Combat: Derivative Agent started tips

Started in derivative before, you should consider a problem, I in the end it is appropriate to Derivative? If you're in search Derivative agent skills start this keyword.

I think everyone can try, this is a trend, is an opportunity. But I do not advocate that everyone 'Derivative occupation', a derivative may be the norm, it is for people who want part-time should be complementary life and career.

If you have a bunch of girlfriends buddies friends, or offline do have a storefront, you sell to these customers or friends, the way to make a little money, where to buy because they are buying. I do not advocate is designed pit friends, cooked to kill people. If you have the resources or want to start, you can try. 'Derivative professional.'

Here, I strongly recommend that students, family man or not to try, thousands of dollars a business opportunity, online is not dare to think the Internet really changed a lot of people.

Summary: According to their actual situation to do derivative, do not make the money come back and say not derivative, rational view of the problem, not to hurt the industry.

I want to be a proxy in the end that should not stockpile?

Many people say that there is a risk of doing business have to pay a financial gain is normal, people stockpile is to give people the pressure, there is pressure to have power, this argument is right?

I agree that there is a risk of doing business have to pay a financial gain, I also agree that there is pressure to have power.

A generation of fat I did not see anyone do it before, that people just test the water, not hard to do, but also the mentality of holding earn pocket money, the loss does not matter.

If you want to start, then I suggest to store goods, but it is 'rational stockpile', the pressure will have an incentive. You do not force yourself one, never know okay. That do not want to pay people, but think of how many thousands of monthly income that is dreaming. If you really can not decide, just to contact me WeChat 9,542,156.

Figuratively, there is a $ 20 100 dollars Bo opportunity to the poor thinking: Well, wait 20 dollars it did not, I was honest work it. Rich thinking: This is the chance I have to take a chance, I'm sure the line.

Summary: to the eyes of those so-called big white coffee, whether for a comprehensive look at the others to hoard goods, less their agents to take risks, rather than using the white do not understand, coaxed people to hoard goods, they miss it .

I am a little derivative, and why it is difficult to recruit agents?

Because you are now using a 14-year old-fashioned way, you may be on your tutor, it may be your own pondering. Talk about most is its reputation said brush-turn directions, nothing more than some of the stuff Bluff, are listed below:

1 month rising threshold notification agent

2 sun stockpile, drying express orders, shipments sun hectic scene

3 sun shots, training effect shots, all kinds of shots a day was added to the team, sun Alipay one million shots, the sun is added countless friends violent machine, drying to the service transfers screenshot

4 encoding various stories, all kinds of circumstances. Receiving too much, forget the micro-channel payment automatically returned. Products customers not only with their own good, but also recommended a friend to buy. Just sent 100 boxes, the door did not catch your breath, the pro who play money, and fast contact me.

5 various Jack: For recruit agents, you are still hesitant, others have succeeded and so on; for the customer: do not paste mask woman without a future, mask, good, her husband came home early, huh ......

Talk about big coffee with most cattle, long strings of drying agent chat screenshots. The beginning is this: the boss, since I told you after (middle 500 words omitted, all kinds of Cock wire counter-attack, all kinds of sensational move, thanks boss responsible for a variety of classes and so on) and finally this: finally mention the car, dream the BMW. Or a house down payment. Then attach various contracts screenshots.

Numerous white then start paying for these large coffee story, fantasy'll be able to rich handsome white Formica road. Ha ha

Why this model have so strong vitality it? I believe that most people have experienced such events. So I now say something about this story: One day, your circle of friends suddenly appeared a derivative do people start paying treasure in the circle of friends in the sun, sun hectic Delivery site, Sun customers in FIG. First you are skeptical, even in the heart despise him.

However, some time later, you still live working family life, that people seem to do derivative would buy a car to marry white Formica onto the pinnacle of life, so you could hold himself gradually from the original suspect contempt to skeptical, now and then around the corner.

One day you could not contact the people that do derivative. Surprisingly, he did not look down on you, but you said a lot of situations and people with similar success stories. Then you have no doubt of his being and all the variety of Chicken Soup Cock wire counter-attack story touched.

Then you spend part of their savings agent, we embarked on the road over the derivative. You silly start tanning product to FIG circle of friends, circle of friends tried to persuade people to buy, but the ideal is fullness, the reality is skinny, you find some time to brush circle of friends are no longer marketable, then you how would you do it?

You will ask you on the home: I store so many goods at home, are no longer marketable ah, now how do? Then you go home and you'll say: sun Alipay bar, sun fake screenshots, sun steering wheel right, I'll give you did not chart. Then you went from a good man into a bad person, you also choose the hair false advertising to cheat the next day, white. The whole process is one such cycle.

Of course, there are many versions of the story, such as Baoma edition, students start version, working version, rural version, etc., so there were a lot of hard-line counter-attack inspirational story, and then a lot of people would pay for this kind of story.

Because 2014 is the derivative of the bonus period, a lot of large coffee, that is, in 14 years somehow brush circle of friends to do it, and the reason they succeed than you, than you just do it earlier. Now they have to die, take the road to decline, Lei Jun said the typhoon came, when pigs fly, now stop the typhoon, many pigs die was crippled. So take a look at this 2015 Derivative agent started tips, hope to have harvest.

Now Derivative bad reputation, and to do more and more people, and false means by CCTV exposure, I believe less and less fake screenshots fool, so getting harder and harder. The results up to now, are finding these small micro-trick is not working, so most store the goods most people think is this: even if the goods sold this point, I still go to work honestly.

Summary: Today's share here, in fact, my circle of friends is not the sellers, selling the business opportunity, many small derivative blind coming to kill, not the IQ issue, but was hit by the weakness of human nature, people are eager to entrepreneurial success, homecoming, To succeed. However, at this time why I say recruit agents easier than retail? Have the opportunity to write about.

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