Micro-shop fruit touted microblogging letter into new channels of high-end fruit sales

Free Paper Download Center News: 'People have become home owners, even the fruit through the micro-channel orders, just delivery of Thai mangosteen, really sweet.' Yesterday, Ms. Lin, who lives in splendid gardens in a micro-channel platform receives Order of fruit After happily in the circle of friends 'sun' results.

Now, more and more young people are keen to pass micro letter, microblogging platform for shopping, 'circle of friends economy' growing rise, eat fruit, and winding micro-channel, fresh fruit delivered to their doorsteps. Reporter survey found that the price of hundreds of dollars or even tens of nearly hundred dollars a pound of cherries, blueberries and other fruits imported by favorable for consumers, some micro fan base large shop, business is hot.

Imported fruits go 'micro' channel

Miss Lin people eat fruit, most recently, she found a fruit shop in the micro-channel circle of friends, eat imported fruits, spring micro-channel can buy. During the interview, Ms. Lin told reporters: 'go to the supermarket to buy it have to queue, sometimes out of stock; there is little common fruit stall selling imported fruits are now much more convenient, home fingertips eat delicious. fruit. 'It is understood that she was an average of two or three days to buy a fruit market and select the most rare of imported fruit.

Wang Xiaoyan run a fruit on Chengde Road, and other fruit shop different is that she sells mostly imported fruit. The small size of the store neat and orderly placed more than 30 kinds of fruits, door delivery vehicle has been filled with fruit.

'I was in March 2014 began operating this fruit, a start is made derivative, the second half opened entity fruit shop, mainly selling imported fruit, full 68 yuan can send outside, on the way, then you can piggyback. 'Xiaoyan told reporters that although the store opened, but the main marketing tool or rely micro letter, microblogging.

'The first signal has been filled micro friends, and now opened a second micro signal. Sometimes one day received nearly 20 orders, these orders are mostly relying on micro-channel, single micro-Bo.' Shop The staff told reporters.

An occasion to 'fan effect' to promote sales

Rely on mobile terminals compete for customers not Xiaoyan one, with the change of people's consumption habits, the mobile phone has become a competition for the customer's terminal tools, many micro-channel public aid number and microblogging platform influence 'cross-border' in fruit sales .

It is understood that, in fact, as early as last year, there are individual fruit shop use urban micro-channel, microblogging 'test the water' selling fruit, but is limited to individual high-end variety, nor joint online and offline sales of pattern formation. 'Before the store opened, we had the help of public micro-channel marketing platform, received a very good performance.' With just micro-channel public platform to sell fruit Chung told reporters, as the marketing package more in place in a few micro-channel platform price ten yuan a pound of cherries and other fruits and more by high-end consumers. And Chung is a business e-commerce company specializing in sales of food.

According to Mr. Chung said, the use of micro-channel and microblogging buy fruit customer base over 80% of workers 30 years of age, and the majority of urban users, accounting for about Qi Cheng. Chung said that 40 people under the age of mainstream consumer groups. 'They're purchasing power, the desire to buy the strongest group, and be proficient in the use of smart phones and social networking applications. Micro-channel real-time strong, wide coverage, and even aid 'fans economy' and 'community effect', a fans circle of friends 'sun alone', in virtually help us to do promotion. 'Chung told reporters.

Marketing is the key to changing consumption habits

Compared to the store alone mode, a lot of fruit micro-shop founder believed that online and offline together 'eat regularly singing' has obvious advantages. 'Micro-shop on fruit prices cheaper than the store about two percent, more than eighty percent of customers are repeat customers.' However, some micro-owner admits, profitability is still too early to say. First, the micro-channel customer base is not stable, there are certain risks and cash on delivery, but the fruit is also a great loss. 'In order not to self-destruct signs, for some long time storage of fruits, we generally give away. In addition, although the store's fruit species there are hundreds, in fact, the micro-store shelves and not so much, such as grapes, send Over the past usually dissipated, customers can easily reject because dissatisfaction. 'Chung told reporters.

'While it can receive an average of nearly 20 orders per day, is not yet profitable, but I am confident in the market.' Chung told reporters, 'the proportion of fruit by now purchase the micro-channel is far less than one percent, the market potential I hope to open slightly shop, forming a net purchase of fruit atmosphere. Just change people's spending habits, profitability is straightforward. 'Chung said. (Source: Daily Huaihai; text / Shi Xingru)

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