[Case] ​​bucket marketing challenge: viral marketing analysis

Research papers Download news: ice bucket challenge in a very short period of time, making the hero in all directions to make into a drowned rat, playing from foreign to domestic, playing from the sports world to the scientific community, playing from the scientific community to the arts sector to see the wind. great momentum to academia in order to spread havoc profound analysis of this activity on a number of high-grade atmosphere, low-key luxury connotation, we have thrown a drowned rat existing list: Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Messi, David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, C Ronaldo, Neymar, Lei Jun, Andy Lau, Li, Wang Lee Hom, Eason Chan ......

To better analyze this classic case of viral marketing communications, we give you the basic knowledge to do something universal:

Called the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), requires participants to publish their own ice water thrown over the body of the video content on the network, then the participant will be able to request three other friends to participate in this activity Activities provisions, invitees or accept the challenge within 24 hours, or to choose to fight the 'amyotrophic lateral sclerosis' to donate $ 100 The event aims is to let more people know who is known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis The rare disease, but also to raise money to help achieve the purpose of treatment.

There is no doubt, as a completely zero cost, detonated in a very short period of global concern, 'Ice Bucket Challenge' campaign, in essence, be described as a classic case of actual combat the spread of viral marketing Lao Chai said: Of all the viral marketing spread Inside the case, it is particularly important to set the rules, its rules effective in ensuring the event can be quickly and effectively disseminated from the inside 'bucket challenge' above rules, we can thoroughly analyze its trick:

First, participants were asked to release the body of ice water thrown on the network video

Inside this rule, hidden behind three very special tips: simple and quick operational, web publishing, ice irrigated body.

We know the reason why an event can quickly attract the eye, the most rapid and effective strategy is to force the cells to be high. Called to force the grid that participants must be on high-end air quality figures. Indeed, great men of the time very valuable, if a game is too complicated set of rules, it takes too long, probably somebody who did not even have time to play, so the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' this matter in line with the first tips: simple and quick operational.

Ice and water are easy to find, a refrigerator and tap on the line, Doutou down, the whole process does not require one minute of time to get neat and quick, simple and quick operational.

The second is the web publishing, web publishing there are two particularly important elements, the first is likely to constitute a bandwagon effect. Really the point that people are social animals, either VIP or small Cock wire, the humanity inside the bandwagon effect, in essence, is the difference little of Gates involved, Lei Jun nerve to not participate in it? LEI involved, Li nerve to not participate in it? second is composed of marketing communications, the power of online video is spotted a single << father Zhou Zhenyu brother go> > show exposed a red underwear on the number of hits and the number of times you know the entertainment headlines.

Finally, the ice irrigated body, the body of ice water thrown completely meet the crowd psychology public grassroots groups: fun fun funny enough.

As the name implies, ice is ice water, a lot colder than room temperature water, though it is summer, but such a bucket of ice and fell down and the next, is a man of few to be shaking as grassroots Cock wire, usually saw a force Georgia's great men are like people who die, Shashi seen a drowned rat like Bill Gates? Robin? LEI? Andy?

No, do not have this opportunity to ah! Now there is a chance! At the same time saw a large group of people who die usually kind of VIP embarrassment, can not see it?

Second, the participant may challenge three friends

First of all, why is the trio? This is because many people, the purpose of sexual transmission is too obvious, and easily lead to interesting reduced. Less than three? And if a person, the person would rather donate money, do not participate in the challenge, and that The game play does not go so at least two people have to line. Indeed, the possibility of bandwagon effect and other factors based on two people choose not to participate in the possibility to donate money is still there, but all three donations the possibility of non-participation would be much lower, and a person is actually more effective to ensure the sustainability of the maximum extent of this event. three people inside, as long as there is one person to participate, then he can challenge the three friends, equals The one about to extinguish the flames ignited again, restart the entire game continued.

Secondly, the participants to challenge three friends, this is typical of viral marketing communications rules. Viral marketing tips that core participants must spontaneously spread from person to person achieve viral effect, the greatest value of this strategy is Save money, fast, wide spread.

Participants initiated the challenge to a friend, from a psychological point of view, the participants will definitely preferred the more familiar challenge friends, because of their relationship relatively conversational, so a friend of his character should be relatively understanding, whether to accept a friend challenge, this possibility is obviously the high side. Even if this really do not want to play, but a friend's face had to, right? Do not you see, vote a certain race, a certain point likes to get gifts, too much brush face? Undoubtedly, the game spread of effective protection.

More importantly, people in groups feather flock together, high-force lattice friends and often high-force grid. LEI impossible challenge Cai Yong Jin, Cai Yong Jin who he does not know, so the challenge is only Andy Lei Jun, Li and Terry Gou, Conversely, just high enough to force the grid, the masses would be happy to onlookers, once the crowd, as well as concern about the spread of the game has been greatly enhanced again.

Third, either accept the challenge within 24 hours, or $ 100 donation

Please note that 24 hours and this is particularly interesting timing restrictions, which effectively ensure that the 'ice bucket challenges' aging hotspots from the probabilistic point of view, most cases are viral with a strong timeliness, like a gust of wind, storm swept understatement fleeting.

'Ice Bucket Challenge' and in fact, the spread of viral marketing differs from the case at that it spaced 24 hours each, can set off a small hot spot (which we should carefully consider) .A was drenched onlookers finished, the audience attention immediately be challenged B, B is completed onlookers, spectators crowd immediately turned to the next. more special is that the rules in the ice bucket inside the challenge, each participant's age, position, clothing, etc. are variable, This variable performance effectively build into a new small hot spots, effective in attracting attention (Andy Lau was ice bruised nose), for example: the challenge of being a woman (Currently, not many women are challenged, at least China area has not yet appeared), whether to wear a swimsuit? And if that swimsuit, is a three-point it? even spoof, she just came aunt, faced with a bucket of ice water, Zezheng?

For the vast majority of working people, the $ 100 is not a problem. Problem lies concealed inside the moral kidnapped. Origins 'bucket challenge' is mainly to fight 'amyotrophic lateral sclerosis', is a charity behavior if only donate without participating in the challenge, apparently reducing the spread rate and persistence of such charitable acts. To some extent, this is not quite ethical behavior. President Barack Obama is to take into account the image, just donate money , does not participate in, the crowd was questioned.

Conversely, if the participants in order to pursue higher force grid, the best option is to donate money and participate in both. If so, that the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' is still smooth continuation.

In fact, all of the charitable activities to promote 'money money, Youlichuli, the more the better, Shao Shao-free zone' principle. From $ 100 in the standard setting, the rules set by the tendency is clearly both donations and participation patterns .

More subtly, 'Ice Bucket Challenge' is not only a certain level of moral conduct of the kidnapping, but also on participants' self-made fetters face because of the ice, most of the male participants (male aunt's no problem ), if you do not accept the challenge, others might have a 'cold, afraid to accept the challenge, not a man,' the idea that face for most men is a fatal acupuncture, deep, there is no man in a large crowd of Under admit that they are not men. Under this male hormone secretion stimulated certainly much higher than usual, fight a fight, they have to dry as long as the participants think so, 'Ice Bucket Challenge' will still be effective continuation.

Conversely, the courage to accept the challenge is the man, that is, to do charity caring man, it must be what you want to get online hyun, otherwise who knows how high my cell force it (source:? Master of home

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