Live platform is now black card cash reflected off batch pull black network anchors

Research papers Download News: Go fiery live market wanted a share, but to the 'pot' in front, 'bowl' was confiscated. August 1, the broadcast platform, 'Ying-off' on account of more than anchor found himself to be 'permanently banned' because of 'illegal gifts,' and did not reflect the customer in terms of the time to explain the next day, reflect off It said in a statement its users and found that some anchor exploit 'illegal cash' for serious cases permanent title.

However, these anchor denied involvement in 'illegal cash', they told reporters the South, after the title, the funds in the account have been frozen. According to reports, there are sealed together at anchor off the platform reflected spend more than 3.5 million yuan.

Buy 'Diamond' brush popularity

In June, Yunnan holiday Zhang Naishen reflect exposure to live off, immediately smitten them, 'live their own lives, or the audience and chat, very interesting.' He explained that when there is live up to 1.7 million people watching, but also on Popular Yunnan region over the first list.

Zhang Naishen introduced on the platform can attract attention by giving small gifts, gifts with the 'diamond' Exchange, corresponding to different gifts 'Diamond' different number of available RMB 1:10 bought 'Diamond'; on the other hand, receive anchor 'diamond' will be converted into an equivalent number of 'votes reflect' on the anchor, it can also be used ticket exchange reflected back to the 'diamond', the equivalent of playing tickets. In addition, the anchor also received votes in proportion to reflect withdrawals, may be doing price of 10 yuan, 'Diamond' raised more than 3 yuan cash.

'Turn around back, less money can also understand, after all, companies need to pay operating costs.' Zhang Naishen introduction, but the popularity fiery anchor, the votes obtained reflect far more than its 'Diamond' cost to purchase, 'so do after it is profitable. '

However, to operate from their own fame is not easy. 'The high level of popular talent, face, level too low will be looked down upon.' Zhangnai Shen said viewing or host a live, can enhance the level of their own, but the speed is too slow, and only on the platform in order to quickly upgrade gift brush, so he start buying a diamond brush gift, in June a total cost of about 6,000 yuan.

In July, reflected off platform announcement that the 'double' activities, anchor 100 may be obtained Cinema ticket: 16 RMB exchange ratio, more than before the exchange doubled. For Zhangnai Shen, this is a good way to quickly upgrade could save costs, in July he spent 9,000 yuan. To the end of July, his account has more than 40 million votes reflect, according to double the return of activity to get more than 20,000 yuan, net of costs to earn about $ 10,000.

Reflect on passenger platforms, investment Zhang Naishen only a small number. Southern reporter to incomplete statistics found that anchor spent on buying diamonds from tens of thousands to tens of thousands dollars, up to $ 7 million.

Account a life and wealth

Ying live off provisions doubles event, the resulting user reflect upon the votes of the month of 100: 32 proportion of withdrawals, the extra charge to the user accounts doubled in the next month on the 20th, before you can withdraw cash. Zhang Naishen intend resident platform, the use of diamonds reflect ticket exchange ratio of withdrawals to be cost-effective, and he will reflect the votes to stay in the account and plans to continue to brush rating and popularity.

However, the August 1, Zhang Naishen discovered that the title of the account by the system. The system displays, the reason for the title 'irregularities gifts act', and unblocking time was 'permanent title, not unseal.' 'Also take account of the money does not come out.' Zhangnai Shen said he also found the same reasons as their titles anchor 36, formed a group chat ready to discuss that.

Shaanxi Yang Shanshan has a student body of two anchor accounts, a total of 150,000 fans, but have been sealed. She told reporters the South, only in July to spend 10 million yuan operating two accounts.

Yang Shanshan introduced two accounts in order to operate well, she has a little sleep on a platform that is broadcast five hours, during which the platform to ordinary tourists gifts, chat, 'he is a fan of a pull to have powder is alive. 'she said, as the anchor, in private but also to build a fan base, red envelopes RBI, maintaining fan, have a minimum of one week a group of two hundred.

Yang Shanshan admits, is for the future maintenance of the fans do drainage products, recently, Hangzhou, a micro-surgery hospital to find her hope that the cooperation, she said, only she is willing to advertise in one day a few thousand dollars of income.

However, the account is to win the title, Yang Shanshan plans dashed. Yang Shanshan even more anxious that her new recharge a few million to the side is borrowed classmates and friends, 'Ben thought after August return doubled back, which is also under die.'

