Research report: over Indus Institute: Silver Orange Media: leading Internet advertising precise delivery service providers

Internet advertising precise delivery service providers. Companies rely on ADPush platform, YCloud big data analysis system and its own media resources, focus on advertisers and advertising agencies to provide accurate and efficient Internet advertising. 2010 inception, has been Shanda, provide accurate ad serving United States together superior products, Taobao, Swiss Air, KFC and other more than 1,300 e-commerce, online games, brand customers.

The rapid growth of online advertising market. Benefit from the traditional Internet, the rapid development and increased use of the Internet to carry out marketing activities of mobile Internet advertisers, rapid increase in the size of the online advertising market, the third quarter of 2015 amounted to 55.8 billion yuan, an increase of 32.31%. It is expected within a few years the Internet advertising market will continue to maintain rapid growth.

The whole technology chain competitive advantage. Company ADPush business support platform through continued upgrades to improve, basically have the digital marketing industry full link function, enhance the company in the Internet marketing field the whole technology chain competitive advantage.

Strategic layout of the upstream and downstream. 2015 introduction of strategic investment shareholders Xinhua, through strategic investment card Division, perplexity communications, investment to set up wholly-owned subsidiary Orange Silver Investment Management Co., Ltd. Lok Orange Internet. Companies based in the main industry, and the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to develop multifaceted cooperation, improve the 'Internet +' industrial layout, the company eventually grow into ecologically competitive enterprise-class platform.

profit prediction

The company forecast 2016, 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit was 075 million yuan, 102 million yuan, earnings per share were 0.56 yuan, 0.75 yuan.

risk warning

Risk technology upgrade, the risk of rising costs of media channels, the core technology and commercial secrets leak risk. (Source: over Indus Institute; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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