. Local police said that the man's behavior has been suspected of molesting women, it is recommended to identify the victims. Depending on the severity of the circumstances, or the man will be fined, warned even criminal detention and other penalties.

In recent years, they walk in the gray area of the law webcast uncommon. As a hot new industry, webcast provides a number of entrepreneurial jobs, boosted the careers of a large number of strong gold absorption capacity 'red network', but also brought some social problems: Live no bottom line, the lower limit of the show, false data, vulgar content, industry chaos worrying.

August 3, China Internet Network Information Center released the thirty-eighth 'Statistical Report on Internet Development in China', the report shows that as of June 2016, the webcast users reached 325 million, accounting for 45.8% of total Internet users, live chat show in which live webcast proportion accounted for 19.2%. According to incomplete statistics, the current territory of various types of network broadcast platform reached more than 150, some of the major networks broadcast platform registered users billions of dollars, over ten million monthly active users, the number of 'room' part of the user peak periods of up to tens of thousands of people.

Meanwhile webcast rapid development, it also brings outstanding security issues. Some internet webcast transmission of pornographic and vulgar information, often challenging social morals, and even the existence of individual internet webcast pornographic performances, gambling and other criminal activities, serious damage to the network environment and endanger public order. Live off the skirt, operated drone photographed dormitory, all kinds of bad behavior appears in the Live platform, bring very negative impact.


Multisectoral continuous issued regulatory supervision to increase day by day

Faced with 'wonderful' webcast emerging, regulatory policy level has also been enacted, only the first half of 2016, the network broadcast several times on the front of the platform met the regulatory policy level.

March 20, the National 'pornography' Office official said that in the 'net net 2016' operation, the 'pornography' office will also undertake special work on the webcast platform. On the webcast platform to upload harmful information were firmly landing check people; or to allow others to indulge in their owned or managed platform system 'yellow' Biography 'yellow' Internet information services company, and resolutely crack down.

April 14, the Ministry of Culture announced the betta, eye teeth live, YY, Panda TV, banners TV, Dragon TV, six rooms, etc. 16 9158 on suspicion of providing internet webcast aired containing pornography, violence, abetting crime content of Internet cultural products, was included in the investigation list. Subsequently, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, love Fantastic Art, music TV, Youku, cool me, reflected off, pepper, more than 20 major companies engaged in network performance (live) in charge of jointly issued the 'Beijing webcast industry self-regulation of the Convention' commitment from April 18, webcast room must identify watermarks; content storage time less than 15 days for future reference; all anchors must be certificated; for broadcast involving politics, gun-related, drug-related, involving violent, pornographic content anchor, serious cases will be blacklisted; auditors for live content on the platform 24-hour real-time monitoring.

June 1, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Team announced a number of irregularities anchor list, nine webcast platform 40 anchor banned permanently.

June 28, net Information Office issued the 'mobile Internet applications information service regulations,' to live entertainment as the main representative of mobile Internet applications end standardized set forth requirements. Under the new regulations requirements, from August 1, the mobile Internet application providers will have to register the user based on the mobile telephone number of the real identity certification, and to establish and improve the information content of audit management mechanism, to publish illegal information content, as appropriate, take warning, limit function, suspend updates, close the account and other measures to deal with.

July 27, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau held a webcast network platform special work session, decided August 1 until the end of October, a nationwide organization to carry out the rectification of the webcast platform. During the rectification, the public security organs nationwide network security comprehensive inspection departments will webcast platform security management system implementation of measures to guide the webcast platform comprehensive clean all kinds of illegal harmful information, according to the law to shut down the spread of illegal information account, channel, investigate the existence of illegal behavior webcast platform.

Reporters learned that, at present, many famous webcast platform and technical service platform announced jointly set up a 'webcast discipline Alliance', six rooms, reflected off, pepper, beauty and other platforms have been basically completed anchor Verified watermark adding, live content stored 15 days and other requirements of the Convention, some companies have been content to live forever.


Own profit model still faces a variety of limited regulatory dilemma

Under the layers of the ban, there are many anchor why take the risk of it? Similar Kongmou as candid live also often found in newspapers, causing a lot of thinking on the legal profession webcast profit model and regulatory dilemma.

