Analysis: The derivative from the media big gal How to Make?

Free paper Download Center News: Great gal divided into two factions: one academic, one is a grassroots faction.

Popular speaking, the so-called academic, refers to formal and complete schooling and academic training, who had studied under the academic research. Correspondingly grassroots faction mostly self-taught self-training methods based, easy to accept the public-long, and then enter the circle.

According to my observation, the Internet, science and technology from the media, for example, eight or nine into account the grassroots faction. In other words, there is a grass-roots-oriented from the media circle.

The scope of today's discussion is not academic, but a few years of foundation and accumulation, most people can not do, nor the patience. Let us focus grassroots faction.

In my short career, will be a derivative of the crash from the media big gamma technique simply summarized the following points:

1, business card design. Grassroots business card design team is particularly important since the media, especially in the mobile Internet era, because it is someone else know your window is a sign of brand recognition. Personal Micro Signal profile, public presentation number, qq signature, microblogging introduced, as long as you can think of socialization transmission, you can write on. Of course, as the reader believe it or not is another question. So today you will see as 'xxx first person', 'a certain founder', 'xx sponsor', 'a certain theoretical concepts author' ......, do not be surprised to see these, you know, big world do wonders. I once met a micro letter called 'anti-coalition founder seek death' who add me, then hesitated for a long time.

2. Select the field. Do not underestimate this, it is really important, especially for beginners, led by micro-channel mobile social electricity supplier era, cut into segments of a new vertical industries, low cost, opportunities, high probability of success. Take the new media is concerned, you can choose a lot of research in the field of mobile marketing, content marketing, event marketing, marketing, etc. hotspots. Familiar with the 'ten thousand hours rule' people are clear, to become an expert in the field, as long as five years in this area focus on it straightforward. Of course, for a still in the blank of the industry in terms of, you only need to focus 500 days is enough to become the industry's opinion leaders. Unfortunately, at the instigation of money and fame, many people have taken the initiative to give up. Leads to make quick money, catch air become fashionable. Today, you see the big derivative V, how much is not to micro-letters from micro-blog, from micro-channel to a derivative.

3, learn to hold together. I do not know is to hold together a little better or stand in a more down to earth a little, this is a win-win cooperation of social stress, alone has become the past. Of course, the media has the ability to self-realization is naturally arrogant disdain to hold together, and they are seeking independence of intellectuals, stick to the bottom line. I can do that I admire, but because it is a grassroots born, so many people are first faced with the pressure of survival. Since the media quickly realized two large gamma ways: First, advertising cash flow, and the other one is a fan of cash. To quickly get fans the most convenient way is to: hold together stand. So you will see all kinds of cross-channel microblogging powder, push each other, conversion, and a variety of alliances, qq group, micro-channel group, red group after another. In advance say hello, micro-channel group by throwing a red envelope, @ bit large, to say a few good words, basically even hooked up, entered the circle.

4, add up dirt. Who has adventures of the heart. As a great gal, no explosion point Mengliao enough to provoke the fans of G-spot. I said Mengliao, mainly refers to pinch frame tear force, insider revelations, scandals revealed, industry hotspot. First whether he is correct or not (if not cardinal), is not a rumor, put out again, so that fans Hey first up, then wait and see the trend of public opinion, according to public opinion, to adjust the strategy. Mengliao become a big gal with big gal, trigger point and gamma contradiction between enterprises. I do not know if you remember, 'micro-channel charge', 'probably 8:20 hair', 'see Monday' and other events.

5, good public relations. Previously, only the enterprise was thinking about how to do public relations, and now even the big gal from the media more and more attention of the public. The reason is very simple. First, cross-border robbery, not by common sense out the card of many people, you do not know when they would leap out, so to appease them; secondly, everyone can not do another one hundred percent for everyone satisfaction, especially for a little talented big gal playfully speaking, so people are not satisfied with how to do it? While you still can not let him to your satisfaction, but people do not hate you to do, not say bad things behind; again, by humbly ask, or to study with a teacher in the name of better than you people learn.

6, self-marketing. I know more people the more humble or more do not know do not like self-marketing, and sometimes see a person there is no marketing ability, just look at his business card presentation, graphic design can look out. Take my concern derivative industry is concerned, a certain brother, a certain Lord, son of so and so a lot of people, I think shortly after (probably now have) xx Seven Sisters, xx Thirteen Girls will have. Go deep a little talk, self-marketing is to obviously Cock wire themselves to portray itself as a successful high-force grid. Such as: Today with a photo of the CEO, tomorrow xx visit the listed company, which flew the day after meeting with a local tyrant boss. Surrounded by all kinds of beauty and to the fans who ask for signatures. Then, these disguised vanity, sent to the circle of friends. Wait for fans of worship and praise points.

Cite just one part listed above, even if you meet all of the above conditions, but one thing you must have: that is writing. Good writing is a great gal from the media is too important, looks ugly in relation to more reading, writing more than poor practice on a whim. Even if you have nothing, if you have good writing, it can still be a great gal.

Of course, if you want to be a real big gal depth from the media sense, then I suggest that you do not think what shortcuts. In addition to see more thinking, more practice than really are no shortcuts. Because the road to success, are made hard, unknown people paved. (Source: Ideas Network compile: China Electronic Commerce Research Center)

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