Combat: Mobile Internet marketing should be how to do?

Free paper Download Center News: This is the May 5 evening ghost foot seven in a micro-channel group to do a share memoir, describes some of the results and methods ghost foot seven studies, as well as some of the points he believes mobile Internet marketing .

From the results of my research now, the mobile Internet wave in the most essential thing is 'human.' Whether public account or a circle of friends or a micro-Bo, all around the 'people' began. If the mobile phone penetration is not so high, these methods are not the way to achieve. So two or three years ago, this momentum is not very obvious.

You can think about any business to do advertising, whether it is to buy Baidu, or Taobao train or some display advertising, are to exposure, in order to allow more people to see. Among our public accounts, it is to let these people see, there is an opportunity to demonstrate every day. Now so many people to dig a circle of friends, so many sellers, we are tired of those sellers, but there are still a lot of people do, and do good, high income, the most fundamental reason is that he occupies one channel advantage in the inside channels coming and going, there is a lot of traffic. Wangfujing example, if there are forty or fifty thousand people per day traffic, the value of Wangfujing any Menlian are great. If we have a large flow of people own account, whether microblogging, believe it or circle of friends, and that the equivalent of their own to build a Wangfujing.

In the mobile Internet era is how to build with key customer-related channels

For example difference, millet and Haier, Changhong, Haier or TCL or they are selling something, even if sold things over, anxious customers never find manufacturers. And millet to sell things just the first step, and the first step is not to make money selling things, but it through the Forum, QQ space, microblogging, letters and other ways to build up this channel. It began as a millet phone, and later appeared red rice, and then later appears routers and millet TV, revolves around 'people' do.

So the first step in terms of the money did not make him earn it does not matter if the person came in, trust, and sooner or later the man who will make more money.

Some people say that confidence-building is more difficult, I'm not millet is not so much capacity. But I tell you, everyone's time is limited, 24 hours a day, eight hours sleep, eight hours work, eight hours eating and sleeping there. His time is limited, whether he have not to trust you, as long as you spend more time above, spent less time will be above others. Other brands and spent less time on the equipment, the less likely to buy something else, you spend more time on the equipment, and for your trust will be better than others, the truth is easy to understand.

For example, many people actually knew Maotai counterfeiting Maotai, it also knows what is false, but it is not all the fake hit, only occasionally make it look good. So much that he would not sell counterfeit products have to deal with, Maotai factory does not know, it knows how to grasp these people, but once the selling fake Maotai manufacturers are disposed of, those who will go to sell Wuliangye. Wuliangye sell more and more people, fewer and fewer people selling Maotai, Wuliangye that people will buy more and more, once people get used to Wuliangye Maotai drink again there will be some not used to. Better understand the whole truth.

We are now a lot of mobile Internet research starting point is from the human point of view, whether microblogging, letter, and now micro Amoy, if this 'man' the basic point is not arrested, it can only see the phenomenon in many places , see the essence.

For example, on top of how micro-channel direct selling, we studied hundreds electricity supplier Micro Signal, research completed after the beginning find this conclusion very disappointed, because the first conclusion is: Do not look at micro-channel flow of people is so big, it really not for selling. Later, with more in-depth study, the second phase was found, although the micro-channel is not suitable for direct naked to shop, but it is for business enterprise value is very large, but this value is not easy to open a shop, and then to promote their shops .

Now we see that there are many third-party companies are doing micro letter mall, there are a lot of people come to consult me, I feel that it must make it clear what you do with the micro-channel. And now itself paid or micro-channel micro-channel background printing documents, queries are more trouble. This time to shop, then, at most, only a fresh taste, income is very small.

In the end micro-channel business enterprise for what is the value of it, then we do some more detailed analysis. Analytical methods we use with the current methods used outside are not the same, because I was doing electronic business, my contacts are some of the business enterprise, we'll see what the problem facing commercial enterprises in the end is. The biggest problem now business enterprise that it did not feel safe in Taobao, Jingdong above, Taobao above now a total of four metal crown shop, hardware store is now the crown of Best of the shop, and a Golden Delicious seems to sell tens of millions of items, there must be tens of millions of won, four metal crowns two are members of the seven will.

After the study will find that although they sold tens of millions of commodities, there have been tens of millions of individuals to buy their goods, but they had to earn some money in addition to outside, they do not accumulate too much stuff. So someone asked me, I want it a B2C shopping mall in the end, I had to persuade others not to do, because it is dead in the PC Internet and it must be so. But now the mobile Internet may be some different.

