Huang Xiaoming are coming, grassroots live the golden age of the remaining running out

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I live for today hot phenomenon has been in doubt but for a long time no one answers, that is, a large number of grass-roots network now live in the era of easy riches red, in the several tens of millions into the usual, but in a certain society consumption areas are roughly constant, net red roots have money had come from, and who could have been in? Such income can last long? In fact, solve the first two problems are related to the answer to the latter question, because the only clear source of income, you can determine how long it can last.

Nobody knows who the specific red roots network who robbed jobs, resulting in reduced income who. But in this circle, many people know, it is the golden age roots can never be lasting, must be profitable as early as possible, just as easily at the enrichment depression, sooner or later, would have attracted a stronger opponent, so as to reconstruct Matthew. Live, too, are holding a red grassroots network by phone single-handedly face of accomplishments can earn pours, so if professional entertainers and regular army 'industrial production' come out?

Then the wolf instantly. At 11:00 on August 1, 2016, it's clear from the mainland Chinese entertainment famous actor Huang Xiaoming staged its first investment conference in Shanghai, announced a major push into broadcast industry. Conference site star-studded, in addition to Huang Xiaoming himself, and his friend Hu Hai-Quan, Chen Yu Fan, a lot of famous microblogging network red memories special vest, off eight president husband Ma Rui, Constellation Little Prince, Tong Zhuo Ma Ye Xing, also will all be present.

In the conference, obviously not brought much entertainment and product specific content and detailed cooperation plans, and spend more time in the interpretation of its content strategy, business models and business objectives. For live entertainment obviously ambitious, the goal is not to check several network red, or launch a show, but to integrate their own resources and partners, and with the pan-entertainment agencies, and a variety of live entertainment big V resources included in within the entertainment media circles since the parties shared, thereby beginning deep pan-entertainment entertainment, and thus become 'the biggest live content providers' and 'Max live IP Rights Party', in other words, it's clear ambition is to entertainment Hunan Satellite TV has become the era of live or Tencent mutual entertainment.

Regular army is coming, the end of the red grass-roots network?

Do 'live content providers' and 'Live IP Rights Party', it may be a lot giants are simmering similar idea, but more lurkers, but obviously the entertainment is the first clear call for such a strategy. Behind this trend is based on a judgment that the mobile broadcast has opened a new era of video media, with TV and video can become the site par third generation video media has become a major core pan-entertainment era. In this era, people more than it did previously accustomed to watching TV, mobile video sites, like the habit of watching TV, and may at any time, any place to initiate live production, life is entertainment, entertainment is life.

If you agree with this trend judgment, it will inevitably produce the same demand judgment. Now, in the age of television, and Broadcast after the star to compete with television stations broke into huge demand for content and IP, spending huge sums of money purchase become the norm, and the contents of the supply side to make a variety show explosion models, often brings revenue of more than 1 billion; in the era of video sites, iQIYI and music, as other sites later spent tens of billions of copyrighted content ...... then after the arrival of the era of live, BAT have been completed in the broadcast field layout, plus hundreds live site spared and multibillion-dollar market in order to compete with each other, they will sooner or later burst into a huge demand for quality content and quality of IP. And obviously in the early stages of entertainment to do it is to rely on their own resources, making a number of high-quality live variety show, sold to the major broadcast platform, eventually forming a 'brand + Star + live' content industry ecosystem, in the age of television , the light is so started.

Obviously entertainment is just the beginning, there will be more power to participate in the competition in the production of live content, the content of which is equal to the reverse side of ripening broadcast industry. Because although live internet users because a lot of support and real-time, authenticity, live, interactive, technical, becoming rich beyond graphic media, but most people are still stuck in cognitive UGC even fossil level show, the reason is broadcast platform still use primitive, savage, simple way of competition consumer users, a few red anchor network show can hold up a live platform is a common phenomenon.

But obviously appear entertainment mode ---- upgrade wilderness areas of live entertainment to professional level, will likely be the end of the era of wilderness live, or even bring a large-scale reshuffle of live content, live variety while open era. Also it means that, since obviously regular entertainment such intervention, grassroots live easily or whether individual efforts alone Rijindoujin era will come to the end.

Of course, the end of the golden age of live roots does not mean the networks red anchor abjection, in fact, in the capital and professionally produced blessing, some of 'Zhaoan,' the red and into the professional network of grass-roots anchor the star will gradually , there may even become mainstream entertainment stars such Xiaoming, after all, reached the broadcast industry also needs regular army personnel support, as can be seen clearly from the entertainment options of the first content production partners, they are micro broad number, comes with a fan, a huge influence. As a test the water and the first show, at the press conference that night, recalled his famous special vest and cats and dogs, 'Dragon' and 'niu' In the home salted egg premiere open platform, five minutes viewership reached 500,000 in half an hour within exceeded three million, the highest peak close to four million, the data are very impressive in the industry.

Salted egg home is broadcast platform Xiaoming Friends Yu Quan investment, this platform is a rare and little meat to the men, featuring live platform, since it is the men, of course, led to the female audience, open the 'male beauty Economic Times' .

It should be noted that, although a professional model reached, but live is a big open era, are still opportunities to end the so-called golden age for everyone, only for 'fool can make money period' is concerned, the Golden Age after that, there is the Silver age.

Huang Xiaoming success you can not learn

Obviously investment layout broadcast industry, is a typical 'style Huang Xiaoming investment', when Huang Xiaoming acting is certainly shirtless, but in the investment but never alone, which is characterized by quasi-vision, good at absorbing recommends leveraging unity, Understand use . Since 2005, Huang Xiaoming has been 11 years on top of Forbes China celebrity list, ranking first in the mainland male artist, not only in the entertainment mix of wind and water, in the business world, but also earn a pours. It is no coincidence. Huang Xiaoming honest outsiders say, in fact, there is great wisdom, last year I wrote an article entitled 'Success Huang Xiaoming you can not learn,' this analysis, reading rate is high.

Enter the live industry, Huang Xiaoming said it has long recognized that 'since the arrival of the media age,' adding that eight years ago had thought, after an own platform to do, to do live, so from the media. But the real hand, when the reception is not involved in their own live, do from the media, choosing instead the boss behind the scenes, organizing live star, or even a star, it seems there is definitely behind adequate guidance.

In fact, as a super power, for the arrival of Huang Xiaoming, live platform is already expected, even they love and love, remember that with the beginning of microblogging CEO Wang Gaofei chat, and asked if he did live the most anticipated and most worried about what he Once the star is said to realize the importance of live, have to do live, it will definitely attract a large audience, worried about the cost of bandwidth can not stand. This sentence reflects the problem two points, one star will be a decisive force in the broadcast industry, but for various reasons have not yet invested in; the other means of profit, broadcast industry is still relatively simple, still in the burn phase .

Huang Xiaoming's clever in that he did not directly introduced into the star to live in ---- this model is too expensive, the current Internet users rely on a reward certainly could not cover the costs, but take a live variety show production mode, such expertise is not only Huang Xiaoming, and more reliable profit model, the program can obviously entertainment broadcast platform to sell more than you burn, we make money. Although obviously not yet used entertainment stars, but only red microblogging network, but in the long view, this pattern will sooner or later star in the early introduction of a large number of test water ---- like making traditional variety show that. (Source: Micro World)

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