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Free paper Download Center News: The biggest change in 2015 the Chinese economy is the 'Internet +' era, 'Internet +' represents a new economic form, it is fully optimized and integrated Internet's role in the allocation of production factors. Internet +, the depth of integration of innovation into all areas in the economic and social innovation to enhance the real economy.

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Internet + the '+' is not only technically '+', more important is the '+' of thinking, ideas, models on which to promote the management of innovation and service model reform is an important content, is the real core of the enterprise competition force. Internet + brand marketing is to learn to do under the big data era in customer preferences and choices of comprehensive monitoring and forecasting. Successful brand marketing is to find customer needs, to meet the needs and create unique value and market share with unique value. Here, we ranked first in Spain, one of the world's four major fashion chain ZARA brand marketing, for example, in-depth analysis of the reasons for its success.

ZARA design team for the apparel industry praiseworthy, they are fashion's ability to control, replication are first class. ZARA philosophy 'Only consumers is our favorite design, only consumers want.' ZARA from the very beginning in fashionable passers who find inspiration, to go to Fashion Week Four naked plagiarism, ZARA has been preoccupied with what consumers love to buy, wearing what, and this is ZARA know the Internet + '+ What ', plus the consumer demand.

ZARA new stock in its constitution, 65 percent of planned production, 35% of motorized adjustment. It is by buyers all over Europe to provide this 35% before creativity, design, and now all you rely on the Internet to achieve. Social media Instagram, Facebook 'latent' a lot ZARA buyers, everyone concerned about the large number of fashion. ZARA not mind from an ordinary user who seek inspiration, I do not mind trial and error. 2013 of minimalism in fashion circles, sporty 2014, ZARA can be the first time to capture the fad and launch products, truly 'Our design must be consumer want' business philosophy. In addition to design, the crucial point is: all operated stores ZARA management principles, can be done from the design, data collection, to distribution in fully implementing customer-oriented, full we have a 'family-centered care.' This will be closely linked to front and rear ends (O2O), sales data is subject to adjustment by the way manufacturing operations, it is also in the Internet business today + quality fresh important mode is done under the marketing needs of Internet + interact with customers. It can be said ZARA itself as an Internet product, can continue to iterate quickly, at any deletions or optimize its features. In contrast, many domestic clothing brand marketing in terms of considering the user becomes lack of sincerity. External composite channel control is difficult, the level of service quality can not be unified, inside the costume design as well as 'one size fits all', increasingly unable to meet the individual needs of consumers, business development hindered only a matter of time.

While our managers will put the 'customer experience' is the first mention of enterprise development, but does not understand the real meaning. ZARA is truly the customer experience to each and every detail, and it emphasizes customer experience, while not the most intimate, but it is definitely best meet consumer expectations. Just grab core users, stabbing pain points users, a successful product only solve a user's needs. With the development of Internet and mobile Internet, ZARA has many new ways to achieve this, including not only the clothing itself, through social media and brand communication, including the shopping experience across online and offline. In addition to itself build a sense of design to clothing, ZARA store displays and other fast fashion brands are also significantly different. Great little shelf space, sparse commodity display, a small amount of a variety of display characteristics ...... not difficult to see that, and very similar to the display of high fashion. The aim is the same - ZARA - customers like exposure to high fashion, haute couture shopping brings feeling. Similarly, its official website is also playing a minimalist modern type website. Do not look at price, you can hardly find a ZARA and other high-end brands have no obvious difference.

Unlike traditional system designer clothing brand, ZARA renowned designers do not need to, they need to buy a hand tailor. Simply put the most popular fashion moved back to the factory from the T station, the network can be. Currently we do a lot of players clothing, but rarely understand fashion, is to do the fashion business, it is difficult to go abroad, which is not unrelated and aesthetic capacity. ZARA boss is not what human fashion, but the idea before the others, understand COPY art. And this is almost regardless of cost, 'Gold Rush' mode, and the filtering mechanism is very similar to information on the Internet.

Internet + era do business, create a good product is the first one of course, but good marketing strategy is definitely very important. ZARA industry often do not like to advertise to get that matter, but in fact a real understanding of ZARA know, it just does not advertise it with ordinary means. You see all of ZARA stores are all open in the city's most bustling commercial high-end places, never stingy beautifully elegant decor, while another important part of the high-end image shaping ZARA is the annual advocacy model. Often these models are the world's number one top supermodel, and propaganda Stills are also superior texture, all convey a kind of 'fashion and high-end' image. Although the quality of clothing has been Tucao, but no one can deny, wear and wear big ZARA is the same visual effect.

Today we say ZARA is an Internet-based business, which is an important basis for its new product launches and inventory control to make full use of the iterative thinking. This is the 'customer first' Internet thinking, ZARA really did a quick response to the market. ZARA ideologically flexible in the business, not to dogma brand, but desperate to move forward as a result of the growth in trial and error. ZARA leadership from the point of view, the proportion of highly educated staff is less than that of other international companies, both can be said that the lack of advanced management system, and can be interpreted as get rid of the constraints imposed by the experience. It also makes other people is difficult to predict what will happen next to ZARA development, will make what does not meet the common sense decisions. This iconoclastic flexibility to do marketing in the Internet era + is particularly important.

In the Internet era, business opportunities are almost equal, transparent and open, but why some companies can take advantage of the rise and decline of many huge business empire fall - there are many reasons it is important that the thinking in the present situation and the long-term numbness environment of the Internet to bring the concept of consumption, lifestyle and competition without awareness, which is why we have to study the era of the Internet + imitation ZARA, because there is no second ZARA world. (Source: Plum text / Dingjia Yong)

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