2015 WeChat Economic and Social Impact Study Report

Research papers Download News: changing social habits of the user, while the micro-channel is accelerating to promote economic development. According to 'micro-channel Economic and Social Impact Study Report' (hereinafter 'Report') shows that last year led directly to micro-channel information consumption 138.1 billion yuan, an increase of 45%, equivalent to 4.31 percent last year, the total size of China's information consumption.

'Report' shows that as of end of last year, wechat micro-channel and combined monthly active users reached 697 million, an increase of 39%, currently supports 20 kinds of foreign language versions, covering more than 200 countries and regions. At 138.1 billion yuan last year, micro-channel pull consumer information, the flow rate of consumption as the main source, the data grew 44.7%, reaching 125.4 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the telecommunications industry revenue flow, over 60% of users said the past year and because micro-channel flow increased consumption, nearly 46% of users to replace the smart phone with the micro channel has a direct or indirect relationship.

In addition to consumer traffic, the Internet value-added services is another important source of information for the consumer-driven service. The measure, driven by last year's micro-channel Internet value-added services consumption over 12.6 billion yuan, an increase of 55.3%. In addition, life, transportation, shopping, etc., directly contributing to the real economy, micro-channel consumption 275.2 billion yuan, of which life services WeChat wallet, shopping and transportation service class functional usage were 62.2%, 39.7% and 28.4%.

According to 'report', the current micro-channel card tie cumulative number of users over 200 million, with 10 million of public accounts, 200,000 third-party developers, 600,000 Enterprise. The report estimates that the scale of social micro-channel to promote employment of 1747 million, an increase of 73.5%, of which 439 million direct jobs, an increase of 128.7%; indirect employment 1308 million, an increase of 60.5%. (Source: People)

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