The new pattern of electricity supplier era HiMall multi-user system to store technical stream

Research papers Download News: With the rapid development of the Internet economy and the deepening of understanding electricity supplier industry, more and more companies are beginning to plunge into the electricity business this 'battlefield', and at the same time, the multi-user market mall growing range of systems, the user needs to upgrade iteration, when the market is becoming saturated, the final choice of which platform, users began to prefer technology and products. August 1, 2016, the new multi-user system as a domestic e-commerce services mall leading brands HiShop team development, HiMall V2.4 strong incoming! This update not only in the marketing function blocks to achieve a new and optimized content, and at the technical level has been strengthened, for your escort mall.

'HiMall V2.4 is an iterative version history makes sense, I believe that will give users more reasons to love HiMall.' HiMall product manager, said, 'Technology is a multi-user platform mall system support, in order to make the user experience degree better, we have been committed to excellence in technology, the user experience will find the process, the operation more convenient, faster operating speed, the carrying capacity of the system stronger. '

HiMall V2.4 technology features and highlights in the end what it? Quickly and I look at it together.

First, to achieve image separation and web server

The response speed of the site is an important factor in the impact user access, the survey shows that 80% of the user response time is spent on the front end, which is where most of the time is used to download the page images, scripts, and Flash components . Site 8 seconds according to law, the site opens speed over 8 seconds, more than 30% of users will lose patience because the wait, and then give up visit.

At the same time, most of the site is to transfer pictures and application services are on the same server, with the increase in traffic, the high-frequency image upload, download, application server, it is easy because the picture of the high I / O load and crash Therefore, for large sites, especially in multi-user systems mall, we need to separate image server and application server.

Now, HiMall V2.4 by using the image server and application server separation technology, combined with characteristics of OSS image storage, there is provided an elastic expansion of infinite storage and processing power of a cluster, the resource-intensive image service separated. From a hardware perspective, the image server can be configured high-end hard disk, 7200 into 15,000 rpm, while the CPU but can be as long as half; from a software point of view, you can configure specific file system image servers to meet for a picture I / O requests, and effectively improve the user access to the site access speed, performance and stability of the server, reduce bandwidth costs, optimize the user experience.

Second, the external open interfaces

For multi-user systems mall, and other software systems will inevitably need to deal with, such as providing product order information, commodity information, membership information and other services to external partners and customers, in real life, such cases are numerous.

Not only in software compatibility, as well as the connection point is compatible with previous versions compatible with other software. A new software, in order to capture the market, and if only by comparison of similar software function point is not enough, and to ensure that some of the features of other software is able to connect with compatible competitive. In this era of win-win cooperation in order to better compete. HiMall V2.4 to get through a variety of interfaces, users can easily get through the docking interface-related information into their own websites or systems to achieve seamless information for the consistency of data platform to provide a guarantee, but also for the software provides a way to promote wider.

Third, the full-text word search technology

Search absolutely not just build a framework to find the results of the process. Commodity amount of data and number of users is not large when the traditional electricity supplier to query the database system uses direct way or to meet the user's search request, once the number of commodities and user traffic surge, the query speed directly affects the customer's shopping experience, more severe cases can lead directly to a server crash.

HiMall V2.4 optimized full-text word search, using search data word storage building search clustering and distributed cache perfect combination of technology, enhance product information indexing speed, reducing the load on the server, to achieve a query in a situation of millions of records speed 0.x seconds (milliseconds). So as to enhance the quality of the entire site, improve the user experience, increase user viscosity and websites transaction rate.

Fourth, the large amount of data bearer

With the improvement of services and functions himall using himall amount of users more and more, high concurrency scenarios more and more frequent. In this high concurrency, how to ensure the accuracy of business inventories, the validity of users to buy goods, payment security?

HiMall technical team use of distributed caching technology, dynamic static content separation technology to optimize the information management system, a distributed cache, reducing the pressure on the database, it can effectively reduce the time the user requests data, improving the speed of response and load balancing capabilities of the server so as to enhance the user experience and the smooth flow of business marketing strategy layout; better use of the characteristics of excellent business platform for the implementation of product marketing, planning, promotion and a series of activities to achieve business conversion rates, and a powerful platform for users to better use ability to support close to businesses, buy their own goods, so in order to achieve near-distance communication between the two ends income businesses and users.

To some extent explain, advocate for a multi-user technology Mall systems, continuous breakthrough technologies and products will bring customers feeling extra points, as well as to enhance the brand reputation plays an important role. With HiMall technology and products further and further deep thinking focused user, user guide, personalized to solve problems of user-standardized path breaking business model and often will follow, and we look forward HiMall multiuser mall system brings more possibilities. (Source: China Securities News)

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