Combat: Baby you can drop right back on the shelves?

Research papers Download News: Question 1: novice just getting started with the shop, the focus should be complementary to those where there is knowledge related to the operation of the document?

Novice started Taobao shop, shop background to understand some of the privileges of using the basic rules Taobao shop theory known processes can focus Taobao ten thousand university or college.

Question 2: this time there is no natural flow upward trend, do not know the cause of the changed title

If the natural flow of a single product has been a recent upward trend, changed the title after the flow in a straight line trend, this is caused by the change of title

Question 3: Paid traffic accounts for thirty percent of the normal right

Under certain store basis, store traffic structure, accounting for less than 30% charge can be considered a healthier shop, along with intense electrical charge proportional to compete widening year by year, to do paid promotion is not only to improve the flow shop, there are important outputs, the pro tangled traffic in the proportion of the time, more time to think about the input-output ratio.

Question 4: The baby shelves right down to the warehouse deleted after seven working days after the recovery edit shelves, the original sales also do evaluation

Product ID unchanged, the original product sales and evaluation are real.

Question 5: Recycle Bin recycling, edit shelves will not unblock Id do not change, will not be the same as or shield??

Said one thousand ten thousand, as their own real knife real gun again for a while.

Question 6: pro, hello, I want to know how the baby details page insert video

The release of products when there add video functionality to be ordered Youku and other video software.

Question 7: Hello, I do highly seasonal products, is to do fur, recently registered companies want to open business Taobao, but half do not know how to operate a good change, please advise

Seasonal fur products really strong, but in the first half can lay the product templates, make a good product images, in-store sales of some products can be hung side driving traffic store, or some of the amount of body weight or credibility of the name.

Question 8: Will the teacher, shelves baby what time to change the title, the main map, details page will not affect the product ranking?

For SEO optimization is the premise of the product in terms of product or no natural search traffic limited circumstances, will go for the optimal adjustment of the product title, main picture and details.

Product title and after the main image changes in real time Taobao included, the main image a direct impact on click-through rate, affect conversion details page.

Question 9: Can I use a business logo and pictures such authorization for my shop will have no effect down the right?

This will not have the formal authorization of the business, you are selling products and pictures are legal compliance, even if there are other distributors complaints are not afraid, you only need to provide proof of authorization.

Question 10: Mobile Exclusive canceled, why there are many mobile phone Taobao exclusive display phones where to set the price of the phone side??

Mobile Exclusive price that is set up in late March has been canceled, the follow-up product will not set up a wireless exclusive price, but does not affect the already set before good Mobile Exclusive price.

Question 11: Remove the baby down right off the shelf shelves seven working days to do the editing, restocking will not give the right to drop it?

This method has been asked a lot of friends, and I believe there are users already in combat, and this way the child through okay, heard that a thousand times better than their own real one back,

Question 12: Why shop Quality Score rating has dropped to single brush also declined recently are no customers to evaluate a large floating green god Weapon!

DSR shop is store all customer sales orders given rating statistics. As you shop so no customers are given the recent reviews, ratings but floating green, then you may have only one shop in the move, Ali cleared brush before a single score.

Question 13: What is a IP simultaneously with two hanging shop category yet?

Well, you can. This does not affect, if linked with an IP 2 selling the same products it will be judged repeated Distribution. (Source: World compile white reading: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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