According to the reporter, at present most of the live platform profit model is to rely on users to buy virtual gifts, the network platform in which rake. Pepper to live, for example, anchor mention now, will be charged a 10% fee. But in addition to pumping into, live platform face higher bandwidth costs and contracting costs anchor.

Henan Sijing Lawyer Qiya Tan's view, the network broadcast a single profit model, homogenization of content more serious, it is difficult to get rid live vulgar, a major cause of Lieyan. 'Profit model doomed it is the eyeball economy, fans economy, we must attract users attention to be profitable.' Qiya Tan said that if there is no pornography and violence factors 'feeding' vulgarity stimulation, and webcast it is hard to get greedy live red favor capital and network fans in hot pursuit.

At the same time, low entry barriers, high-yield speculation is a major cause of frequent chaos webcast. Many live platform registered certification no threshold, attracting a large number of grass-roots anchor. In the absence of outstanding talent, quality content can not be output, and many rely on anchor spell color value scale fight to win attention. Once the hype is successful, fans will get, they will be able to obtain huge profits.

'The current broadcast platform is generally taken 'inspections' measures to find an off the shelf one.' Eye teeth live responsible person in an interview, said with Youku and other video sites, the web video broadcast can not 'pre-review' by a machine smart filter automatically grab part of the video content, real-time monitoring mainly rely on manual review. Reporters learned that, in the eye teeth live background, in addition to the automatic control system, more than 70 auditors into five groups, 24-hour real-time monitoring of the background content.

'Automatic monitoring system on average once every 3 seconds to complete video capture, auditors need to review per person per hour up to 60,000 images a day to handle 400,000 to 500,000 live shots.' Responsible person, they constantly refresh Photos on the monitor screen, pick out possible violations, and then enter the studio, anchor account or interactive window browsing, a 'process.'

There are media reports, in order to regulate broadcast content, live peak reflected off 300 people online review, there are about 50 people live in due to vulgar behavior is punished, because every day live in smoke would be punished 4,000 people. Many internet related official also admitted that in addition to the limited means of titles, the platform can be made to anchor pursue, involving massive and uncontrollable live bottleneck does exist. Some webcast platform and network anchors dare hazard a candid class live, lack of supervision or lack of efforts to dispose of one of the important reasons.


Rectification + normalization of regulatory Let webcast to order

Most of the legal profession in an interview that the special rectification July 27 Ministry of Public Security is a move of Thunder, highlighting the power of the rule of law. In the daily supervision, regulation should be established by legislation formed the webcast included in the normal regulation. Furthermore, the webcast platform management is a systematic project, relevant departments need to work together to jointly Quxie. In addition, the majority of Internet users picket supervision, but also regulate the illegal broadcast platform and network red weapon.

Henan Jun Uniwill Lawyer Peng Yajie that, due to regulatory webcast platform is currently involved in public security, industry and commerce, net letter, culture, radio and television departments, therefore clarify the functions between the various departments is very important, otherwise easily wrangling left regulatory gaps zone. For regulatory measures, she suggested, we should vigorously promote the real-name system administrators and network anchors and blacklist system, promote the general mobile phone user registration and other security management system to ensure that legal norms webcast from the source.

Sociology Teachers College, Henan University of Journalism and Communication Liu Ying Cui pointed out that the development of chaos webcast plagued the industry exist in, walk in the shadow of legal and ethical boundaries, not only regulators' enforcement of Thunder, '' targeted disinfection ' more needs to be regulatory normalized. Live platform relevant departments must strengthen supervision, purify the Internet broadcast environment in which the industry from disorder into order, to avoid the 'bad money drive out good money' to form a healthy competition, to promote the development of industry standards.

In addition, self-discipline webcast platform is also an important factor to promote the healthy development of the webcast. Sina, Sohu, Youku, Baidu more than 20 webcast platform jointly issued the 'Beijing webcast self-discipline Convention' is a good attempt, in Qiya Tan's view, 'the network self-discipline is self-preservation.' She said it It has entered cyberspace governance stage. 'Black sheep will be removed to protect their own key, in order to flow grandstanding, vulgar pornographic engage in some things only getting burned.' She suggested that webcast platform should consciously social responsibility, self examination and supervision system, severely dealt with inappropriate content producers, so that self-purification. (Source: 'Henan Legal News'; text / Dong Jing Ya; compile: free download)

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