For example, ghost feet seven micro-channel public accounts now close to 400,000 fans, if I now do its own brand of B2C small site, I can live very moist, as long as I have enough supply, I go pick some SKU, I have to go ghost foot seven brand hair, I can live very moist, because I have my own customer channels. I say they do not own the hardware crown customer channels, as they are now mostly Taobao customers.

The mobile Internet the most essential things, how you put people, the customer into their own, rather than in a platform perspective to take over some of the customers. Angle to get customers through the platform which is traffic patterns, so you have to spend money to promote more traffic, no traffic at no cost. Traffic costs are very high now, I can say with you a rough data, now in Taobao above average 3-4 dollars a click, for some of the more popular word hundreds of dollars more than ten dollars there. With Baidu is not too bad. Usually it possible to produce more than thirty click a transaction, if you click on average three or four dollars, then, more than thirty click on what you spend more than one hundred dollars, if you just sell goods than one hundred dollars equivalent to ROI (input-output ratio) is 1 of. Now Taobao above ROI can do 2 or two points a few have been regarded as good. On Baidu cost will be higher, because the customer precise than on Taobao worse, get a new customer costs should be 200-300 yuan.

So now the cost of acquiring new customers increasing, and this is stated in the PC Internet. So on top of the mobile Internet is entirely possible to reduce the costs further reduced. So many people saw the mobile Internet to a lot of people do microblogging, letter, microblogging fire when to do it, and later found that micro-blog is not so fire, just do micro-channel, micro-letters done half a year, finding it Less than method, and now what is out and do that, is to join in the fun finally found it, nothing to give.

So the most essential thing in the end use of these things to do, the use of micro-channel to do, use microblogging to do, in the mobile Internet era do these later, we can for your business development, what kind of help, this is our study a The main directions. Outside now we see a lot of cases, in fact, are still one-sided, or larger companies do, such as millet and other similar; or that some of the more grass-roots people to do it, for example in micro-channel mask which sell something. However, these methods, which is not the case for businesses copying, not only can not replicate, even drawing no law reference. If I do sell 34 million a year electricity provider, I can not let go of my stuff, I own circle of friends which sell to mask it, or I sell things in my circle of friends there, this is a bit crap .

So in the end the electricity supplier companies, Internet companies, traditional companies can make use of the new media to do now, not just micro-channel, micro-channel is only one, which we now have several Institute researcher, some in research micro Amoy, some specializing in research Weibo, some specializing in micro-letters. Some people have now started to give microblogging, microblogging has grown from the original Red Sea, become not so red, it should be said that microblogging is a lot of value to be underestimated. And microblogging official particularly willing to establish some typical cases, it can be attached to their own money to engage in activities with you. As long as you do a little something out of it willing to cooperate with you to do it. If you have good ideas, they can also apply for support microblogging official resources.

Like the time I was selling books in the microblogging above, in fact, I have not many books, I do not want to discount the microblogging official said that you can be discounted, the government has also willing to bear part of the cost, as is some of the official to influence, to have momentum, and microblogging is now very close cooperation with Taobao, above doing something with business-related is very convenient, it can be very natural to combine.

Micro Amoy is a noteworthy place, last night I made a 'love-hate on micro scouring and expect,' finished after only ten minutes, before the person in charge of micro Amoy contact told me that this writing very real, very comprehensive. He also invited me to the next can give them some advice, they now have some new business, I hope I can see them some advice.

In fact, not that I can see that, as a researcher, spent months of time every day to study these things may look even better than the official. I do the training when I speak, because I have done 10 years of technical and product, so the new media, the new things I also use the technology and product ideas to do some research, and not just to gather some cases, I previously thought of someone else's copy some cases, but later found not one case is to replicate, absolutely not.

This time we went advocacy of these cases, then, in addition to everyone excited about, other than to pay attention to what, we still do not know how to do it. I want to solve this problem is to specifically how to do, like I mentioned above these lines as well, so we later summed up a set of tutorials with real nature of the operation.

Summarize it a little, in fact, the mobile Internet to do the above, marketing is just a convenient argument. Mobile Internet Many of the above games are played on the PC with the Internet really very different, the idea is completely different. It is the starting point for the most essential departure from people rather than from the sale of departure. Everyone can not do without the phone all the time.

Any decision to do so every time, do any marketing method, do any account, to do any activity, you should not always think: how to increase exposure, how to increase sales goals. You should think about those who are behind it. These people they have feelings, they have needs, very lonely in their hearts. When you put these factors embedded in your activity, your account, your entire company's development strategy to go, you will find all really different.

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