For reasons title, was closed over the anchor told reporters the South, previously, they had never heard of it does not understand what 'illegal gifts,' and reflect off the TV also did not make excessive provisions.


Ying Customer: gray transactions involving the account title

Ying Keguan Network August 2 released an announcement, some users said the platform 'bypass rules, illegal access to a large number of passengers reflected diamonds, illegal cash', after an investigation found that some anchor implicated, and illegal users of gray transactions, which is eligible beneficial.

August 5, reflected off an official statement further explained that before the platform part of the user using the 'black card' to purchase large quantities of diamonds, after investigation, the 'black card' users through the series with some anchors, the illicit diamond exchange Cinema ticket after withdrawals, resulting in platform losses have reached more than 3 million yuan. 'Black card' refers to invalid credit card or unknown origin, after the 'black card' users to buy diamonds, but the platform side can not receive the purchase price.

The statement said that the current Beijing has reflected off the police, at the same time, for some anchor, reflected off the associated 'black card' transaction also will depend on the size of the amounts involved to take account suspended use, cash or gifts, and other functions.

Reflected off a staff member told reporters the South, the system displays the 'permanent title,' the account has been confirmed to participate in the 'illegal deals' that their accounts accepting 'illegal diamonds'; the number of such accounts 'illicit diamonds' will investigation by a certain percentage, if a large proportion of involvement in serious condition, need to wait for the public security organs for further processing.

In this regard, Zhang Naishen and many other display systems 'permanent title' anchor south are reporters denied active association 'black card' users and illicit diamonds, it is worth noting that they mentioned, anchor receiving gifts is passive, accepting diamonds they neither identify whether diamonds 'illegal' and can not refuse to accept. In addition, Yang Shanshan that 'illicit diamonds' is the platform itself caused problems, not for the anchor to bear the consequences.

However, reflected off the statement said, whether active or passive anchors and 'black card' users of the related party transactions, as long as the withdrawal is to derive a benefit, the statement described it as 'illegal to obtain benefits,' adding that suspected illegal.

Lawyer: not as a 'presumption of guilt'

Zhangnai Shen, Yang Shanshan, who do not agree with the platform argument. In their view, the consequence is reflected off its own system vulnerabilities caused onto anchor bear. Over blocked anchor said, to get the recognition of visitors, like, and even willing to send diamonds, 'are relying on their own efforts to anchor, should be legitimate income.'

No intention of accepting 'illegal diamonds' is the anchor legitimate income? Members Commerce Association Policy Legal Committee of the Chinese Internet legal experts lawyer Yu Guofu told reporters the South, in Ying-off event, 'black card' users to buy diamonds acts are invalid transaction, the identification of 'black card' corresponds to the diamond whereabouts after , reflected off the right to cancel the transaction and recover these payments.

However, in The Wealth of Nations that, in the current judiciary has not been the case conclusions, reflected off of the storage process in the anchor account funds, there is no evidence to see reflected off, and whether it can be proved deliberately blocked anchor and 'black card' users series, judgment and assume responsibility, not as a 'presumption of guilt.' Yu Guofu said, do not rule out the 'black card' users 'cover-up', resulting in some of the anchor being implicated innocent. For Ying-off measures such as the title, in rich countries think that there is no legal basis 'to reflect customer behavior anchor title requires legal, agreement, or official bulletin advance notification as a support.'

Southern reporter was learned from over closed at anchor, reflect on passenger platforms, anchors must agree to 'reflect customer service and privacy' and 'Cinema anchor off agreement' the two agreements, they say, before the official announcement, the Ying-off did not accept prompt 'illicit diamonds' will be the title.

Yu Guofu and over the Internet lawyer said, the relevant laws and two above-mentioned agreements are not accepting 'illegal diamonds' has made provisions to reflect customer accounts there 'illegal diamonds' anchor user behavior is no provision of title support.

Zhangnai Shen told reporters the South, two days, another 14 were blocked anchor into its activist group, Zhangnai Shen said he arrived in Beijing on August 4, as representatives blocked anchor, will hire a lawyer to seek explanation. (Respondents should request the text Yang Shanshan pseudonym) (Source: 'Nanfang Dushi Bao'; text / Ji stone to cure Lin)

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