Jingdong supply and marketing strategic cooperation with Shandong depth layout

Free paper Download Center News: September 24, the National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives agricultural social service cum scene will promote comprehensive reform held in Gaomi City, Shandong Province, was attended by Gongxiaozongshe party secretary Wang Xia, vice governor of Shandong Province,赵润田 other leaders to promote a comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives have made important initial results give full recognition, in which supply and comprehensive cooperation with Shandong Jingdong, Jingdong established supply and marketing of Shandong Agricultural Commercial Development Co., Ltd., is also the site of the current the results obtained do the show, to get attention and recognition from the National Supply and Marketing System representatives.

Delegates visited Jingdong line store experience under supply and marketing cooperatives

Jingdong joy mascot dolls are very popular in the field

Shandong, supply line into the next store experience Jingdong, an array of merchandise greets, here are the majority of farmers are among the most need of refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, microwave ovens and other commodities, where the nearby villagers not only in the Professional Under the guidance of a one-stop online shopping experience combined with the next line, but also get large appliances delivery, installation and other services, to solve the 'last kilometer' problem.

Shandong supply and marketing experience at the store site Jingdong line

Agricultural service centers, rural extension workers helped the villagers to buy goods

March this year, the State formally promulgated the 'decision on deepening the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives', Shandong supply and marketing cooperation with Jingdong also officially kicked off, thus opening development and exploration in the 'three rural' areas of electricity supplier. In June, the two sides formally signed a cooperation agreement.

According to general manager of North China Jingdong Mall introduction Shao Jiwei, Jingdong Group and the supply and marketing cooperatives in Shandong Province, the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in strategic, capital, business three dimensions. First, set up a joint venture company, to jointly promote the development of e-commerce in Shandong countryside. The second is the construction of 'supply and marketing of Shandong - Jingdong Huicai Ping Taiwan,' and the establishment of B2B business model. The third is the creation of 'supply and marketing of agricultural products in Shandong shops' to promote quality agricultural products in Shandong. Fourth, developing the rural e-commerce market, we plan to jointly promote rural extension workers. By the joint venture company, bid for qualification testing and certification of agricultural products, construction professionals, the purchase of testing equipment, the establishment of information quality and safety of agricultural products traceability system. The quality and credibility as the core, to create 'Shandong supply and marketing' brand, guarantee the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Strategic Cooperation of Shandong Province supply and marketing cooperatives and Jingdong Group, is the most robust operating entities typical provincial supply and marketing and service network in cooperation with the electronic business platform, relying on Jingdong county service centers, rural cooperative point, rural extension workers, Jingdong help service comprehensive advantages shops 'point, line, surface' multi-level system of the countryside, Jingdong large platform, big logistics, large data, promote the realization of Shandong rural information systems and marketing entity outlets, warehousing and logistics system, agricultural production, supply and integration business, urban and rural community service, 'four full coverage' to speed up transformation and upgrading of the distribution industry supply and marketing cooperatives in Shandong, the formation of supply and circulation of 'a network' development pattern.

Free paper download center was informed, Jingdong and a joint venture in Shandong Province supply and marketing cooperatives - farmers Development Co., Ltd. Shandong, supply Jingdong has formally incorporated, the company has initially been set up professional operations team, and has more than twenty thousand rural extension workers open up rural electricity provider market in Shandong region. 'Shandong supply and marketing of agricultural services information integration platform' has been formally launched, social enterprises have gradually settled the case for joint procurement platform, the company with the primary supply and marketing cooperatives are stepping up the butt, a multi-integration of resources, to build cooperation mechanism, the upper and lower Baotuan development .

Insiders analysis, supply and marketing cooperatives in Shandong and Jingdong Group to build electronic business environment, will be the docking of the total social 'Internet and marketing' platform foundation. By optimizing the integration of resources, changing consumer attitudes and life peasant mode of production, to raise the overall level of e-commerce in rural areas, promote the rapid development of the rural circulation modernization, and experience to provide a model for the national development of rural electricity providers. (Text / nine)

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