An occasion to Rio Olympic Games, Jin phone successfully grabbed headlines Marketing Implications

Research papers Download News: August 6 headlines should belong to the official opening of the Olympic Games in Rio. We know that, although this is less than the Rio Olympic Games 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as being of national concern, but as the quadrennial global sporting event, still has a very broad and powerful influence, while the major domestic companies are naturally reluctant occasion to marketing opportunities missed during the Olympic Games, Olympic marketing war between the major brands is already started.

And just today (August 6) morning, in the East Building to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio at the same time, micro-channel circle of friends but suddenly Jin phone suddenly a scraper.

The reason is that Jin phone today put in Shenzhen Evening News front page ads, this ad triggered scraper sucked this reason the Rio Olympics largest groove point 'safety' and Jin phone's biggest selling point of the M6 series a 'built-in security encryption chip' cleverly combined together, thus sparked strong resonance, and then in the circle of friends formed scraper, successfully grabbed the headlines today, but it also makes Jin phone became the first successful occasion this year in Rio de Janeiro Games brand.

So, Jin phone this occasion to marketing success in the end is reflected in where? And in the end bring us in marketing it? East Building may wish to analyze:

Olympics occasion is a technical job, accidentally eat 'lawsuit'?

In general, the main occasion Olympic brand marketing in two ways: The first is the direct sponsorship of the Olympic Committee, the IOC has made a series of brand licensing, with the Olympic Games closer together, and then let the user will Follow the Olympic brand is transferred to the body, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the brand worldwide influence and sales. For now, the IOC sponsors are global brands, such as the current level Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola, McDonald's, GE, Samsung and so on.

According to the International Olympic Committee announced the 2015 Market Handbook disclosed, TOP sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games a total of 11, to obtain sponsorship revenue $ 950 million, an average of each sponsorship fee of up to $ 86.36 million, which is obviously most enterprise unbearable, so this class manufacturers belong to wealthy wayward global players, but also on the IOC sponsors as well as a rigorous examination, it is not money on the line. According to the Rio Olympic official website has released show that a total of 25 different types of sponsors. Obviously, only a few Olympic partners, the vast majority of companies are not directly borrow Olympics 'wind.'

The other is a non-Olympic partners with their own brand and product characteristics were an occasion to ride the marketing. However, this year the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in order to ensure the maximization of their own interests and sponsors, specially modified article 40 of the Olympic Charter, tort crackdown, which lists a number of acts of non-Olympic partner allowed, for example, any express or implied with the Olympics there is a link, and may not be used in any form such as the Olympic intellectual property rights, and such can not be used together by any form of 'Olympic listed words or expressions' and so on, which means that enterprises in order to aid Olympic walking a fine line this event marketing opportunities minimal.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Article 40 rules

Jin phone grabbed the pretext of the Olympic Games, 'headlines', what in marketing?

Because of this, if the enterprise is not the Olympic partners, in order to catch this quadrennial Olympic 'Dongfeng' brand marketing must be done on, to ensure that neither the formation of the infringement, but also to allow people to the Rio Games and their product or brand closely linked, which is obviously a technical job. And today, Jin phone served by Shenzhen Evening News brand advertising success grabbed the headlines, it is very evident 'technical content.' Mainly in three aspects:

The first is the creative ingenious. Jin clever newspaper 'Olympic opening ceremony this morning,' headlines and 'built-in security encryption chip' ads are combined, it passed the news at the same time, by Reminder way to bring attention to Jin phone 'security first, 'the selling point, there is no sense of violation and looks. And we mentioned earlier, due to the stringent regulations of the IOC, the Olympic occasion to brand marketing companies need to be careful, little attention is easy to be accused of infringing the IOC, so how can we get people to their product and this Games linked, it will not be considered infringement, which is challenging the wisdom of the marketing team.

And this idea very clever Jin, by 'Reminder' clever way to the front page ads and headlines together, not only to avoid the 'trap' of infringement, but also to its own security and selling this product Olympic media has been much criticized and questioned the 'security question' link up, making it possible to produce a strong resonance, sparking netizens forwarding circle of friends. Obviously, this is the occasion to marketing Jin phone among the most admirable place.

It followed occasion clever timing. The so-called natural occasion to marketing the most important is the need to grasp a good marketing opportunity, because only the best time to be cut, to be able to get the best results. Jin phone the latest release's flagship phone is the main super endurance and security chip M6 / M6 Plus official release date was set at 10:00 on August 6, which is the Olympic Games opening day, is clearly not a coincidence, but is likely to 'intentional whom. '

We know that the Olympic Games opening ceremony has been the highlight of each Olympic Games, especially in the Olympic Games opening day, more attention is the highest peak in the Olympic news. And the opening of the Olympic Games, Jin phone simultaneous release, and the help of people for the Olympic Games security issues of concern, the success of 'Amway' its own built-in encryption security chip selling point of this product, obviously makes it easier for people to get recognition.

Finally, Jin phone today has been able to refresh my circle of friends, not just rely on clever creative marketing and grasp the timing due to, in fact, can not do without Jin phone since the most recent brand marketing layout.

We know that in the published newspaper ads scraper circle of friends before a successful occasion to marketing the Rio Olympic Games, Jin phone actually has done a series of marketing bedding.

First in Rio, according to the official opening of the Olympic Games only a ten-day July 26, Jin phone M6 / M6 Plus held a grand conference, and publish 'mobile core war' ad clip at the conference site, the brand spokesperson Feng Xiaogang, Shawn two also starring the scene, 'built-in security encryption chip,' the selling point caused much discussion on social media.

After the conference, the 'mobile core war' began advertising the movie on the microblogging crazy pass, including ZhouDongYu including entertainment stars, director of Do not shoot me, Xu crossing it and other micro broad number rushed forwards, which makes Jin phone core selling point 'built-in security encryption chip' has once again been well known.

ZhouDongYu microblogging forward 'mobile core war' interaction with Shawn

Then in at 15:00 on August 5, the most popular 'red star networks,' Xue Qian Jin release implant of mobile advertising, 'you do not know ... I pulled the' short video on the microblogging Weibo, for two consecutive days became popular microblogging, short video ad playback volume of nearly 30 million, sparking Jin phone users to focus again.

Then is this morning, at the Olympic Games opening ceremony is still underway, Jin phone brand in Shenzhen Evening News published ads start scraper circle of friends, successfully grabbed headlines today. Clearly, Jin phone for the 'built-in encryption security chip' of the core selling point has always stressed and continued manufacturing topics on social media, has become today Jin phone grabbed the 'headline' hint.

Overall, Jin phone today has been able to grab the scraper formed circle of friends 'headline' on the occasion of the Rio Olympic Games successful, and not just rely on clever timing and creativity, as well as more long-term brand marketing layout. And through newspapers, microblogging, letters and other joint interaction of old and new media, but also makes Jin phone 'safe' brand identity has been to maximize the spread. (Source: Reliance perspective; Wen / Li East Building)

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