How to write a Web Marketing Plan

Research papers Download information: Recently, many network marketing business consulting planning how to write the program, how to plan what their company's network marketing. Cabbages Tan believes that online marketing plan to write the program, first of all have to understand what is the plan? Network marketing plan What exactly planned, what content?

What is planning?

"Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste." This is the plan, to explain the use of modern discourse, the plan also means to achieve a specific goal, concept, design, planning process.

Divided into specific planning, strategic thinking and planning of these two processes.

From the birthplace of modern management, Western management point of view, planning is the plan plan = Planning. Note that this is a verb, which is expressed in a movement and process.

Sun Tzu said, "to working together to Clipsal." Cabbages Tan Network marketing agency that this sentence is actually planning so-called positive refers to strategies and systems; so-called odd, understood as creative, so we believe that planning is: for strategic thinking, planning the layout, plan winning creative process, and the formation of the implementation of the program can be arranged. cabbages Tan, the three elements of a network marketing plan series of articles, in-depth exposition can be found.

What is a network marketing plan?

As the name suggests, the network marketing plan is to reach a specific network marketing the goals of the strategic thinking and program planning process. Cabbages Tan believes that planning in understanding the concept of network marketing plan, we must have "specific online marketing goals," which a premise, that is, to understand the object of planning, planning to achieve goals. Meanwhile, the first thing to do network marketing plan marketing planning, marketing planning is the scope of the network only.

The contents of the network marketing plan

If we understand the "specific network marketing objectives", then we certainly understand the network marketing plan is a great concept, it actually takes a lot of broken down into modules and content. In general, the main can be divided into the following categories:

1, profitable network marketing plan: the main solution to make money through what channels the problem.

2, network marketing, project planning: this is equivalent to the profit model with a business plan, the main solution Who are we? We do? Our core strengths? We rely on to make money? Our goal? How should we achieve the goals? and some macro-level issues. While concrete action needs to be compiled Gantt chart, which is the road route and schedule control.

3, the network marketing platform planning: the planning of the construction site, or through third-party platform to do this, and models need to match site plan how? From a structural logic, visual, functional, content, technology, how to plan.

4, web promotion planning: how to promote website? How to promote brand products? How widely advertised? How to attract target customers? By what means to promote the spread, what the specific details of the operation and skills? How to perform? And so on.

5, operating system network marketing plan: This includes the division of business processes, according to the preparation of business processes to the planning department, team job, salary, management assessment, training, etc.

In fact, from the system, the network marketing plan on top of several modules, as in the specific network marketing operations, we have to homeostasis, thematic planning, for example, a site of weak sales, conversion rate, it formed a conversion rate of the core site to the sales force planning, but this is actually the site contains the planning platform, while the network can be formed to promote planning in the form of a single transmission planning, such as: blog marketing planning, soft paper planning, network advertising planning, SEO planning, promotion planning forum, but also form the core theme of integrated communication planning stages, will focus on the use of a variety of network communication channels.

In addition, the process of network marketing operations, data analysis is a very important module, to mean "in order to achieve improved efficiency of the target company's network marketing, network marketing data and statistics, analysis, comparison, deconstruction and concluded," the network Marketing data analysis plan.

Three-step, get all the Internet Marketing Plan

Then how to write a Web Marketing Plan? Cabbages Tan said: specific network marketing plan is different, the preparation of the program ideas and writing is certainly not the same form, but they never deviate from the fundamental-changing, so cabbages Tan finishing a three-network marketing organizations stage of network marketing program format.

First, determine the objectives: planning object? Planning goals? Planning significance of the role?

Second, the analysis of ideas: from the target customers, competitors, their strengths and weaknesses insight to the comprehensive analysis to determine the overall planning ideas.

Third, the implementation of decomposition: the idea of ​​concrete floor, you need to break down into several modules, a few steps and links, then the required human, financial and material resources to cope with, and finally compiled all the operations into a Gantt chart, time, space , mission, goals, etc. to the people.

This program is basically a network marketing plan is complete. Note that in specific network marketing plan implementation of the program, regardless of pre-consideration and more detailed, but also must have the details need to be adjusted, so pre-planning, organization and leadership and implementation of supervisory control. The same can not be missing, to the network marketing work better and better. Strategist, winning network (text / cabbages Tan)

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