China Electronic Commerce Research Center net economic red channel formally launched

Research papers Download News: 'red network' has become one of the hottest vocabulary this year. Red means broad network has a lot of fans on the Internet grass-roots public figures, especially those narrow red net young and beautiful, also have a certain number of fans founder of women's shop. 1999 'red network' since the rise of culture, has 17 years of time.

And a few years ago through a network of red up 'Sister Lotus' 'Feng' and so on by Reds fool limelight and popularity compared emerged in recent years, 'red network' has become their advanced version, known as ' red net 2.0 times. ' Red with the first generation network different from fashion, hand piece, anchor, and the like 'net red 2.0', not only to fight face value, but also to fight talent, they have a unique style, location, shot through the United States, live, Being a fan of the short video, the business model from 'offline' to move to 'online' by fans pay, businesses get advertising revenue, a 'red network economy' concept.

Recently, the so-called 'new media marketing in the history of the first big event,' the investment conference sauce Papi, Papi sauce single video ads sold 22 million yuan price, attracting enormous attention. Thus for the 'red network economy' hot topic, the electricity supplier portals, domestic 'Internet +' think tank China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN) officially launched the 'network Reds into the 2.0 era gave birth to the 'net red economy' 'channel (, which contains the dry papers, articles and dynamic character articles.

It is reported that the channel covers the red Internet + network platform, characters, dynamic content and other dry goods industry, the Internet industry has been red + Net comprehensive news coverage, opinion summary, research and analysis, to grasp the Internet + network now this red hot, internet + is a professional network of red information, research platform.

According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center learned in Sydney, Zhang Dayi, Zhao Daxi, Panyu Run, Forest house as the representative of Taobao red sauce with papi, Mi Meng, Luo Zhenyu, Wang Nima, Ma Rui, Muya Lan, di more canteen, represented by the red content network to tea sister, sister Furong, Xifeng event, represented by the red network to Sicong, Yike li, the fellow uncle, a small star called the beast is easy to stay a few hands, as the representative of the apostle son microblogging network red to bright yellow, Chen Turin, south-sheng, Wang Liuwen, Zhou Yang Qing, represented by the color value of net red to Miss Han Yi Ying, royal White, Kokura carry, if the wind is represented by gaming network red, not only to fight Yan also on the value of talent, under the 'red network economy' birth, gradually usher in a golden era from the media.

'Red network economy' is becoming a fashion, many young people to become goal. 'Network Red' true value, strive to improve their content and skills so that they have a distinctive place, have higher skills of others. Network Red 'need innovation, we need to find something that others do not have, to find the value of capital investment can be smelled.

Net crazy red index soaring, a trend in the future is red + Net Entertainment, the star of the red network, network entertainment television of red. Cross-border, red net financing Internet + entertainment era, stars, IP detonated super popular. It is understood that free download had also launched a 'China + Internet star sink' channel (, fencing star share the latest developments in cross-border Internet, a comprehensive analysis of the star 'electric shock' Internet behind the Music explore how should '+' original dry Internet.

Director free download, Guoneishoubu 'Internet + air industry,' Cao Lei believes that 'red network model' in order to become investment outlet, generally have several elements: First, the fans to have a certain amount; secondly, the fans, have the ability to scale realized; again, to comply with current laws and regulations, and finally, red net realizable model to be sustainable.

Red network economy is 'short-lived', or will 'become the next outlet'? Research papers Download main Rencao Lei said that the two are not split. In papi sauce to illustrate the red wind net economic investment has come. And 'Reds economy' has been associated with human existence, since ancient times, from foreign to domestic. 'Red network economy' is nothing more than the further spread of the Internet platform through the red range, speed.

It is reported that, free download is using the Internet thinking, the idea of creating an open platform for Internet + famous folk think tank. Operates the leading third-party e-commerce portal (, decades commitment to the resources industry, business, news, data, case reports integration. Positioned to promote Chinese manufacturing, retail, services, financial services, agriculture, import and export as well as Internet-based government.

The Center also has long been concerned about the Internet, '3000' by the real-name registration certificate of reporters, including a media library, and operates electricity supplier Research Centre (i100EC), online shopping rights platform (dswq315); Internet Financial Times (hlwjrsd100) Three industry well-known micro-channel public number, covering a total of nearly 200,000 high-end users. (Text / nine)

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