Combat: asking for a light Taobao operating skills?

Research papers Download News: This article documents a lot of tips and ideas Taobao operations, though scattered, but very practical. This article is only suitable for the electricity business friends to read.

'Lighting articles' about a lot of truths, this article will introduce you to my practical experience. Since it is the experience, there is no theoretical system, so this article will look more fragmented, but these are my real operational lessons learned, if you read carefully, there will be harvest.

Some people may have questions, really useful experience to share with you out, not afraid to imitate you? Before a friend had a shop explosion models to be copied, he was very angry, think of a way to go to get to the other side down. I said to him, someone to imitate you, that you succeed, if you now spend on dealing with your imitator, you're moving backwards. The face of competition, the best way is through continuous exploration and innovation, and gradually out of their own style, build barriers to competition. Like a ghost feet seven from the media, as there is a very unique column [7] brother chat, this column if you imitate others, can only imitate the form, content can not be imitated. Over time, have their own style, natural barriers to competition is established.

Taobao marketing means many different shops have different methods, but the end result is nothing more than the last search traffic, customer price, the conversion rate, ROI, repurchase rate five points, the basic operations ultimate purpose is to enhance these areas data. Next, talk about some of my experiences point:

1. Search.

Search optimization combined train made more sense, given statements train data exposure, CTR and click conversion rate can give you a lot of inspiration for search optimization. About the search can look at my micro letter written before 'ghost foot seven' Article 021 'title Taobao search optimization'

2. The conversion rate.

Conversion rate is a very market-oriented things, based on an understanding of customer needs, others can not give advice. But there is a very interesting thing: there is an industry, do lose money paid promotion, has been the loss of hundreds of thousands, the loss to a certain extent only became profitable. Breakeven point is throwing money to a certain sales volume, because after a certain sales volume can bring to improve the conversion rate, and a high conversion rate can be improved ROI to the point of profitability. (Caution)

3. ROI.

The same ROI data, different store results in different sectors. Because some of them bring a single sales, some bring a client, and the client has a 30% chance (repo rate) continued consumption. If you are the former shop, pay must be strategic, to maintain sales growth and so on. If you are the latter, regardless of the cost increase investment, because after you get the customer's costs will rise faster than the price.

4. repurchase rate.

Mouwang ERP software providers to get venture capital, the most valuable is actually not the product, but the customer data. If you are unable to do anything for the status quo shop, the only wrong is to think of ways to take advantage of your good old customer data. We tend to train blind watching others do, and he did. But is there to think about, if the same loss of 1,000 yuan, the loss of good old customers to 100, or loss to 100 new customers better? More importantly, I guess, 100 and old customers to buy 100 new customers to buy and which to sort search plus more?

5. The repurchase rate.

Each customer can see the sheets are free of billboards. We're talking repo rate, they tend to be limited to an ID on a natural person. In fact, behind each ID is a circle, from this perspective, there is no can not do repurchase industry. It is no exaggeration to say that we express a single invoice and set up every word is carefully repeated thinking. There is a thought: repo rate is not better? Too high is not that shop to acquire new customers is a problem?

6. The re-conversion.

Every Apple released a new product for a few months, the owner of a baby and we may take only 10 minutes. Personally think that the cost of a lot of places we want to minimize, but the cost of new shelves must not be spared, many shops do a lot of product, like a shotgun mahjong, by probability, began to look like anything, but the more you later You will find that SKU will seriously increase your operating costs. (Behind new shelves will talk about my process, step 8)

7. opponents.

The success of others will not be easily replicated, but to others is + own micro-innovation to be successful. Taobao do not feel that they are cattle, take a look at the ups and downs of the history of the Taobao shop cattle industry, you know this or not, you stop learning.

8. train.

I am a novice in this current conversion rate of 16%, but the customer price is too low, ROI only do 1: 2, the personal feeling is the picture, caused by changes in CTR sales and click-conversion. Report data straight to see more cars, more contrast and summary. Personal feeling, compared to sales of train, train data comparison is important for the development of the network's thinking.

9. Taobao off.

Big Taobao customers are basically default crawl, so in order to Amoy high traffic, consider going to a scouring to do activities, like before you make a few 30-day spend commission rankings profession. Taobao off is the simplest and most useful means of promotion, we recommend blind people preferred.

10. The customer price.

Here it must be mentioned Taobao most useful marketing tool, with packages. We have not noticed KFC packages, we have calculated that a package how much money you could save it? Just 3 dollars! But it is most people will choose packages. I know he did not save any money, or packages each point, and why? Because easy. In the commodity class shops, with packages can be made godlike tools. Even in the other categories, with the package can also be made with a lot of product marketing and search optimization strategies. Customer demand for the pay, not just cheap.

When it comes to customer price, also say Taobao personalized search, many people have asked how to optimize? In fact, like this because of who you deliberately chasing girl running, it is generally difficult to achieve. And when your little girl dressed as a favorite look, girl their own initiative and you get in a word, you basically successful. Personalized Search is not asked us how to optimize, but we have to figure out where their target group, and then made himself the target groups want the search engine to adapt naturally to us.

Let me say I am a single product growth process, it says a lot of commonality of thinking, but here are personalized approach:

One: Process Step Added 8

1. The product selection meeting (very important, paranoid talk about, choose items need arbitrary)

2. Study of the opponent (the opponent's understanding and learning strategies, their record selling copywriting and focus customer reviews)

3. Copy pictures (pictures are the expression of a selling point, you must find a good selling point before photographing what how expressed pictures, such as ultra-thin heat sink can MACbook contrast etc.)

4. ASAT shot chart

5. Customer bonus (in fact, no shortage of new search traffic, no sales because people do not want mice, so the top ten sales customer service high commission)

6. questionnaire visit (strong purpose, have completed by the product shelves, the top ten customers have to visit to understand the reasons impress customers, in order to optimize the description, improve the conversion rate)

7. The secondary describe (the most points to impress the customer event in the former home, adding other points of interest in returning customer)

8. Product qualitative and Taobao off adjustment (a possible explosion models, or an ordinary sale, or to delete?)

II: conversion lever

Sales of new solutions:

1. Support high bonuses. Desires that we should managers rather than civic-minded.

2. customers coupons, is this a legitimate brush sales.

3. and the best-selling product with gift packages.

4. Describe tell customers buy new polite.

Paid to promote the premise: a single product reaches the store conversion rate above average, shop recommended, too, after all the resources they shop is also a resource.

3: Product Growth Process

1. Push the front of a single product to their targets. As the imaginary enemy, remember not to beat him, but beyond him. After the own goal will have a strong psychological suggestion is very important!

2. Taobao off first to open, as much as possible to the commission, Taobao customer this period do not count the cost.

3. The old customer feedback, coupons to purchase the same regardless of the cost.

4. train to do some accurate long tail words, do not touch hot words, to test the market response.

5. If the sales growth remained good, consider the hot words, drill exhibition paid promotion. Consider signing activities.

6. Use hot words test train main map click conversion rate and click-through rate, one week on a regular basis to optimize the main map, adjust Taobao off commission.

About Taobao operational, you can write too many things. In marketing, many sellers have a lot of tricks of ideas, in fact, our idea is not easy to convey to the customer, most marketing activities are unsuccessful.

Before I think Taobao is a very fun game sellers can earn money, but I forced myself to put 40% of customers who focus on targeting 40% of the focus on product and pricing. It seems now, the primary sellers too, sell a brand is the most exciting game. (Source: Colombian chat 7; compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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